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<title>WTP 1.5.5 Patches</title>
<h1>WTP 1.5.5 Patches</h1>
<p>Bug <a href=''>237148</a>. classes which implement inner interfaces which are also inner interfaces are not resolved correctly</p>
<p>Bug <a href=''>247701</a>. JavaFieldJDOMAdapter causing StringIndexOutOfBoundsException</p>
<p>Bug <a href=''>247895</a>. EJBValidator fails silently</p>
<p>Bug <a href=''>249019</a>. Japanese chars in source code changed to illegible unicode</p>
<p>Bug <a href=''>272013</a>. JEM JemProjectUtilities#getClasspathAsURLArray(IJavaProject) fails to handle class folders</p>
<p>Bug <a href=''>290131</a>. Exceptions from JEM in adopter product</p>
<p>Bug <a href=''>343558</a>. JEM needs to handle a flush better</p>