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<title>Adding a JavaScript file to a project</title>
<h1>Adding a JavaScript file to a Project</h1>
<p>To add a JavaScript source file to a project follow these instructions:</p>
<p>Right-click on the project and select <b><i>New</i></b> --> <b><i>Other</i></b></p>
<p><img src="./img/newjs/1.jpg"></p>
<p>In the New Wizard navigate to the <b><i>Web</i></b> Folder and expand it to reveal the <b><i>JavaScript</i></b> entry. Select <b><i>JavaScript</i></b> and click <b><i>Next</i></p>
<p><img src="./img/newjs/2.jpg"></p>
<p>Type a file name name in the <b><i>File name</i></b> field and click <b><i>Finish</i></b></p>
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