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<title>Create JSF Project</title>
<h1>Create JSF Project</h1>
To create a JSF project one creates a Dynamic Web project with a JSF Facet.
<h3>Step 1: New Dynamic Web Project</h3>
<img alt="New Dynamic Web Project" src="./images/create_jsf_app1.png">
<h3>Step 2: Specify JSF Facet Settings</h3>
<img alt="Specify JSF Facet Settings" src="./images/jsffacetsettings.png">
<br>This dialog allows you to specify:
<li>the JSF implementation and other JAR files that should be in the project classpath</li>
<li>if the JSF Libraries to be deployed to the WEB-INF/lib directory at deployment time</li>
<li>the name and location of the Faces configuration file</li>
<li>the name to give the Faces Servlet</li>
<li>the URL mapping patterns to use for the Faces Servlet</li>
Note: your choices will be saved and used as the default settings the next time a JSF Facet is installed
When finish is invoked, the JSF Facet is installed.
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