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<font size="2">Thank you for downloading the preview release of Mylar. As you work Mylar will monitor your interaction
with Eclipse (by logging IDs of: views, editors, commands, and preference changes along with their values).
The log also stores information about the program elements that you edit and navigate, but removes identifying
information about those elements by obfuscating their names and paths. Approximately once every week you will
be asked to confirm an upload of this interaction log to a UBC server. Before uploading you will have a chance to
review the information being sent, and to answer a short questionnaire. You will have the option to remain
anonymous throughout the study.</font></P>
<font color="#999999" size="2">Details: The UBC Study title is Using Interaction History to Determine Interesting Information in a Development
Environment. There are no known risks associated with this study. After the study, this interaction history
will be stripped of all information identifying non-anonymous subjects, and we will use this data to determine
what Mylar views are useful, and to determine whether Mylar makes it easier to work on large systems in Eclipse.
We also plan on making this anonymous usage data available to other researchers interested in improving the
IDE user experience. Please note that the data collected will be archived for future use. This data will be
anonymous and not contain any identification information. This study is being conducted by Mik Kersten
( as a part of his PhD Thesis and supervised by Dr. Gail Murphy ( If you
have any questions about the data being collected or about the study in general please email us or call Mik
Kersten at 604-822-0193. If you have any concerns about your treatment or rights as a research subject, you
may contact Research Subject Information Line in the UBC Office of Research Services at the University of
British Columbia, at 604-822-8598. If this questionnaire is completed it will be assumed that consent has
been given. This study is being funded by the IBM Centre for Advanced Studies and by NSERC.