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<title>OT/J content/code assist: Add/Remove Signatures</title>
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<h1 align="center">Quick fix/assists: Add/Remove Signatures</h1>
<dt id="remove"><strong>Remove signatures from method binding</strong>
Applicable on callout/callin method bindings with signatures:<br/>
<img style="margin-top:10px;" src="../images/screenshots/RemoveSignatures-QuickAssist.png"><br/>
This change is applicable as a <em>quick assist</em>, and &mdash; if either method spec cannot be resolved &mdash; it can also be used as a <em>quick fix</em>.<br/>
Should removing the signatures not fix the problem, subsequent invocation of the inverse, "Add signatures ...", may be tried.
<dt id="add"><strong>Add signatures to method binding</strong>
Applicable on callout/callin method bindings without signatures.<br />
If no compilation problem exists this change is offered as a <em>quick assist</em>,
which can, e.g., be used in preparation for adding a quard predicate or a parameter mapping.<br/>
It can be invoked as a <em>quick fix</em> if the base method spec is ambiguous due to overloading in the base class:<br />
<img style="margin-top:10px;" src="../images/screenshots/NN21/AmbiguousBaseMethod.png">.<br />
&nbsp;&nbsp; In this case the list of matching base methods will be presented for selection:<br />
<img style="margin-top:10px;" src="../images/screenshots/NN21/AddSignaturesAssist.png">,<br />