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<title>Object Teams project creation</title>
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<h1>Object Teams project creation</h1>
<h2>Opening the project wizard</h2>
<p>The easiest way to create a new Object Teams project is to use the Object Teams
project wizard. The project wizard selection dialog can be opened either by selecting
<b>File > New > Project...</b> from the main workbench window or by selecting
<b>New > Project...</b> from the package explorer's pop-up menu or by selecting
<b>Project...</b> from the drop-down menu on the <b>New</b> button in the workbench
toolbar. Afterwards the wizard for creating an Object Teams project has to be chosen.
<h2 id="settings">Define settings</h2>
<p>The wizard supports all features of the <a href="PLUGINS_ROOT/org.eclipse.jdt.doc.user/reference/ref-wizard-java-project.htm">New Java Project Wizard</a>
and automatically configures the project for OT/J.
Only one user-visible option is added to the wizard, viz. selection of the <a href="weavingscheme.html">"Target weaving scheme"</a>:</p>
<img src="images/screenshots/selectTargetWeavingScheme.png" alt="Select Weaving Scheme"/>
<p>If unsure please keep the default value "OTRE"</p>
<h2>Resulting effects</h2>
<p>After all information has been entered the project with the chosen name will be created,
the files <i>.classpath</i> and <i>.project</i> will be created and the tree view in the
package explorer will be updated and the new project displayed.
<img src="images/screenshots/projectWizard.jpg"
alt="Object Teams project wizard">
<h2>OT/Equinox: Plug-in project</h2>
If the project is to develop an Eclipse plug-in using Object Teams (OT/Equinox) choose
the wizard for "Object Teams Plugin Project". This wizard is a variant of the regular
"Plug-in Project" wizard.
<h1>Adding Object Teams support to an existing project</h1>
Alternatively, if you already have a valid Java project or Plug-in project, you may
add Object Teams support using the project's context menu <span class="ui">Configure &gt; Add Object Teams support</span>.
<img src="images/screenshots/addOTNature.png" alt="Add Object Teams support menu option"/>