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 Testimport microservice that can be used to test the import mechanism and the correctness of the rabbitMQ configuration.
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 CAUTION: Each [microservice] has its *own application.yml*
+== Configuration of Keycloak
+Following roles need to be created under the "Roles" section in the Keycloak Administration Console (Web-UI)
+for your Realm:
+* *grid-failure-access*
+    Grants access to this module, always needed
+* *grid-failure-admin*
+    "Admin"
+* *grid-failure-creator*
+    "Erfasser"
+* *grid-failure-qualifier*
+    "Qualifizierer"
+* *grid-failure-publisher*
+    "Veröffentlicher"
+* *grid-failure-reader*
+    Read only rights
+Assign the the roles to your users accordingly, for further instructions how to create or assign roles
+see Keycloak manual or *Portal (Auth n Auth)* Architecture Documentation (Section: Configuration of Keycloak).
+Also create a technical user with admin rights (later on refered to as *technical-username* in this document).
+TIP:  To create user/s and assign roles to them you can also use the Admin-CLI of keycloak via script.
+An example for Windows or Linux OS you can find in *gfsBackendService/deploy/*
+The script has to be executed inside *keycloak-install-folder/bin*.
 == Configuration of the system
 The backend services are configured in *application.yml* files. If there is an *application.yml* file next to the