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= openKonsequenz - How to run the module "mics.home@openK"
:Date: 2017-11-17
:Revision: 1
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IMPORTANT: Please be sure that you have first *Portal (Auth n Auth)* installed and configured!
== Requirements
* Browser (Chrome or IE11 suggested)
== Prerequisites
* *To see this application running you have to run Portal application too.* The reason is the authentication, which happened in the Portal login phase.
* A developing and administrating software for databases
== How to run the Backend
To run the backend you need to have installed and configured Apache Tomcat (look at *mics.home_howtoBuild*).
=== Set up and start Apache Tomcat
Tomcat needs the Web Application Archive (war) file, which is produced by building the maven project, to run the application.
* Copy the *mics-home-app.war* file from the project file `/target` in the `<tomcat>/webapps` file. If there is a folder named *betriebstagebuch*, delete it before.
* Navigate to `C:\apache-tomcat-8.0.30\bin` and start Tomcat by clicking on *startup.bat*.
* Tomcat's default port is *8080*.
If 8080 port is already in use, you have to change tomcat's port as follows:
- Go to <tomcat>/conf folder
- Open server.xml file and search for "Connector port"
- Replace "8080" by your port number (for example 8181)
- Restart tomcat server (in the same folder which startup.bat is located, you can also find a shutdown.bat file).
IMPORTANT: If you change the port number you have also adapt the port in the
frontend project: File "<Frontend-Path>/proxy.conf.json"
== How to run the Frontend
To run the frontend project you need to have installed and updated Node.js and npm Angular-CLI.
=== Compile the Frontend
To compile say Angular-CLI to start.
* Open a command line and navigate to the root folder of the frontend project
* Run the command
$ npm start
* Open a browser and type: