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== Architecture Constraints
TODO: LINK zum Eclipse Repository anpassen
The main architecture constraints are:
* *Public License* The module must be available under the "Eclipse Public License 2.0".
* *Availability* The source code of the module must be accessible to any interested person/company.
Therefore the project is published at
=== Technical Constraints
The following technical constraints are given:
.Technical Contraints
|Basis components of the reference platform
a|* Application Server Tomcat
* Database PostgreSQL
|Programming Language Backend
a|* Java 1.8
* REST/JSON Interfaces
* Eclipse Link as ORM
* JUnit + Mockito
|Programming Language Frontend
a|* Angular 6.1.0 (Javascript, Typescript, HTML5, CSS3)
* Bootstrap
* According to oK-GUI-Styleguide
|Java QA environment
a| * Sonarqube 6.4
a|* Not restricted (Eclipse, Microsoft Visual Code ...)
|Build system
a|* Backend: Maven
* Frontend: NodeJS + Angular/cli
|Libraries, Frameworks,Components
a|* Used Libraries/Frameworks have to be compatible to the Eclipse Public License
|Architecture Documentation
a|* According ARC42-Template
=== Technical Dependencies
==== Modules
The following modules are required to use the 'Standby Planning':
|Name of the module|Purpose|Status of the module
|'Auth&Auth'|Authentification and Authorization|available
==== Libraries
TODO: Bibliotheken des Frontends ergaenzen
TODO: Pfad zu den Datein (Bibliotheken) ergaenzen.
The used libraries can be found here:
* Backend
** pom.xml of the module
* Frontend
** package.json