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<section name="Context">
<p>All components are based upon a set of targets platform localized at the targetplatform directory. You can update them with the Obeo plugin or directly from a maven command.</p>
<p>It will switch resolve all feature with the latest ones found on the different update site you are refering.</p>
<section name="How to?">
<subsection name="Pre-requisite">
<p>You have to have a target.file at the root of your target platform plugin. You need to specify with target platform to activate through profile management.</p>
mvn validate -DtargetUpdate=true -Declipse.targetrelease=neon-papyrusnightly -Declipse.release=neon-papyrusnightly -f targetplatform/pom.xml
<p>the tycho-version-bump-plugin is bound to the validate phase</p>
<p>-DtargetUpdate=true ensure you enforce the taregtUpdate</p>
<p>-Declipse.targetrelease=neon-papyrusnightly -Declipse.release=neon-papyrusnightly: specify with target to update</p>
<p>-f targetplatform/pom.xml: specify the pom to look at</p>