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<section name="Releng">
<subsection name="Context">
<p>Goal is to be able to release this project that contains the parent pom for all Papyrus components and the archetypes to create the Components projects</p>
<subsection name="Prerequisites">
<p>Ensure the <a href=""></a> is green.</p>
<p>Ensure that no critical bugs are opened <a href=";component=Components&#38;product=Papyrus&#38;query_format=specific">;component=Components&#38;product=Papyrus&#38;query_format=specific</a></p>
<p>Have a look to the nightly documentation in order to fetch the needed repository: <a href=""></a></p>
<subsection name="Actions">
<li>Create a bugzilla ticket [Components][releng] Release of version X.Y.Z</li>
<li>Fetch the repository located here <a href="../source-repository.html"></a></li>
<li>Modify the change log located in the components/org.eclipse.papyrus.components.parent/src/changes/changes.xml </li>
<li>Remove the -SNAPSHOT extension in the the following pom.xml: /org.eclipse.papyrus.components.parent/org.eclipse.papyrus.components.archetype/pom.xml, /org.eclipse.papyrus.components.parent/pom.xml. Other pom.xml do not have to be touched once they are automatically generated.</li>
<li>for instance, mvn versions:set -DnewVersion=0.0.23 -DgenerateBackupPoms=false</li>
<li>Merge these modifications</li>
<li>Run the job Components: <a href="">papyrus-components</a></li>
<li>Execute the job Components: <a href="">papyrus-components-deploy-nexus</a> by entering in the COMMITID field the commitid you would like to release. Usually it is the revision number in the last successful build in Hudson or the last commit shown in the git log command.</li>
<li>It should deploy the new version into the <a href=";quick~org.eclipse.papyrus.components">nexus repository</a> and execute downstream the website job Components: <a href="">papyrus-components-deploy-website</a>. The downstream jobs can be seen at the end of the build's console report.</li>
<li>Deploy the web site by copying the staging directory in the papyrus web git repository. To do this, first clone the <a href=""> Papyrus Web git repository </a> and unzip in the components/components/ directory the unzipped built site from <a href="*zip*/"> papyrus-components-deploy-website </a></li>
<li>Modify the index.html to reflect the new release version by adding a new item to the dropdown menu and updating the referenced page address. This file can be found in the Papyrus Web git repository at the root of the components/components/ folder</li>
<li>Increase the different pom.xml artifact version by adding a +(0.0.1)-SNAPSHOT suffix in parent and archetype. Do not forget to update both components/parent/ and components/parent/archetype pom.xml</li>
<subsection name="Post-Actions">
<p>You could inform Papyrus Components project leader that you have improve the project in order they switch to the new pom version.</p>