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--- RCPTT testcase ---
Format-Version: 1.0
Context-Type: org.eclipse.rcptt.ctx.ecl
Element-Name: ECL_RenameElement
Element-Type: context
Element-Version: 2.0
Id: _renameaelement
Save-Time: 6/23/16 4:07 PM
Content-Type: text/ecl
Entry-Name: .ecl.context
// This function rename the given element.
proc "rename-element" [val pathOldName] [val newName] [val pathNewName] [val diagramName] [val rootName]{
// Get the element in the Model Explorer.
with [get-view "Model Explorer" | get-tree] {
get-item $rootName | click
get-item $pathOldName | click
// Set the property Name with the new value.
with [get-view $properties | get-editbox -after [get-label Name]] {
set-text $newName
key-type Enter
// Make sure the element's name has been modified.
get-view $modelExplorer | get-tree | get-item $rootName | get-item $pathNewName
| equals true