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Goals of the API:
- Option 1: Can add page to synchronize view and wizard to synchronize wizard (complete control over presentation and behavior)
- Option 2: ISVs that implement Subscriber gets our synchronize workflows with the following configuration points (FTP, CVS, WEBDAV)
- can provide configurability of context/toolbar actions (how?)
- resource selection synchronize wizard
- inherit presaentation models, workflows for refreshing
- use of sync info compare input, synchronize input, synchronize dialog
- (internal) adding model provider
- Option 3: ISVs that don't implement a Subscriber but builds their own SynInfo?
- synchronize dialog (displays compare input in a dialog)
- synchronize input (displays a participant page in the compare infrastructure)
- sync info compare input (display sync info in compare editor)
- can they display the sync info using the default model providers?
- working set in compare with latest to scope the changes shown
x navigate actions in dialogs
x progress fetching contents in dialog part
- progress in dialog/wizards
x fix-up actions enabled in dialogs/wizards
x SubscriberPageConfiguration never created? I would expect SubscriberParticipant to create one.