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= Installing R4E =
== 1) Provision Software Sites ==
R4E uses some Mylyn components so you will need to add the Mylyn Release update site.
Add the following Software Sites to the Eclipse workspace (Help -> Install New Software -> Add)
Mylyn Release:
Mylyn Reviews R4E Updates:
if Subversion is to be used, add the subclipse site of the subclipse version you want to use e.g.
== 2) Install Version Control System Features ==
R4E uses Mylyn Versions to interact with different version control systems.
* Git:
:Git support is provided by interfacing with Egit/Jgit,
:Installing the R4E feature automatically installs Egit/Jgit if it's not yet available in the Eclipse installation.
:So no specific action is needed for Egit installation in this step.
* Subversion (SVN):
:If there is a need to interact with an SVN repository, install the subclipse feature.
:Help -> Install New Software, and select the subclipse site provisioned above.<br>
== 3) Install R4E feature ==
Help -> Install New Software, and select the Mylyn Reviews site provisioned above.<br>
== 4) Install Versions Connectors ==
Help -> Install New Software, and select the Mylyn Versions site provisioned above.<br>
Select the connector(s) needed to interface your version control system(s).<br>
currently, R4E supports Git and Subclipse connectors.