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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
Copyright (c) 2010 Red Hat, Inc.
All rights reserved. This program and the accompanying materials
are made available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0
which accompanies this distribution, and is available at
Red Hat - initial API and implementation
Alvaro Sanchez-Leon - Adapted to Mylyn Reviews R4E
Jacques Bouthillier - Added section to generate wikitext-to-xslfo
<project name="" basedir="." default="all">
Generate Eclipse help content for the Mylyn Reviews R4E user guide
<property name="" value="R4E Documentation" />
<property name="" value="R4E User Guide" />
<property name="help.doc.url.base" value="" />
<property name="r4eOpenFilewiki" value="R4EOpen.mediawiki" />
<property name="r4eOpenFileFO" value="" />
<property name="r4eOpenFilePDF" value="R4EOpen.pdf" />
Adjust the proxy and port if needed, otherwise, just remove it
<setproxy proxyhost="!---your proxy server. If none, remove this line---!"
proxyport="!---your proxy server port---!"/>
<path id="wikitext.tasks.classpath">
<fileset dir="C:\eclipse\eclipse37\eclipse\plugins">
<include name="org.eclipse.mylyn.wikitext.*core*.jar" />
<taskdef classpathref="wikitext.tasks.classpath" resource="org/eclipse/mylyn/internal/wikitext/mediawiki/core/tasks/" />
<taskdef classpathref="wikitext.tasks.classpath" resource="org/eclipse/mylyn/wikitext/core/util/anttask/" />
<target name="all" description="Generate Eclipse help content for the Mylyn Reviews R4E user guide">
This is now the way to generated the R4E help plugin, using the local
mediawiki file located in the /doc directory.
After this script is executed. Do the following:
1) In file _r4eOpenUser-toc.xml, add a topic called "_Updating This Document" at then end and make it point
to doc/_Updating-This-Document.html file
2) In file _r4eOpenUser-toc.xml, add an anchor called "r4eInstall" and put it just under the root toc element
3) In file _r4eOpenUser-toc.xml, add an anchor called "r4eInstallOpen" and put it just under the r4eInstall anchor
4) In file _r4eOpenUser-toc.xml, add an anchor called "r4eUser" and put it just above the _Updating This Document topic created above
<!-- IMPORTANT NOTE for the Open source pdf
- Generate the help for open source with the install open source
- Generate the help for Open source
Create the R4EOpen.mediawiki with the following order:
a- copy r4eOpenInstall.mediawiki to R4EOpen.mediawiki
b- copy _r4eOpenUser.mediawiki (Remove the __TOC__ ) to R4EOpen.mediawiki
- Copy all images from install and help into the same folder as of the R4EOpen.mediawiki
use <project>/doc folder structure
<wikitext-to-xslfo markupLanguage="MediaWiki"
title="${}" >
<fileset dir="${basedir}/doc">
<include name="${r4eOpenFilewiki}" />
The following code will work when the FOP accept the generated code as is
For now, need to insert at the beginning the following:
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE xsl:stylesheet [
<!ENTITY nbsp '&#160;'>
Then generate the code manually in the generated code for the "*.fo" file
fop.bat ../R4EOpen.pdf
<property name="fop.home" value="C:/fop/fop-1.0"/>
<exec command="${fop.home}/fop.bat ">
<arg value="-fo ${basedir}/doc/${r4eOpenFileFO}"/>
<arg value="-pdf ${basedir}/${r4eOpenFilePDF}"/>