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//Test cases for the aliases (Participants Lists) feature
//Preferences Users tab
- Check that Remove button is disabled for the participants lists table when ir is is empty.
- Add new Participant list
- Select a participant list and add participants by using the Add buttons for the participants table.
- Add participants to all lists and make sure that the correct participants are displayed for the selected list.
- Close (OK button) and RE-open preferences dialog. Make sure existing lists are preserved with the correct participants.
- Remove existing participant list. Make sure corresponding users are removed in the Participants table.
- Check that Remove button is disabled when for the particpants table when it is empty.
- Make sure new data is only saved when pressing Apply and/or OK and that it is discarded when pressing cancel for the preferences dialog
- Make sure participants table is disabled when no parent participant list is selected.
- Make sure it is possible to add/remove participants lists when the Review Navigator view is closed
//Integration with add participant dialog
- Make sure that the New Participants dialog works equally well when called either from the User Preferences
or from the Participants container context menu in the Review Navigator. Repeat multiple participants test cases for
both scenarios.
- In all cases, try to add Participants Lists to the New Participant dialog by entrering their names in the top Combox box,
or by selecting a Combo box entry directly. Make sure the participants that are in the Participant list are added to the Particpants table.