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This directory contains all of the materials provided by part 2 of the
EclipseCon 2009 "Getting Started with RTSC" tutorial. In particular:
docs - contains the tutorial slides and the sub-directory docs/ref
contains reference material for the HW and compiler used in
this part of the tutorial.
examples - contains all source code for the examples presented (as
well as a few more). Thee examples can be built from the
command line via xdc or from within Eclipse (as described
eclipse - contains a plug-in used in the tutorial for browsing RTSC
packages from within Eclipse.
patches - contains patches necessary to enable SimpliciTI 1.0.6 to be
used with the TI compiler.
makefile - this makefile builds all the examples
These instructions summarize the setps necessary to build the examples that
are part of the tutorial. The tutorial slides (docs/tutorial.ppt) provide
additional details including links to the various web sites containig
pre-requisite tools.
o XDCtools (or above) must be installed somewhere; we use
$XDCROOT below to refer to the absolute path of where XDCtools is
o Code Composer Essentials 3.1 must be installed somewhere; if you
accept the default installation directories you won't have to edit
some settings described below.
o the zip file (coresponding to the 2.1.7R2
release of RXTX) must be copied into packages/thirdparty/rxtx
o SimpliciTI 1.0.6 must be installed as ./SimpliciTI-1.0.6.
Alternatively, a zip file containing SimpliciTI-1.0.6 (the entire
contents of the SimpliciTI 1.0.6 installation directory) must be
copied to ./
To build all examples
We use "make" below to refer to the 3.81 version of GNU make. If you do
not have this version (or later) of GNU make, you can use the one
suppplied with XDCtools: $XDCROOT/gmake
o edit packages/config.bld and packages/common.mak to reflect your
tools installation choices made above.
o cd to the directory containing this README file and type:
To build individual examples
Most examples are in a RTSC package. To build these examples, simply cd
to the example's package base and type:
Some examples are simply directories with a make file (named "makefile").
To build these examples simply type:
To build within Eclipse
Each individual example has an associated CDT project. This allow you to
import the example into Eclipse and build using standard CDT mechanisms.
The tutorial slides (docs/tutorial-part2.ppt slides 35-40)) illustrate the