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requires ti.targets;
* ======== txn.targets ========
* MSP320 targets based on the TI codegen tools.
* This package illustrates how one can create custom targets *without*
* making any changes to the xdc tool set. This means that the developer is
* never dependent on "external" developers for updates to the xdc tools in
* order to build libraries with respect to special targets.
* This package contains the following modules:
* MSP430 this module represents a little endian Arm9 ti_arm9_abi
* target. Because this module inherits from the
* ti.targets.ITarget interface, there is no need to implement
* any of the xdc.bld.ITarget functions (the implementations
* in ti.targets.ITarget are sufficient).
* This package contains the following interfaces:
* IMSP430 - this interface is used by the modules described above.
* Its sole purpose is to encapsulate commonality between
* multiple targets defined in this package.
package txn.targets [1, 0, 0]
module MSP430;
interface IMSP430;