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* ======== txn/targets/std.h ========
* Standard types for supported TI compilers
#ifndef txn_targets_STD_
#define txn_targets_STD_
/* Define target-specific "portable" macros
* The build command-line defines xdc_target_name__ to be the value
* of the target's name config parameter. We use this to include the
* target-specific definitions for the required target-independent
* xdc_target* macros.
* xdc__local_include is a macro that expands into a #include of
* "<name>.h", where <name> is the argument to the macro. This macro
* is defined in xdc/std.h.
#ifdef xdc_target_name__
#include xdc__local_include(xdc_target_name__)
/* "inherit" (i.e., include) all ti.targets standard types */
#include <ti/targets/std.h>
#endif /* txn_targets_STD_ */