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* Copyright (c) 2017 Ericsson AB
* All rights reserved. This program and the accompanying materials
* are made available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0
* which accompanies this distribution, and is available at
* Contributors:
* Gabor Szalai - initial implementation and initial documentation
// File: HTTP2_Types.ttcn
// Description: Functions and types for HTTP2
// Rev: R1A
// Prodnr: CNL 113 851
module HTTP2_Types{
external function f_HTTP2_encode_frame(in HTTP2_Frame pl_frame) return octetstring
with {
extension "prototype(convert)"
// return values:
// 1 - decoding failed
// 0 - OK
// The pl_error_descr contains the description of the error
external function f_HTTP2_decode_frame(in octetstring pl_stream,
out HTTP2_Frame pl_frame,
out HTTP2_decoder_error_descr pl_error_descr) return integer
// Message dissector function for IPL4 test port
type record of integer HTTP2_ro_integer
function f_HTTP2_msglen(
in octetstring stream,
inout HTTP2_ro_integer args
) return integer {
var integer pl_len:=lengthof(stream)
return -1;
if(substr(HTTP2_connection_preface,0,pl_len)==stream ){
return -1
} else {
return lengthof(HTTP2_connection_preface)
return oct2int(substr(stream,0,3))+9
const octetstring HTTP2_connection_preface:='505249202a20485454502f322e300d0a0d0a534d0d0a0d0a'O
// Error classes
const integer c_connection_no_error_class := 0
const integer c_connection_error_class := 1
const integer c_stream_error_class := 2
// Error codes
const integer c_error_code_NO_ERROR:= 0
const integer c_error_code_PROTOCOL_ERROR := 1
const integer c_error_code_INTERNAL_ERROR :=2
const integer c_error_code_FLOW_CONTROL_ERROR := 3
const integer c_error_code_SETTINGS_TIMEOUT := 4
const integer c_error_code_STREAM_CLOSED := 5
const integer c_error_code_FRAME_SIZE_ERROR := 6
const integer c_error_code_REFUSED_STREAM := 7
const integer c_error_code_CANCEL := 8
const integer c_error_code_COMPRESSION_ERROR := 9
const integer c_error_code_CONNECT_ERROR := 10
const integer c_error_code_ENHANCE_YOUR_CALM := 11
const integer c_error_code_INADEQUATE_SECURITY := 12
const integer c_error_code_HTTP_1_1_REQUIRED := 13
// Settings parameters
const integer c_SETTINGS_HEADER_TABLE_SIZE := 1
const integer c_SETTINGS_ENABLE_PUSH := 2
const integer c_SETTINGS_MAX_FRAME_SIZE := 5
const integer c_SETTINGS_MAX_HEADER_LIST_SIZE := 6
type record HTTP2_decoder_error_descr{
integer error_class,
integer error_type,
charstring error_text
// HTTP/2 Frame definition
// The length field handled automatically
type union HTTP2_Frame {
HTTP2_Data_frame data_frame,
HTTP2_Header_frame header_frame,
HTTP2_Priority_frame priority_frame,
HTTP2_RST_Stream_frame rst_frame,
HTTP2_Settings_frame settings_frame,
HTTP2_Push_Promise_frame push_promise_frame,
HTTP2_Ping_frame ping_frame,
HTTP2_Goaway_frame goaway_frame,
HTTP2_Window_Update_frame window_update_frame,
HTTP2_Continuation_frame continuation_frame,
HTTP2_Generic_frame generic_frame
// Data Frame definition
// The padding flag are handled automatically
type record HTTP2_Data_frame{
integer stream_id,
boolean end_stream_flag,
octetstring data,
octetstring padding optional
// Header Frame definition
// The padding flag are handled automatically
// The priority flag are handled automatically
type record HTTP2_Header_frame{
integer stream_id,
boolean end_stream_flag,
boolean end_header_flag,
HTTP2_Priority_data priority_data optional,
octetstring header_block_fragment,
octetstring padding optional
type record HTTP2_Priority_data{
boolean exclusive_flag,
integer stream_dependency,
integer weight
type record HTTP2_Priority_frame{
integer stream_id,
HTTP2_Priority_data priority_data
type record HTTP2_RST_Stream_frame {
integer stream_id,
integer error_code
type record HTTP2_Setting_data{
integer setting_id,
integer setting_value
type record of HTTP2_Setting_data HTTP2_Setting_list
// Always use 0 stream
type record HTTP2_Settings_frame{
boolean ack_flag,
HTTP2_Setting_list settings optional
// The padding flag are handled automatically
type record HTTP2_Push_Promise_frame{
integer stream_id,
boolean end_header_flag,
integer promised_stream_id,
octetstring header_block_fragment,
octetstring padding optional
// Always use 0 stream
type record HTTP2_Ping_frame{
boolean ack_flag,
octetstring opaque_data length(8)
// Always use 0 stream
type record HTTP2_Goaway_frame{
integer last_stream_id,
integer error_code,
octetstring debug_data optional
type record HTTP2_Window_Update_frame{
integer stream_id,
integer window_size_increment
type record HTTP2_Continuation_frame{
integer stream_id,
boolean end_header_flag,
octetstring header_block_fragment
// Use it to send/receive non-defined or errornous frame
// Only the length calculated by the encoder
type record HTTP2_Generic_frame{
integer frame_type,
bitstring flags length(8),
integer stream_id,
octetstring payload
// HTTP2 request/response and header definitions
// RFC7540
// Note: the encoder doesn't enforces validity
// of the specified pseudo header field combination
type record HTTP2_pseudo_headers{
charstring method optional,
charstring scheme optional,
charstring authority optional,
charstring path optional,
integer status optional
type record HTTP2_header_field{
charstring header_name,
charstring header_value optional
type record of HTTP2_header_field HTTP2_header_list
// This type should be used for request/response headers
type record HTTP2_header_block {
HTTP2_pseudo_headers pseudo_headers optional,
HTTP2_header_list headers optional
// Header compression releated type definitions
// For each connection (not streams) a separate
// compression context should be used.
// Never touch the fields of the HTTP2_comp_context
// Don't even think about it !!!!!
// 1. Create the context with function:
// HTTP2_comp_context_init
// 2. Every header block should be encoded/decoded with the functions:
// HTTP2_comp_context_encode
// HTTP2_comp_context_decode
// in the exactly the same order as the header blocks are sent or received
// in order to maintain the header compression context
// 3. Delete the context with
// HTTP2_comp_context_free
// Please note: non freed context leads to memory leak!!!!
// Creates a new header compression context
external function HTTP2_comp_context_init(in integer h_table_size_local:=4096, // The initial size of the header table
in integer h_table_size_remote:=4096
) return HTTP2_comp_context
// Retur value:
// 0 - OK
// otherwise - error code
external function HTTP2_comp_context_encode(inout HTTP2_comp_context pl_context,
in HTTP2_header_block pl_hblock,
out octetstring pl_frame_data) return integer
// Retur value:
// 0 - OK
// otherwise - error code
external function HTTP2_comp_context_decode(inout HTTP2_comp_context pl_context,
out HTTP2_header_block pl_hblock,
in octetstring pl_frame_data) return integer
// Free and release the header compression context
external function HTTP2_comp_context_free(inout HTTP2_comp_context pl_context)
// Set header table size
external function HTTP2_comp_context_set_table_size_remote(inout HTTP2_comp_context pl_context,
in integer h_table_size)
external function HTTP2_comp_context_set_table_size_local(inout HTTP2_comp_context pl_context,
in integer h_table_size)
type record HTTP2_comp_context{
integer internal_id1