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<title>Space War</title>
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<P>&copy; Copyright 1997-2001 Xerox Corporation. All rights
<P><B>Last updated</B>: January 10, 2001</P>
<h2><a name="5">Exploring the Spacewar Example</a></h2>
<P>The code in this directory is an implementation of the
classic video game Spacewar.</P>
<P>The Spacewar game is intended to provide a modest-sized example of
a program that uses aspects. The code for this example is evolving,
as we add new features to AspectJ and come up with a better
understanding of how to use the features.</P>
<P>In order to compile and run this example, make sure to have the latest
version of AspectJ correctly installed. If you're not sure you do, try the
helloworld example first by following the instructions in <a href="../doc/primer/default.html">Primer</a>
section Getting Started.</P>
<h3><a name="5.1">Compiling Spacewar</a></h3>
<li> Change to the <code>examples</code> directory. </li>
<li> Type <code><strong>ajc -argfile spacewar/demo.lst</strong></code> to compile the
<h3><a name="5.2">Running Spacewar</a></h3>
<li> In the examples directory, type <code><strong>java spacewar.Game</strong></code></li>
<p>When the game starts up you will see two different displays. These
are the two built-in display aspects of the game. In each you will
see a single white ship and two red ships. The white ship is yours
to control; the red ships are an enemy robots. Your ship is controlled
with the four arrow keys to turn, thrust and stop; the spacebar
fires. As you play, the game will be displayed in both windows.</p>
<p>When running on a 1.4 or later VM, click in the main panel to give
it focus so that your keystrokes are recognized.</p>
<p>You can quit the game with ctl-Q.</p>
<h3><a name="5.3">Exploring the Code</a></h3>
<p>There is one other built-in configurations for the Spacewar game.
Try it by typing <code><strong>ajc @spacewar\debug.lst</strong></code>. This
compiles in an elaborate debugging aspect for the game.
<p> We recommend you explore the Spacewar source code and look at the
aspects that it uses. You will find several of them, of different
scales and different degrees of cross-cutting. Remember that these
represent our evolving understanding of how to use AspectJ to
implement Spacewar. If you believe we should be doing something
differently, then please let us know.