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<h4>Version 0.2.5 (Still More) Bug Fixes and New Features (April 25, 2013)</h4>
What's new in this version:
A file import feature has been added that allows files without DI (Diagram Interchange) metadata to be opened and edited.
This is also a first-cut for an automatic layout feature that is in the works for a future version.
Unfortunately this introduced some regressions, which also had to be dealt with before this release was published.
The jBPM Target Runtime extension model has been updated to reflect the new BPSim version 1.0 model definition.
A new User Preference page named "jBPM Runtime" has been added which contains a checkbox to enable/disable the serialization of BP Simulation parameter elements.
This also affects display of the "Simulation" property tab in the editor.
All BPMN2 Modeler plugins and dependencies (including the MDT BPMN2 metamodel project plugins) are now signed.
This will be the last officially supported version for eclipse 3.6.2.
Helios is now almost 3 years old and it takes an inordinate amount of work to keep the editor code in sync.
This is not the eclipse you are looking for...move along <img src="/bpmn2-modeler/images/wink.gif" width="20" height="20" border="0"/>
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