Fix typo in CHESS updatesite url.

Change-Id: I85ce929165c457e333cfea43cd2b94bda4572f65
diff --git a/start.html b/start.html
index 9955d0b..3419485 100644
--- a/start.html
+++ b/start.html
@@ -142,7 +142,7 @@
 							<li>From the main menu select Help->Install new software… -></li>
 							<li>Click &quot;Add…&quot;, then select the CHESS update
 								site or digit
-								&quot;;
+								&quot;;
 								(the first time you are using it) in the Location field, and
 								click Ok.</li>
 							<li>In the Install window uncheck the &quot;Group Items by