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This page provides all the information needed to setup the
CHESS tool. Please refer also to the provided <a
href="publis/CHESS_ToolsetGuide.pdf"><b>user guide</b></a> to
check the extensions currently available for CHESS.
<h3>Needed environment</h3>
A Java 8 JRE/JDK is recommended for CHESS v1.0.0.<br />
You can download the CHESS Eclipse full distribution from the <a
href="download.html">Download page</a>; in this case you have
only to uncompress the provided archive to start using the CHESS
<p>If you want to install CHESS with the provided update site
please follow the steps detailed below:</p>
CHESS Eclipse plugins v1.0.0 has to be installed on top of
Eclipse Neon 3 platform available from: <a
<p>First EMF Parsley SDK and Ecore Diagram Editor have to be
<ul class="listInTabs">
<li>From the main Eclipse window select the
Help->Installation Details</li>
<li>From the &quot;Installed Software&quot; Select the two
&quot;EMF Parsley SDK&quot; plug-ins.</li>
<li>Click Uninstall...</li>
<li>From the &quot;Installed Software&quot; Select
&quot;Ecore Diagram Editor&quot;.</li>
<li>Click Uninstall...</li>
<li>Restart Eclipse, when prompted, in order to apply the
<br> <img src="images/Parsley.jpg" width="85%">
<div class="caption">Figure 1: Uninstalling Parsley and
Ecore Diagram Editor plug-ins</div>
Then, Install the plug-ins downloading <a
href="https://CHESS.p2f">CHESS.p2f</a>. To import the file,
follow these steps inside Eclipse:
<ul class="listInTabs">
<li>go to File/Import...</li>
<li>select Install/Install Software Items from File and
click Next</li>
<li>select the given file CHESS.p2f from the filesystem</li>
<li>uncheck &quot;Install latest version of selected
software&quot; and proceed with Next/Next/Finish</li>
<h3>Installing the SDE and EST plug-ins</h3>
<p>SDE and EST plug-ins can be installed by using the standard
Eclipse update-site feature.
<ul class="listInTabs">
<li>From the main Eclipse window select the Help->Install
new software… -> menu item</li>
<li>From the &quot;Install&quot; window Add &quot;SDE&quot;
( in the &quot;Work
with&quot; field, then wait for the list of available sites to
appear in the area below, and select them all.</li>
<li>Click Next and then Finish to terminate the install
<li>From the &quot;Install&quot; window Add &quot;EST&quot;
( in the &quot;Work
with&quot; field.</li>
<li>Deselect the checkbox &quot;Group items by
category&quot;, wait for the list of available sites to appear
in the area below, and select only the first and last items.</li>
<li>Click Next and then Finish to terminate the install
<li>Restart Eclipse, when prompted, in order to apply the
<h3>Installing the CHESS plug-ins</h3>
<p>CHESS plug-ins can be installed by using the standard
Eclipse update-site feature.</p>
The CHESS update-site is available through http: <br>the URL
<tt> </tt>
<ul class="listInTabs">
<li>Launch Eclipse Neon</li>
<li>From the main menu select Help->Install new software… -></li>
<li>Click &quot;Add…&quot;, then select the CHESS update
site or digit
(the first time you are using it) in the Location field, and
click Ok.</li>
<li>In the Install window uncheck the &quot;Group Items by
Category&quot; option (see Figure 3).</li>
<li>In the Install window check the CHESS features
(see Figure 3), and click Next and Finish to terminate the
<li>Restart Eclipse.</li>
<br> <img src="images/installingChess.jpg" width="85%">
<div class="caption">Figure 2: Installing the CHESS plug-ins</div>
<li><input name="tabs" id="tab2" type="radio"> <label
<div id="tab-content2" class="tab-content">
Find below a list of documents that guide that introduce you to CHESS
<h4>Modeling and overview of tool features</h4>
Check out the CHESS user guide available <a href="publis/CHESS_ToolsetGuide.pdf"><b>here</b>.</a>
The user guide will introduce you to the entire CHESS design
flow, starting from the creation of a CHESS project to the
different CHESS modelling steps and tool features, with
step-by-step examples
<h4>CHESS Modelling Language profile</h4>
Check out the CHESS Modelling Language profile
definition available <a href="publis/CHESSMLprofile.pdf"><b>here</b>.</a>
<h4>CHESS Support to System-Level Analysis</h4>
CHESS provides a variety of model-based analysis, using
different backend tools (OCRA, nuXmv, xSAP). The following document guides the user
along a system-level design flow from requirements specification and validation, to
contract-based architectural design, to components implementation and verification, to
fault injection and model-based safety analysis. Check out the guide available
<a href="publis/CHESS_ContractBasedAnalysisModelCheckingSafetyAnalysis.pdf"><b>here</b></a>.
<h4>CHESS Support to Dependability Analysis</h4>
Check out the guide available
<a href="publis/CHESS_DependabilityGuide.pdf"><b>here</b></a>
to support state-based quantitative analysis and Failure Logic Analysis (FLA)
based upon FPTC - Fault Propagation and Transformation Calculus
<h4>CHESS Support to Stochastic Analysis</h4>
CHESS supports modelling of safety and security concerns and automated transformations
to SAN models for reliability analysis with the MOBIUS tool.
Check out the guide available
<a href="publis/CHESS_MobiusIntegrationGuide.pdf"><b>here</b></a>
<h4>CHESS Support to Software-Level Analysis</h4>
Check out the guide available
<a href="publis/CHESS_SWDevelopmentGuide.pdf"><b>here</b></a>
for Schedulability Analysis and End2End Response Time Analysis
with MAST
<h4>CHESS Support to Architectural Patterns</h4>
The CHESS tool includes a library of design patterns to be instantiated in a model.
Check out the guide available
<a href="publis/CHESS_ArchitecturalPatternsGuides.pdf"><b>here</b></a>
<h4>CHESS Support to Runtime Monitoring</h4>
The CHESS tool includes includes trace analysis and back propagation support.
Check out the guide available
<a href="publis/CHESS_RuntimeMonitoringGuide.pdf"><b>here</b></a>
<li><input name="tabs" id="tab3" type="radio"> <label
for="tab3">Model Examples</label>
<div id="tab-content3" class="tab-content">
CHESS model examples are available in the <a href="download.html"><b>download</b></a>
page; you can import them in your workspace as existing projects
and then navigate the models, through the available diagrams. The
provided examples can also be used to test the CHESS model driven
features, like the analysis and code generation.
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