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* Christopher Guindon (Eclipse Foundation) - Initial implementation
* Baha El Kassaby (Diamond Light Source) - Initial DAWNSci eclipse page content
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<p>This project provides features to allow scientific software to be
inter-operable. Algorithms exist today which could be shared between
existing Eclipse-based applications however in practice they describe
data and do plotting using specific APIs which are not inter-operable
or interchangeable. This project defines a structure to make this a
thing of the past. It defines an inter-operable layer upon which to
build RCP applications such that your user interface, data or plotting
can be reused by others.</p>
<h3>At the core of DAWN</h3>
<p>Data Analysis WorkbeNch (DAWN) is an eclipse based workbench for
doing scientific data analysis. It implements sophisticated support
for :
<li>(1) Visualization of data in 1D, 2D and 3D</li>
<li>(2) Python script development, debugging and execution</li>
<li>(3) Processing and Workflows for visual algorithms analyzing
scientific data DAWN is not restricted to one scientific domain.</li>
It is developed by and for the synchrotron community foremost but has
strong overlap with other communities like neutron scattering, photon
science and any scientific communities with the above or similar needs.
If you would like to know more, the DAWN project has an active mailing
list which is open to subscribers Jiscmail Mailing list. Alternatively
you could follow us on Twitter. Dawn is open source and available on
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<a href="/community/news/eclipsenews.php">Updates</a>
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<div class="news_item_date">2015/11/06</div>
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DAWN version 1.10</a>
<div class="news_item_description">DAWN latest version is now available for download</div>
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<div class="news_item_date">March 2015</div>
<div class="news_item_title">
href="">DAWN paper published</a>
<div class="news_item_description">Paper about DAWN in the Journal of Synchrotron Radiation</div>
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