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<h3>About e4</h3>
<p>The mission of the e4 project is to build a next generation platform for
pervasive, component-based applications and tools. See the
<a href="/projects/project_summary.php?projectid=eclipse.e4">about page</a>
as well as the original
<a href="">project proposal</a>
for more details.
The Eclipse platform was first targeted at building an extensible IDE component
framework. It has since grown to include a Rich Client Platform, enabling whole
new categories of scenarios and domains. As the software landscape changes,
so must the Eclipse platform in order to remain relevant and vibrant. These
trend lines point to web technologies, new user interface metaphors, and
distributed infrastructure. Now is the time to rethink elements of the platform
so that Eclipse may remain at the forefront of application development.
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<h3>For more information</h3>
<li><a href="">Project Development</a><br>
Release plans and other information about the Eclipse Project development process.
<li><a href="">Downloads</a><br>
Download stable and integration builds of e4 technology on the e4 downloads page.
<li><a href="">e4 wiki</a><br>
A wealth of technical information on e4 can be found on the e4 wiki page. The
wiki also provides more detailed planning information, and a variety of
channels for communicating with the e4 developers.
<li><a href="">e4 white paper</a><br>
The e4 white paper provides a detailed technical overview of the active areas of
exploration in the e4 project at the time of the e4 0.9 technology preview release.
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<h6>The June 2012 Release is Available!</h6>
<li><a href="">Download it</a></li>
Note that several e4 components graduated into the Eclipse Platform project to
produce the <a href="">Eclipse 4</a> stream of releases.
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