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<p>e4 is the incubator for the Eclipse project. Building on
current Eclipse and OSGi technology as a solid foundation, its major goals
<li>Making it easier to write plugins</li>
<li>Allowing better control over the look of Eclipse based products</li>
<li>Providing a uniform, pervasive platform across computing environments
(Web / RIA, Desktop, Server, Cloud, Embedded)</li>
<li>Increasing diversity of contributors to the platform</li>
<li>Maintaining backward compatibility for API-clean clients</li>
<p>In order to reach these goals, Eclipse APIs are refactored into
<a href="">services</a>
that make up a uniform application model, which supports dependency
injection to run in multiple different contexts such as desktop or
web; the Workbench is uniformly
<a href="">modeled</a>
to provide introspection, flexible shaping,
<a href="">CSS styling</a>
<a href="">declarative UI markup</a>;
SWT target platforms are added to
<a href="">run in the Browser</a>;
and many more
<a href="">initiatives</a> in areas
such as <a href="">flexible resources</a>,
<a href="">command recording</a>,
scripting, and plugins in
<a href="">other languages</a>.
We also look at
<a href="">pervasive themes</a>
such as reducing bloat, and many other themes are brought up by the
broad community participating in this effort.
The mission of the e4 project is to build a next generation platform for
pervasive, component-based applications and tools. See the
<a href="">original project proposal</a>
for more details.