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<h3>Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) Model Query</h3>
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<p>EMF model query facilitates the process of search and retrieval of model elements of interest in a flexible yet controlled and structured manner. Provides API support for the basic EObject based Condition objects that are used to formulate queries for EMF models.</p>
<p>EMF model query provides the following classes/interfaces to support queries.</p>
<li>The IEObjectSource interface provides the search scope elements to be used in a query.</li>
<li>The SELECT class implements a template-function that does the iteration over model elements and applies the search condition on each; it collects the resulting elements into a QueryResultSet object and returns it to the caller.</li>
<li>The FROM class represents the elements to search. It is responsible of providing an appropriate iterator for the elements in the search space.</li>
<li>The WHERE class applies the search conditions over the elements in the search set.</li>
<li>The UPDATE class passes the elements who satisfy the search condition to a caller-supplied modification function. It collects the modified elements into a QueryResultSet object and returns it to the caller.</li>
<li>The QueryResultSet class represents the set of elements returned by a given query.</li>
<li>The EObjectCondition class is the abstract parent of all conditions that deal with model-elements (i.e., EObjects). It incorporates the services of a PruneHandler in order to answers whether or not to prune the element tree at a specific element and thus ignore its children.</li>
<li>The ConditionPolicy class is used to allow the user to decide how to apply a given condition on a collection of a model-element EAttributes or EReferences values. Supports both the: exists (ANY) and for-all (ALL) semantics.</li>
<li>The EObjectStructuralFeatureValueCondition class is the parent class for conditions that are responsible for checking the values held in model-elements attributes or references.</li>
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<h3>Current Status</h3>
<p>Development is underway for the proposed EMF Query 1.8.0 release for Eclipse Luna, due June 2014.</p>
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<h3>EMF Query 1.7.0 Now Available</h3>
<p><i>June 26, 2013 -</i> EMF Query 1.7.0 for Eclipse Kepler has been released. Check the <a href="/emf-query/downloads.php">Download</a> page.</p>
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