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<p>Want to join the Friends of Ganymede? Put one of these images up on your website.</p>
<h2>Square Button (160 x 160 px)</h2>
<img border=0 alt="Ganymede is Coming" title="Eclipse Ganymede" src="images/ganymedeFriend.jpg"><br /><br />
<textarea class="smallType" cols=60 rows=4 readonly>&lt;a href=""&gt;&lt;img src="" border=0 alt="Ganymede is coming!" title="Ganymede is coming!" &gt;&lt;/a&gt;</textarea>
<h2>Ganymede Wallpapers</h2>
<img border=0 alt="Ganymede Wallpaper" src="images/wallpaperThumb.jpg"><br/><br/>
Decorate your Desktop with one of these Ganymede Wallpapers.<br/>
<a href="images/wallpaper1024.jpg">1024x768</a> - <a href="images/wallpaper1280.jpg">1280x960</a> - <a href="images/wallpaper1600.jpg">1600x1200</a> - <a href="images/wallpaper1680.jpg">1680x1050</a><br/><br/>
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