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<marker lat="45.289698" lng="-75.73817" author="Nathan Gervais" label="Testing M7" type="text">
<![CDATA[I'm using Ganymede and it Rocks!]]>
<marker lat="45.345739" lng="-75.765338" author="Eclipse Foundation" label="Eclipse Foundation HQ" type="video">
<![CDATA[ Relases Ganymede M7 Packages. <br/> Visit <a href="" target="_blank"></a>]]>
<marker lat="43.670233" lng="-79.386755" author="IBM Toronto Lab" label="Toronto, Ontario" type="text">
<![CDATA[Even Toronto Uses Ganymede!]]>
<marker lat="45.545447" lng="-73.639076" author="Denis Roy" label="Some Eclipse Guru" type="blog">
<![CDATA[<a href="">First Impressions from Ganymede</a>]]>
<marker lat="41.879535" lng="-87.624333" author="Wayne Beaton" label="Ganymede Podcast" type="podcast">
<![CDATA[<a href="">Wayne Beaton Discusses the New Features of Ganymede</a>]]>
<marker lat="45.826673" lng="-77.110851" author="John Doe" label="Ganymede In Action" type="image">
<![CDATA[<img src=""/><br/><br/>Ganymede is the best!]]>