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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?><!DOCTYPE plan SYSTEM "plan.dtd">
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<plan plan-format="1.0" xmlns="" xmlns:html="" name="Gemini JPA">
<release projectid="rt.gemini.jpa" version="1.2.0"/>
<html:div>A subproject of Gemini that provides a modular implementation of JPA.</html:div>
<html:div>A bundle that should be added to a subset of the EclipseLink JPA provider bundles.</html:div>
<html:div>A set of milestones and release candidates will provide the functionality before the actual release.</html:div>
<milestone date="Jan 25, 2013" milestone="M1"></milestone>
<milestone date="Mar 1, 2013" milestone="M2"></milestone>
<milestone date="Apr 12, 2013" milestone="RC1"></milestone>
<milestone date="May 24, 2013" milestone="RC2"></milestone>
<milestone date="June 28, 2013" milestone="1.2.0"/>
<postamble><html:div>The release will assume Equinox 3.7 or any OSGi framework that supports the Core Specification v4.3 or later.</html:div></postamble>
<html:div>Gemini JPA 1.2 is targeted to run in any standard OSGi framework environment.</html:div>
<html:div>No internationalization is planned for the release.</html:div>
<html:div>Complete compatibility with previous 1.0 and 1.1 releases.</html:div>
<html:div>The following themes and priorities are being considered during Gemini JPA 1.2 development.</html:div>
<theme name="Extensions">
<description>Users have been asking for features beyond what the spec defines. In this release we will attempt to add many of the enhancements that have been requested but that were not supplied in JPA 1.1.</description>
<theme name="Compliance">
<description>To remain compliant with both the JPA and the OSGi JPA specifications</description>
<committed bugzilla="...(recommended) bugzilla search url...">
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<appendix />