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 <h3>Current Status</h3>
-<p>Development is underway for the GMF Notation 1.7.0 for Eclipse Kepler, due June 2013.</p>
+<p>Development is underway for the proposed GMF Notation 1.8.0 release for Eclipse Luna, due June 2014.</p>
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-<h3>GMF Notation 1.6.0 Now Available</h3>
-<p><i>June 23, 2012 -</i> GMF Notation 1.6.0 for Eclipse Juno. Check the <a href="http://www.eclipse.org/modeling/gmp/downloads/?project=gmf-notation">Download</a> site to download.</p>
+<h3>GMF Notation 1.7.0 Now Available</h3>
+<p><i>June 26, 2013 -</i> GMF Notation 1.7.0 for Eclipse Kepler has been released. Check the <a href="/gmf-notation/downloads.php">Download</a> page.</p>