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* Contributors:
* Christopher Guindon (Eclipse Foundation) - Initial implementation
* Taylor Patterson (Eclipse ICE Committer) - Initial ICE content
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<p>The Eclipse Integrated Computational Environment (ICE) is a
scientific workbench and workflow environment developed to improve
the user experience for computational scientists, make it possible
for developers to deploy rich, graphical, interactive capabilities
for their science codes, and integrate many different scientific
computing technologies in one common, cross-platform user
<h3>The Long Version...</h3>
Scientific Computing can be roughly divided into several different
areas, one of which is Modeling and Simulation (M&S). Modeling and
Simulation is a field that has existed, from a computing perspective,
since World War II and finds its roots in government laboratories and
academia. It is a field that encompasses both the art and the science
of encoding the physical world into computers. What M&S lacks is good
usability.<br> Eclipse is not used in modeling and simulation as much
as it is in other areas, but it is widely known. Several years ago we
asked the question, “What if the tools in Eclipse that are used for
authoring scientific software could be repurposed for using
scientific software?” The result is the Eclipse Integrated
Computational Environment (ICE); a general purpose, easily extended
M&S platform that significantly updates the way computational
scientists interact with their software. It improves productivity and
streamlines the workflow for computational scientists when they need
to create input files, launch jobs on local or remote machines, and
process output. Since it is based on the Eclipse Rich Client
Platform, developers can update it to support new codes or add new
tools just as easily as users can perform simulations of nuclear
fuels or visualize neutron scattering data.
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<div class="news_item_date">2015/07/25</div>
<div class="news_item_title">
of Nuclear Energy Paper Published</a>
<div class="news_item_description">Article describing ICE's Reactor
<div class="news_item">
<div class="news_item_date">2015/07/20</div>
<div class="news_item_title">
ICE at EclipseCon Europe</a>
<div class="news_item_description">Jay Jay Billings session receives
early-bird selection</div>
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