IDE page doesn’t properly on mobile

Signed-off-by: Christopher Guindon <>
diff --git a/content/en_index.php b/content/en_index.php
index 10e3c94..9077c00 100644
--- a/content/en_index.php
+++ b/content/en_index.php
@@ -1,6 +1,7 @@
-<section class="row highlight highlight-grey breadcrumbs-offset" id="sec_wg">
+<div class="container-fluid">
+<section class="row highlight background-gray breadcrumbs-offset" id="sec_wg">
   <div class="container" style="padding-top:4em;">
-    <div class="row">
+    <div>
 		  <div class="col-md-14 highlight-content">
         <h1>Desktop IDEs</h1>
 			 	<p>Eclipse is famous for our Java Integrated Development Environment (IDE), but
@@ -14,18 +15,18 @@
 		  <div class="col-md-9 right highlight-img hidden-xs hidden-sm col-sm-offset-1">
-		    <img src="images/desktop-ide-screenshot.jpg" alt="Eclipse Desktop IDE"/>
+		    <img src="images/desktop-ide-screenshot.jpg" class="img-responsive" alt="Eclipse Desktop IDE"/>
-<section class="row highlight highlight-left highlight-white" id="sec_ide">
+<section class="row highlight highlight-left background-white" id="sec_ide">
     <div class="container">
-      <div class="row">
-        <div class="triangle"></div>
+      <div>
+        <div class="triangle hidden-sm hidden-xs"></div>
         <div class="col-sm-8 col-md-12 center highlight-img hidden-xs">
-		  		<img src="images/web-ide-screenshot-2.jpg" alt="Eclipse Web IDE"/>
+		  		<img src="images/web-ide-screenshot-2.jpg" alt="Eclipse Web IDE"  class="img-responsive"/>
 		  	<div class="col-sm-16 col-md-12 highlight-content">
 		  	  <h1>Web IDEs</h1>
@@ -39,10 +40,10 @@
-<section class="row highlight highlight-grey footer-offset" id="sec_wg">
+<section class="row highlight background-gray footer-offset">
   <div class="container">
-    <div class="row">
-      <div class="triangle triangle-white"></div>
+    <div>
+      <div class="triangle triangle-white hidden-sm hidden-xs"></div>
 		  <div class="col-md-13">
 			  <div class="media">
 	 			  <div class="pull-left orange">
@@ -76,7 +77,7 @@
 		  <div class="col-md-8 right highlight-img text-left hidden-xs hidden-sm col-sm-offset-3">
-        <div class="row">
+        <div>
 					<p class="orange"><strong>Find an Eclipse open source project.</strong></p>
 					<form id="form-discover-search" class="form-inline form-search-projects input-group custom-search-form" role="form" action="">
@@ -93,4 +94,5 @@
\ No newline at end of file
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