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<h3>Mylyn Intent - tooling for writing useful and synchronized documentation</h3>
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Mylyn Intent is an open source <b>documentation environment</b>, that allows you to <b>keep your doc synchronized</b> with any development artifact (Source code, Models, Dependencies...) while being customizable for your development processes (domain specific constraints, syntax or tools...).<br/><br/>
The documentation, integrated with other Eclipse tools, then becomes truly useful and is no longer a burden that developer have to carry to please their customers or their project manager. Based on Donald Knuth's <b>Literate Programming</b> concepts and allowing collaborative work around design tasks, Intent aims at reconciling developers with Documentation.<br/>
<a href="">
<img style="width:100%" src=""/></a>
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Intent is currently in <a href="">Incubation Phase</a> under the
<a href="">Mylyn Docs</a> top-level project, and Intent 0.7 is part of Eclipse Juno Release Train.
You can get additional informations by consulting: <br/>
<a href="">
&#10003; Intent's Wiki
<a href="">
&#10003; Intent presentation at Agile ALM Connect 2012
<a href="">
&#10003; Useful links (tutorials, installation guide, posts...)
<a href="/proposals/">
&#10003; Intent Proposal
<b>Install latest Mylyn Intent from Eclipse marketplace</b>: <a href="" title="Drag and drop into a running Eclipse Indigo workspace to install Mylyn Intent (Agile & Synchronized Documentation)">
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<h3>Project Summary</h3>
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Read more
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about this project
and get all useful information and links about it in a nutshell.
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<h3>News and Noteworthy</h3>
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