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<p>Libra is an open source project under the Eclipse Web Tools
Platform Container Project. It provides standard tools for OSGi
Enterprise application development and in particular tools that
integrate the existing WTP and PDE tooling so that OSGi Enterprise
applications can be developed with both tooling at the same time. Libra
also will enable users to work with tools for better experience in the
Server-Side Equinox scenario.</p>
<p>The goals of the project are:
<li>Providing tools for creation of deployable artifacts for
application servers implementing the OSGi Enterprise specification,
e.g. wizard for creating new Web Application Bundle projects.</li>
<li>Providing tools for converting existing Java EE deployable
artifacts to OSGi Enterprise deployable artifacts, e.g. wizard for
converting Dynamic Web projects to a Web Application Bundle projects.</li>
<li>Contributing tools for editing and validation of the metadata of
OSGi Enterprise artifacts, e.g. extension of the PDE Manifest Editor
for editing manifest headers that are specific to Web Application
<li>Developing OSGi server adapter, providing basic implementation
of configuring an OSGi-based application server, starting it and
deploying OSGi enterprise artifacts. This server adapter should be
customizable and extensible by adopters.</li>
<li>Delivering tools that improve the experience of developing
Server-Side Equinox applications.</li>
<li>Extending the tools in scope, so adopters can apply them
depending on their own application model.</li>
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<p>Libra is in the <a
this Project</a></li>
<h6>Project News</h6>
new tools at Eclipse for OSGi Enterprise Development (Libra)</a> will be
presented by the project lead Kaloyan Raev at the EclipseCon 2011 which
will take place in March 2011 in Santa Clara.</p>
<h6>Background Info</h6>
<li><a href="/proposals/libra">Libra Project Proposal</a></li>