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Signed-off-by: Stephan Herrmann <stephan.herrmann@berlin.de>
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             <table width="100%" id="DL282">
 	            <tbody><tr valign="top"><th>&nbsp;</th><th class="dl-cell" style="padding-left:10px;">Matching Eclipse Version</th>
 						<th class="dl-cell">Command Line Compiler</th><th class="dl-cell">New&nbsp;&amp; Noteworthy</th><th class="dl-cell">Bugs Fixed</th></tr>
+			<tr><td colspan="5" class="release-cell"><strong><a href="https://download.eclipse.org/objectteams/updates/ot2.8/202103070142">Build 202103070142 Repo</strong></td></tr>
+                <tr><td style="width: 50px;">&nbsp;</td>
+                    <td class="dl-cell" style="padding-left:5px;"><a href="https://www.eclipse.org/downloads/packages/release/2021-03/r"><img src="images/arrow.gif">&nbsp;Eclipse&nbsp;2021-03</a></td>
+                    <td class="dl-cell" style="min-width: 110px;padding-left:5px;">
+                    <!--<a href="https://www.eclipse.org/downloads/download.php?file=/objectteams/ecotj/ecotj-R-2.5.0-201606070953.jar"><img src="images/otdt/jar_obj.gif" valign="middle"> ecotj.jar</a>-->
+                    </td>
+                    <td class="dl-cell">
+                    <!--&nbsp;<a href="https://www.eclipse.org/objectteams/pages/new_in_2.5.html"><img src="https://www.eclipse.org/jdt/core/images/new.png"></a>-->
+                    </td>
+                    <td class="dl-cell"><a href="https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/buglist.cgi?classification=Tools&product=Objectteams&query_format=advanced&resolution=FIXED&status_whiteboard=2021-03&status_whiteboard_type=allwordssubstr"><img title="Bugs fixed" src="images/bug.gif"></a></td>
+                </tr>
 			<tr><td colspan="5" class="release-cell"><strong><a href="https://download.eclipse.org/objectteams/updates/ot2.8/202012220836">Build 202012220836 Repo</strong></td></tr>
                 <tr><td style="width: 50px;">&nbsp;</td>
                     <td class="dl-cell" style="padding-left:5px;"><a href="https://www.eclipse.org/downloads/packages/release/2020-12/r"><img src="images/arrow.gif">&nbsp;Eclipse&nbsp;2020-12</a></td>
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-			The release 2.4 is based on Eclipse SDK 4.5.
-			<p>
 			The OTDT contains a modified version of the JDT core<br/>
 			and several added plugins.
@@ -257,7 +255,7 @@
 			All this is handled transparently using the standard Eclipse "Run" feature.
 			Running any main class of an Object Teams project automatically includes
-			the OTRE (This feature has been <a href="new_in_1.3.html#launch">changed in the OTDT 1.2.2</a>).
+			the OTRE.
 			<dt id="weaving_scheme"><strong>Weaving schemes</strong></dt>
@@ -269,18 +267,14 @@
 				<li><strong>OTRE</strong>: This is the traditional <strong>load-time</strong> weaver.
 					This weaver has <strong>matured</strong> over many years,
-					but unfortunately, the underlying library <strong>BCEL</strong> is no longer maintained
-					and thus cannot handle class files from recent Java versions.
-					Up-to Java 7 this could be worked around,
-					but Java 8 class files contain several elements that this BCEL-based weaver cannot handle.</li>
+					but unfortunately, the underlying library <strong>BCEL</strong> has been lagging behind the evolution of Java itself.
+					As a result this weaver is not currently maintained (it may still work using Java 7 and below, though).</li>
 					The newer Object Teams Dynamic Runtime Environment has been developed to enable even <strong>runtime weaving</strong>.
 				 	To work around limitations of the JVM this weaver has to insert a few general hooks into every weavable class.
-				 	This weaver is also interesting for weaving into <strong>Java 8</strong> class files,
-				 	as it is based on the library <strong>ASM</strong>, for which a Java-8-enabled version already exists.
-					It should be noted, however, that the OTDRE is not as mature as the OTRE, 
-					both in terms of complete coverage of all combinations of language features
-					as well as in terms of performance measurement (we simply have no large-scale experience with the OTDRE, yet).</li>
+				 	This weaver is also interesting for weaving into class files of <strong>recent Java versions</strong>,
+				 	as it is based on the library <strong>ASM</strong>, for which timely updates are provided to match the latest Java version.
+					Starting with OTDT version 2.5, this new weaver is considered mature for productive work (and constantly improved since).</li>
@@ -412,4 +406,4 @@
 	# Generate the web page
 	$App->generatePage($theme, $Menu, $Nav, $pageAuthor, $pageKeywords, $pageTitle, $html);
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