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* Subversive Change Log *
* *
* Subversive - a brand new Eclipse Client for Subversion (SVN) *
* See details at *
Now the Subversive project was moved to and new version numbers was introduced.
Change Log's for older versions still present in this file.
Version 4.0.4.I20170216-1700 [16 February 2017]
* Remember last choice for the "ignore ancestry option" in compare dialogs (bug 512313)
* Reusing compare editor does not refresh changes (bug 495202)
* New files and folders aren't displayed in compare with URL/Revision/Branch/Tag when 1.8 compatible connector is used (bug 492534)
Version 4.0.3.I20161129-1700 [29 November 2016]
* Exclude from compare view files with identical content in case they're reported (bug 508237)
* Two-way and three-way compare should display "deletion+addition" pairs properly when they're reported instead of "replacement" (bug 508236)
+ special thanks for the contribution to Florent Angebault
* Proper SVNDiffStatus order when deletion and addition are reported for the same nodes (bug 508235)
* "Ignore ancestry" option for compare with branch/tag/URL (bug 508231)
+ special thanks to Florent Angebault
* Update from History view and Synchronize view don't change states in another view (bug 505370)
* Issue in SVNLightweightDecorator when decorating model elements (resource==null) (bug 502505)
* [scalability] Resource listener listens to changes on ignored files (bug 505360)
+ special thanks for the contribution to Andrey Loskutov
* Performance improvements for ResourceStatesChangedEvent (bug 506811)
+ special thanks for the contribution to Andrey Loskutov
* [scalability] SVN update takes hours if "Synchronize" view is opened (bug 504058)
+ special thanks for the contribution to Andrey Loskutov
* Performance improvements for AbstractSVNSubscriber (bug 506777)
+ special thanks for the contribution to Andrey Loskutov
* Performance improvements for SVNUtility (bug 506763)
+ special thanks for the contribution to Andrey Loskutov
* Performance improvements for RemoteStatusCache (bug 506762)
+ special thanks for the contribution to Andrey Loskutov
* Performance improvements for UpdateSubscriber (bug 506760)
+ special thanks for the contribution to Andrey Loskutov
* Performance improvements for FileUtility (bug 506757)
+ special thanks for the contribution to Andrey Loskutov
* Compilation issue with older platform versions (bug 506756)
+ special thanks for the contribution to Andrey Loskutov
* Error in fix for the bug 282000 causes performance issues (bug 506785)
* Installation instructions in 'help' are out of date (bug 503327)
* Separate requirements page is unnecessary in 'help' (bug 503329)
* Remove bundle (bug 505611)
* Correct "management instructions" help page (bug 505119)
* Grammar correction on the "Mylyn" help page (bug 505115)
* Update Subversive modules overview (bug 505089)
* Grammar corrections on the "Supported protocols" page (bug 505006)
* Grammar corrections on the "Features" page (bug 504927)
* Update Subversive architecture overview (bug 503542)
* Linux notes are partially out of date and in need of grammar corrections (bug 503330)
* FAQ section in plug-in 'help' requires actualization (bug 503325)
* Subversive tries to connect to repository for Compare With -> Base from Working Copy (bug 501030)
* Deleting multiple files is very slow on large projects (bug 501032)
Version 4.0.2.I20160902-1700 [02 September 2016]
* Documentation is confusing for Merge (bug 487256)
* SVN 1.9 requires "local" modifier for status() call in order to work the same way as orevious API versions (bug 500739)
* Comparing files from the commit dialog always yields a "no differences" result (bug 497160)
* Comparing files from the commit dialog always yields a "no differences" result for unversioned files (bug 500719)
* SVN server connection failure with Eclipse Neon (bug 499529)
* An error within the SVN+SSH credentials storing code (bug 499333)
* ID-UL6V1 History View. Compare current with <rev-number> throws StringIndexOutOfBoundsException (bug 498349)
* Background colors for repository nodes in dark theme by default are wrong (bug 499325)
* update subversive Icons to fit also dark themes (bug 473419)
Version 4.0.1.I20160719-1700 [19 July 2016]
* Accessing SVN Info page leads to error message (bug 497364)
+ special thanks for the contribution to Gan Ming
* Excessive synchronization in SVNUtility class (bug 498026)
* SVNMergeHelper does not restore a proper ISVNConnector's state [ID-LHNBB] (bug 497687)
* Performance overhead in SVNLightweightDecorator (bug 497139)
* SVNLightweightDecorator.isMappedToSVN could fail to recognize if project is connected to SVN (bug 497138)
* "ResourceException: Resource 'xyz' is not open" error in decorator (bug 497061)
+ special thanks for the contribution to Andrey Loskutov
* Possible NPE in compare (bug 495959)
+ special thanks for the contribution to Florent Angebault
Version 4.0.0.I20160604-1700 [04 June 2016]
* Resource label is not refreshed in compare panel (bug 493253)
+ special thanks to Florent Angebault
* Reusing compare editor does not refresh changes (bug 495202)
+ special thanks to Florent Angebault
* Not enough debug info when the project is disconnected (bug 495460)
* Compare with latest from repository: no changes found when comparing a modified file (bug 495155)
+ special thanks to Herbert Linseisen
* Exception: Resource 'xxx' does not exist [ID-NN7GD] (bug 494976)
Version 4.0.0.I20160427-1700 [27 April 2016]
* Incoming addition and deletion statuses are reversed in compare with URL/Revision/Branch/Tag when 1.8 compatible connector is used (bug 492536)
* Wrong change direction in compare with URL/Revision/Branch/Tag with 1.8 compatible connectors (bug 492535)
* New files and folders aren't displayed in compare with URL/Revision/Branch/Tag when 1.8 compatible connector is used (bug 492534)
* Handle peg revision in mergeTwo, diffTwo and diffStatusTwo (bug 492399)
* LocateResourceURLInHistoryOperation should use the same code as the one that is used by connectors (bug 492402)
* Remove deprecated code related to peg revisions handling (bug 492400)
Version 4.0.0.I20160408-1700 [08 April 2016]
* ID-SD9I4 Unable To commit - SVN: '0x0040011a: Call Menu Action' operation finished with error: Argument cannot be null (bug 491153)
* Deleted files aren't shown in Synchronize view (bug 491078)
Version 4.0.0.I20160314-1700 [14 March 2016]
* Set SVN Kit 1.8 as default(initial) connector (bug 489643)
* Refactor IOptionProvider so that adding another option does not bring an interface change next time (bug 489644)
* Add a setting, that allows to commit derived resources (bug 480041)
* Need an extension point to provide comment templates programmatically (bug 419093)
* SVNRemoteStorage: resource change listener jobs cause OOM (bug 489143)
+ special thanks to Andrey Loskutov
* Ignored files shown as outgoing additions (bug 392750)
* Extensive SVN update checks for generated code (bug 489649)
+ special thanks to Andrey Loskutov
* Refactor copy/pasted queue code in SVNRemoteStorage (bug 489664)
Version 4.0.0.I20160226-1700 [26 February 2016]
* SVN Kit 1.8.12: support for Subversion 1.9 new FSFS repository format. (bug 487147)
* Parse certificate message passed as parameter by SVN 1.8 and earlier clients in order to provide support for SVN 1.9 API (bug 487220)
* "Trust SSL server certificate" dialog should distinguish error codes provided by SVN 1.9 API (bug 488453)
* Introduce SVN 1.9 API support (bug 485022)
* Enable SVN 1.9 features in SVN 1.9 based connector (bug 488472)
* Ensure there is no compatibility issues between plug-in versions with different SVN API supported (bug 488653)
* Refactor and remove deprecated merge API calls (bug 488677)
* Move 'Create Patch' action in pop-up menu next to 'Apply Patch' (bug 486907)
* No content for remote variant of deleted file in Synchronize View (bug 488683)
Version 3.0.4.I20160131-1700 [31 January 2016]
* Make 'Project Structure' preferences page more compact (bug 486862)
* SVN Plugin does not provide option to set default checkout directory (bug 486009)
* Typo in "Getting Started" documentation (bug 485185)
* Information in "Trust server certificate" dialog is hard to read (bug 485344)
* "Compare with" dialogs exit with "A path under version control is needed for this operation" error message (bug 485622)
* An exception occurs while moving a resource into a package whose SVN text status is set to "Deleted" (bug 486496)
* "Inappropriate resource state" exception while adding replaced but not yet added folder to source control (bug 486835)
Version 3.0.3.I20151228-1700 [28 December 2015]
* Compare with another branch shows files with no difference [SVN 1.7 or older] (bug 326694)
* Weird behavior of the "Compare with branch" feature (bug 484929)
+ special thanks to Florent Angebault
* Deadlock is possible within RelocatedProjectHelper (bug 483402)
* Prompt that asks what to do after project relocation shown in a loop forever (bug 482565)
* IConnectedProjectInformation is an unneeded interface (bug 483232)
* Remove unused code in the InaccessibleLocationDataHelper class (bug 483231)
* FindRelatedProjectsOperation should not activate project initialization (bug 483230)
* Remove outdated project-to-location management code (bug 483229)
* NPE in CreatePatchWizard [ID-AW5HY] (bug 481725)
* Unhandled event loop exception (bug 480521)
Version 3.0.2.I20151028-1700 [28 October 2015]
* Provide interface to use SVN 1.8 diff output options (bug 476177)
* NPE in CompareWithLatestRevisionAction [ID-D9JJ1] (bug 480129)
* Attempted to beginRule: P/xxxx, does not match outer scope rule in SVNRemoteStorage [ID-HTT9T] (bug 325407)
* NPE in SVNRepositoryLocation.asRepositoryContainer [ID-W6HFD] (bug 477111)
* Grammatical error (bug 476637)
* Unversioned deleted files may reappear in patch dialog if called from Synchronize View (bug 476171)
Version 3.0.1.I20150722-1700 [22 July 2015]
* StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in bugtraq in History View (bug 471473)
* Reduce I/O amount produced by FileReplaceListener (bug 473193)
* Limit SVN status cache refresh depth when possible (bug 473161)
* Excessive SVN status reloads for updates, revert, commits etc. (bug 473029)
* Improve status cache performance (bug 473028)
* Status refresh for files does unnecessary work that significantly reduces performance on large projects (bug 473026)
* cant't save file or build waiting for user operation (bug 472752)
* Possible resource leak in UI (bug 471963)
* If the folder is unversioned, Subversive tries to load it more than once (bug 471205)
* Symbolic links and external resources interfere with each other in UI (bug 471204)
* There should be a way to add to SVN the intermediate folders produced by svn:externals (bug 471188)
* Obstructed externals (bug 465574)
* Diff viewer preference page has wrong button sizes in Mars (bug 471161)
* Subversive Label Decorations Preferences dialog broken (bug 470990)
* Enable team context menu actions on working set (bug 470552)
Version 3.0.0.I20150529-1700 [29 May 2015]
* "set keywords" grayed out for folders (no recursion allowed) (bug 467303)
* Improve RefreshResourcesOperation performance (bug 465920)
* NullPointerException on SVN history view (JFace plugin) (bug 466983)
* ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in UpdateSubscriber [ID-OJ8UD] (bug 467720)
* NumberFormatException while performing "Synchronize with repository" [ID-FE6ZC] (bug 465812)
* File content comparison editor shouldn't be opened for conflicted folders [ID-HJ1S2] (bug 468639)
Version 3.0.0.I20150317-1700 [17 March 2015]
* Refactor SVN API support [use strict types for constant enumerations, improve error codes etc.] (bug 462326)
* Update plug-ins API compatibility version (bug 462338)
* Update integrations according to API changes (bug 462327)
* Useless SVNProperty conversion in AddToSVNWithPropertiesOperation (bug 461199)
* Problems using blank spaces for a folder. (bug 459010)
Version 2.0.4.I20150123-1700 [23 January 2015]
* Add typical SVN errors description and possible solutions to help pages (bug 457516)
* Can't install Subversive SVN Integration for the M2E Project v2.0.3 (bug 457869)
* NPE at CopyRemoteResourcesToWcOperation [ID-QI8GK] (bug 457835)
* JRE 1.6 incompatibility [ID-HK8DF] (bug 456334)
* Automatic properties do not get applied to new files (bug 456640)
Version 2.0.3.I20141224-1700 [24 December 2014]
* Improve status caching with SVN 1.7/1.8 connectors (bug 449932)
* Double click on folders in Compare Editor should expand/collapse them (bug 449598)
* There is no way to specify a multi-line property in automatic properties configuration (bug 445999)
* Unable to install Subversive via Eclipse Marketplace [add "Get Connectors" button into preferences] (bug 442249)
* Move Subversive m2e integration plugin to (bug 455407)
* There is a secure storage's password prompt when editing repo props even if the "save password" option is not set (bug 453465)
* [KeyBindings] SVN Sync and Commit keybindings no longer work (bug 309074)
* Subversive / Maven shortcuts conflict (bug 439499)
* [KeyBindings] SVN Sync and Commit keybindings no longer work (bug 309074)
* Symlinks treated incorrectly (bug 213197)
* Mistake in SVNEntryStatus documentation (bug 452715)
* Team->Add to SVN action's enablement is wrong for externally linked resources (bug 452714)
* Team->Show History action's enablement is wrong for unversioned resources (bug 452710)
* No content for conflicting additions in 3-way compare editor (bug 449601)
* Compare editor shouldn't try fetching content of folders as it does for files (bug 449597)
* Compare with: Importing new file problem (bug 423308)
* FileReplaceListener does not work in Luna (bug 449550)
* AddToSVNOperation.removeFromParentIgnore() breaks the "add to SVN" functionality [ID-OBDOR] (bug 446184)
* NPE if WorkspaceRoot is passed into FileUtility.getResourcePath() [ID-S7NIJ] (bug 445453)
* Automatic properties are processed wrongly when ; or = characters are used as value parts (bug 446000)
* In automatic properties configuration dialog only first = should separate name and value (bug 445997)
* In automatic properties configuration dialog ; character in a value part should not have a special meaning (bug 445998)
* The automatic properties editor validation does not validate the name and the value properly (bug 446001)
* Cleanup Subversive-M2E integration's code (bug 456134)
* Cancel button is disabled on "Validate Repository Location" progress dialog (bug 455204)
* Preserve compatibility with the previous keybindings scheme [Default] (bug 456139)
Version 2.0.1.I20140907-1700 [07 September 2014]
* Refactor Log should be written into console (bug 211245)
* Update all SVN operations console output (bug 443135)
* Add API to convert SVN command options into command-line counterparts (bug 443132)
* There is an exception when unversioned resources selected for synchronizing [ID-OX0F5] (bug 426049)
* opening a closed project with svnkit 1.3.8 working copy with JavaHL 1.7 connector freezes Eclipse (bug 440297)
* bugtraq:url does not work with URL starting with / (bug 441393)
* Create patch with workspace root produces wrong result (bug 437106)
* Wrong enablement in Create Patch wizard for nested projects (bug 441039)
* FileNotFoundException while trying to save an imported from repository and not existing locally file in "Compare with revision" editor [ID-WQB6L] (bug 438953)
* When Project Explorer contains semanticfs then the error "SVN: '0x0040011a: Call Menu Action' operation finished with error: The resource is inaccessible" occurs on commit (bug 437623)
Version 2.0.0.I20140609-1700 [09 June 2014]
* Document SVN API calls (bug 417770)
* Refreshing a folder shared with SVN should force Subversive to refresh its state, even if the .svn folder is outside that folder (bug 435601)
* Update SVN Cache locks the work space (bug 436727)
Version 2.0.0.I20140519-1700 [19 May 2014]
* If performing changes via external program, Subversive does not show actual status (bug 430056)
* Delete file from SVN not work always (bug 434944)
* Java Refactoring + SVN: Selecting "Cancel" in resource locking dialog leads to empty error dialog (bug 433208)
Version 2.0.0.I20140501-1700 [01 May 2014]
* Add support for Eclipse-SourceReferences header (bug 315011)
+ special thanks to Michael Schaufelberger
* Subversive crashes ID-PPJQ5 (bug 432930)
* ArrayOutOfBoundsException in IgnoreMethodPanel [ID-MFS28] (bug 433287)
* ResourceException in SaveProjectMetaOperation [ID-IE0RW] (bug 432177)
* Subversive produces unnecessary SVN error log entries for eclipse projects. (bug 431237)
* A virtual folder in project will cause "The resource is inaccessible" (bug 430349)
Version 2.0.0.I20140309-1700 [09 March 2014]
* Allow freeform in SVN:IGNORE (bug 427577)
* Improve bug reporting code in SVNUtility.getWCRoot [ID-PH38V] (bug 428141)
* NullPointerException in "Merge properties" (bug 428253)
* NPE in EditTreeConflictsPanel [ID-LZRIO] (bug 425263)
* Ignored files shown as outgoing additions (bug 392750)
* There're unnecessary accesses to the file system while loading information on versioned resources (bug 427184)
* There is an exception in Synchronize View when handling an obstructed resource of unexpected kind (dir instead of file) (bug 427183)
* GetPropertiesOperation fails for deleted resource with SVN Kit 1.8.3 connector (bug 427093)
* SVN 1.7 working copy format detection fails with SVN 1.8.3 connector (bug 427092)
* Cannot commit package deletion (greyed out) (bug 426706)
Version 2.0.0.I20131101-1700 [01 November 2013]
* Update SVN operations framework in order to support SVN 1.8 API (bug 423701)
* Provide access to SVN repository management API (bug 417769)
* Introduce SVN 1.8 API support (bug 417768)
* "Treat replacement as edit" should be true by default and should be represented in preferences (bug 419850)
* Button position should comply Linux "convention": positive button on the right-most (bug 422826)
* NPE in PropertyCompareInput [ID-KULS6] (bug 422623)
* Connectors discovery fails with exceptions on MacOS X (bug 418768)
* Synchronize view mistakingly treats workspace root as versioned resource [ID-NYQUI] (bug 417835)
* FileNotFoundException in FileUtility.copyFile [ID-JJCVG] (bug 421251)
* Deleting and replacing a resource is a SVN delete/add instead of a modify (bug 276018)
+ special thanks to Forest Johnson
* Undo Delete result in replaced content (bug 419368)
* NPE when using "Create Patch" in history view (bug 419563)
* Subversive doesn't allow to use IPv6 addresses as host names (bug 418301)
Version 1.1.1.I20130816-1700 [16 August 2013]
* JavaHL Win64 connector isn't shown by the discovery feature (bug 411957)
* JavaHL Win32 connector is shown on Win64 platform by the discovery feature (bug 411958)
* SVNUtility.getSVNInfo() isn't compatible with SVN 1.7 [ID-KOSUR] (bug 412253)
* Copying should be cancelled without getting an error report when destination resource exists on disk but not in sync with workspace [ID-IDGZI] (bug 411480)
* OperationCanceledException isn't handled properly (bug 412609)
* "Create Patch" wizards show the UTF-8 encoding twice current platform uses UTF-8 by default (bug 414386)
* "Create patch" wizard should include each resource into the patch file just once when nested projects are used (bug 414388)
* Base revision's content is empty for a file deleted under the SVN 1.7.x client (bug 414400)
* "unversioned" string in the ResourceVariant class is not internationalized (bug 414401)
* Deleted file's revision is shown incorrectly with SVN 1.7.x client (bug 414406)
* Include SVN Kit 1.7.10 version (bug 414897)
Version 1.1.0.I20130527-1700 [27 May 2013]
* ClassCastException in time of tag operation (bug 409021)
* Repository location: "normalize URL" function does not handle file:/// protocol correctly (bug 409234)
* Update switches subfolder back to trunk from branch (bug 406580)
* "Apply incoming changes" on "deleted/deleted" generates an error (bug 407631)
* When there's a tree conflict, "Edit conflicts" is also enabled and does nothing (bug 407633)
Version 1.0.1.I20130507-1700 [07 May 2013]
* Add "Header" keyword support for svn:keywords property (bug 404239)
* Auto lock error with maven hierarchy [ID-X5CXN] (bug 374591)
* Compare with base: edits not detected (bug 297717)
* Subversive keeps to show incoming changes for files and directories after all incoming changes have been updated (bug 403043)
* Sometime annotate fails for files in branches (bug 406726)
* "Create Patch" creates patch in UTF-8 (without BOM) irrespective of the file encoding (Windows-1252) (bug 404713)
* NPE in SVNRemoteStorage.asRepositoryResource [ID-BYM4U] (bug 404979)
* NPE in BuiltInAnnotate [ID-IQ1WJ] (bug 404252)
* Enablements of Compare and Replace Actions do not respect ResouceMappings (bug 403200)
* Disconnect operation fails when project was unmapped from repository provider prior to disconnect operation [ID-LOU8E] (bug 403385)
* NPE in LoggedOperation.setConsoleStream [ID-TM2AH] (bug 403644)
* Move ActiveChangeSetManager accessor into the SVN Core plug-in (bug 403980)
* Move startup extension into a separate plug-in (bug 403975)
* Subversive shows empty post-commit warning window after every commit (bug 402491)
Version 1.0.1.I20130301-1700 [01 March 2013]
* Improvement: add extension point for declaring custom properties (bug 306806)
* Set Property dialog should filter/set properties based on resource type (file or folder) (bug 401612)
* Display post-commit error messages to the user (bug 354843)
* Provide support for post-commit hook's messages (bug 400575)
* Improve Team Annotate with useful default revision values (bug 296239)
* After modifying properties in "Compare properties" editor, Synchronize View isn't refreshed (bug 401619)
* NPE when synchronizing workspace (bug 401898)
* Connector install dialog does not open when SVN project exists (bug 401596)
* Use the PredefinedProperty class in order to define custom properties (bug 401047)
* Move revision properties descriptions into the PredefinedPropertySet class (bug 401041)
* Move validation regexp into the PredefinedProperty class (bug 401036)
* Use standard internationalization code for a property descriptions (bug 401034)
* Add post-commit hook's messages support for 'Mark as Merged' and 'Override and Commit' actions (bug 400583)
* Improve annotation UI's performance and usability (bug 400558)
Version 1.0.0.I20130122-1700 [22 January 2013]
* Update JavaHL binaries to 1.7.8 (bug 398671)
* Use SVN Kit 1.7.8 (bug 398669)
* Spelling error in the method name SVNTeamUIPlugin.getModelC(h)angeSetManager (bug 398654)
* Negative revision number exception when all the lines are skipped by SVN annotate [ID-I71M1] (bug 398565)
* several texts are not externalized in preference (bug 398261)
Version 1.0.0.I20121228-1700 [28 December 2012]
* Allow to use "Core Configuration Options" extension point (bug 389933)
* SVN Connectors failed to install in Eclipse 64 bit for RCP and RAP Developers [Win64 support]. (bug 376317)
* Enable error logging for SVN lightweight decorator (bug 395971)
* "Clear selection" in the commit dialog unchecks all the items, not only the selected ones (bug 370254)
* Human/Numeric ordering option for branches e tags (bug 390467)
* Being prompted too aggressively to install SVN connectors (bug 319292)
* Charset failure when Applying Patch to a resource (bug 363289)
* Got wrong contents for remote file in Subversive (bug 375633)
* Text selection extremely slow in C++ editor (bug 350306)
* JavaHL connector fails to commit svn:ignore property (bug 395063)
* Some tree conflicts caused by merge won't be shown and won't allow user to commit merged changes (bug 395295)
* Checkout of a java project from Subversion needs to mangled project name (bug 394761)
Version 1.0.0.I20121109-1700 [09 November 2012]
* Update JavaHL binaries to 1.7.7 (bug 393486)
* Use SVN Kit 1.7.6 (bug 393484)
* Format code on a source directory with some hundreds of files: takes ages [slowed down by SVN change sets] (bug 392979)
* Default change set is not refreshed in the Synchronize View after it is changed (bug 393483)
* Mylyn active change set shouldn't be removed automatically when all its changes were moved to another change set (bug 393481)
* If Mylyn task is active but empty it does not reappear automatically after IDE restart in SVN change-sets (bug 393480)
* Updating an operating system locked file corrupts the project repository (bug 392955)
* ampersand in project name (bug 392049)
* "Upgrade working copy" action is always disabled for SVN Kit 1.7.5 (bug 393431)
* After latest update, icons in synchronize view sometimes not shown (bug 392884)
Version 1.0.0.I20121013-1700 [13 October 2012]
* Synchronize window showing add icon decoration instead of delete icon for outgoing change Eclipse 4.2 (bug 388445)
* "Edit conflicts" does nothing with a merge conflict caused by properties (bug 390168)
* Property change statuses are shown incorrectly when incoming/outgoing deletion is involved (bug 390171)
* "Workbench has not been created yet" exception after "out of PermGen space" crash (bug 390177)
* "Expand All" is in wrong toolbar group in the "Models" Synchronize View mode (bug 390181)
* When working with SVN 1.7-compatible connectors deleted folders are handled improperly (bug 390851)
* Moved folder's status is shown wrongly when models support is enabled (bug 390858)
* On a repository that is accessed using the file protocol SVN Kit leads to an excessive password prompt (bug 390865)
* Resource '...' does not exist exception in AbstractSVNSubscriber [ID-GZMNK] (bug 388899)
* Shortcut for "Show Properties" overrides the sign "|" in Slovenian keyboard scheme [CTRL+ALT+W -> CTRL+ALT+T] (bug 390005)
* Error when trying to modify a file with the property "svn:needs-lock" in the JSP editor (bug 377013)
* Show a user friendly error message if the merge/update/switch caused an unresolved conflict over the .project file [ID-UOAA9] (bug 365867)
* Wrong error message text spelling [when resources refresh fails] (bug 391575)
Version 1.0.0.I20120818-1700 [18 August 2012]
* Inaccurate preference names and documentation regarding "freeze svn:externals" feature (bug 387324)
Version 1.0.0.I20120803-1700 [03 August 2012]
* Edit conflict can not find -right.r file with the SVN 1.7-compatible connectors (bug 383183)
* "Check Out As" shouldn't delete an empty project folder, since folder creation later may be impossible due to security restrictions (bug 321810)
* [Subversive] - svn:externals syntax check too strict (bug 316114)
* Branch/Tag/Copy dialogs should notify about possible ways of "/" character usage (bug 382311)
* Refresh on location/root nodes in SVN Repositories View shows multiple credential dialogs (bug 385690)
* Unchecked "Save password" repository location option shouldn't prevent user name from being saved (bug 385890)
* Using svn+ssh:// repositories with private key authentication causes subversive to popup ssh login dialog two times for every repository operation. (bug 239871)
* NPE in FreezeExternalsOperation [ID-IP4PU] (bug 385818)
* NPEs in Override and Commit in models mode [ID-BOO7P] (bug 372098)
* ClassCastException in time of branch/tag operation [ID-M43MD] (bug 385530)
Version 1.0.0.I20120601-1700 [01 June 2012]
* Graduation release
Version 0.7.9.I20120520-1700 [20 May 2012]
* Incorrect console color preferences handling (bug 376929)
* NPE in SVNUtility when repository is unavailable [ID-S1M7B] (bug 377166)
* Correct supported Eclipse Platform version restriction according to the used API (bug 377864)
* "Resource '/.../.svn' does not exist" exception while checking for SVN meta-information [ID-BHMBD] (bug 378922)
* NPE while sharing project using the SVN 1.7 connector [ID-FMF5P] (bug 379628)
Version 0.7.9.I20120417-1700 [17 April 2012]
* Create the SVNKit-based SVN 1.7 compatible connector (bug 374582)
* Update JavaHL 1.7 connector to the 1.7.4 version
* NPE in ScanLocksOperation.createLockFile [ID-OKCDI] (bug 375150)
* "Document is closed" exception while writing to the console [ID-UODT8] (bug 374884)
* Missing Text fields in Commit dialog (bug 375038)
Version 0.7.9.I20120316-1700 [16 March 2012]
* Add SVN 1.7 support (bug 365627)
* Include JavaHL 1.7 connector into the early access/Juno simulatenous release builds (bug 372781)
* NPE in EditTreeConflictsPanel due to wrong enablement (bug 373821)
* Class SVNConsole shouldn't extend MessageConsole (bug 373049)
* SVNConsole class shouldn't be initialized at plug-in startup (bug 370374)
* [KeyBindings] SVN Sync and Commit keybindings no longer work (bug 309074)
* Commit UI extension fails to set a commit message prior to opening the dialog (bug 372027)
Version 0.7.9.I20120210-1700 [10 February 2012]
* Rename "Commit Templates" preferences node to the "Comments and Input History" (bug 367026)
* Smartcard Login on Windows (MSCAPI Support) (bug 351510)
+ special thanks for the contribution to Markus Oberlassnig (ilogs information logistics GmbH)
* fails to return an InputStream from getContents when compare is invoked against a folder (bug 363845)
* If there were no SVN-related activities on the workspace startup, Subversive can't see that imported projects are linked to SVN (bug 336689)
* Provide "Edit properties conflicts" to edit conflicts on properties (and mark as merged) (bug 364407)
* "Edit Conflicts" action should cover both: property and content conflict cases (bug 370072)
* "Mark As Merged" seemingly has no effect on projects with property conflicts (bug 370071)
* Exception produced on Show Revision Graph for a source folder (bug 369217)
* Move refactoring cause NPE (bug 368325)
* Shift and Enter in the commit message window -annoyingly- always causes a commit (bug 366954)
* Add "path history depth" setting (bug 367027)
Version 0.7.9.I20111123-1700 [23 November 2011]
* There are Eclipse 3.7-specific API usage due to misleading documentation (bug 364572)
Version 0.7.9.I20111119-1700 [19 November 2011]
* Add SVN 1.7 API support (bug 361257)
* Replace with Revision fails to notice trivial changes on locked files (bug 353875)
+ special thanks to Neels Hofmeyr
* New decoration mode for branches and tags [fullpath] (bug 359650)
* UI commit extensions improvement (bug 356025)
+ special thanks to Jc Temp
* Create patch to Workspace could default location to current project (bug 356042)
* IRepositoryLocation state listener (bug 356024)
+ special thanks to Jc Temp, Eike Stepper
* ISVNConnector calls interception API (bug 356023)
+ special thanks to Jc Temp, Eike Stepper, Adrian
* Subversive doesn't refresh synchronize view after commit (bug 329555)
* JavaHL: Commit across multiple project atomically does not work (bug 362182)
* Collapse All and Expand All buttons are separated in Team Sync view (bug 230868)
* "Subversive JDT ignore recommendations" plug-in deadlocks on Eclipse startup (bug 359199)
* Problem with RevisionComposite_Reverse (bug 363635)
+ special thanks to Satoru Yoshida
* Problem with MarkAsMergedAction.tooltip (bug 363634)
+ special thanks to Satoru Yoshida
* SVN Compare does not allow new files to be copied (bug 362652)
* NPE while obtaining IProxyData data for the specified host [ID-ELYHN] (bug 362983)
* If there were no SVN-related activities on the workspace startup, Subversive can't see that imported projects are linked to SVN (bug 336689)
+ special thanks to Brice Laurencin, Kris De Volder
* ClassCastException in ShowHistoryViewOperation [ID-L8NW8] (bug 362570)
* Team-private members are marked at wrong time while importing the already shared project (bug 361831)
+ special thanks to Kris De Volder
* There are no notification about the repository node absence while synchronizing workspace (bug 361829)
* ReplaceWithRemoteOperation ignores cancellation event (bug 359652)
* When updating depth "Recursively" should be the default option (bug 359651)
* SVN: '0x00400113: Show Conflict Editor' operation finished with error: null (bug 358998)
* FileNotFoundException in ReplaceWithLatestRevisionAction [ID-PASE4] (bug 323684)
* Unable to compare files from different branches (bug 356870)
* False warning about tag modification (bug 358068)
* Create branch from revision not work on project (bug 357562)
* NPE in SwitchOperation [ID-LK5LW] (bug 351434)
* NPE in ResourceCompareInput [ID-H92AC] (bug 356872)
* NPE in MarkAsMergedOperation [ID-WZ3PP] (bug 357104)
* Problem during Replace with Latest from repository (temporary path is too long) (bug 297721)
* Changes model initialization shouldn't cause an I/O exception [ID-AI4E7] (bug 355901)
* Class Preferences, methods savePluginPreferences() and getProxyDataForHost() are deprecated (bug 355996)
Version 0.7.9.I20110819-1700 [19 August 2011]
* Add "record-only" option to the merge dialog (bug 354996)
* GetRemoteFolderChildrenOperation implementation depends on the JDK specific (bug 352947)
* Do not mess svn:externals order (bug 350143)
+ special thanks to Julien HENRY
* Duplicate folder name for svn:externals if same destination (bug 353009)
+ special thanks to Julien HENRY
* Performance problem with Create Patch (bug 333785)
* Refactor SVN locks support code (bug 354058)
* Data processing error is mistakenly recognized as a bug in the CreatePatchOperation code [ID-W32HV] (bug 354062)
* When i "create patch". The patch file don't encode in utf-8. (bug 284081)
* Missing Resources dialog does not resize correctly (bug 304486)
* JavaHL is independent of Windows, please properly document this (bug 307397)
* Exceptions when eclipse start (bug 302569)
* Validation of the issue number using bugtraq:logregex is broken (bug 300402)
* SetRevisionAuthorNameOperation shouldn't be performed if original (commit, copy etc.) operation failed [ID-WP0UC] (bug 354812)
Version 0.7.9.I20110715-1700 [15 July 2011]
* Make SVN: 'Save Authorization Info' operation optional (bug 349111)
* Update Subversive help regarding persistent SVN+SSH connection option (bug 349139)
* Negative revision numbers are not allowed [ID-VBVYH] (bug 296094)
* 'Replace with revision' fails when using javahl16 connector (bug 351370)
* SVN repositories view blocks UI thread (bug 295110)
* Useless reordering in the SVN Repositories View (bug 351649)
* Team Hook does not work while moving versioned files or folders into unmanaged project (bug 254846)
* NPE in CompareEditorInput.setDirty in Eclipse 3.7 [ID-MAMS9] (bug 348787)
* SVNKitconnector may access uninitialized CoreExtensionsManager (bug 351357)
* IllegalArgumentException in AbstractActionOperation [ID-CUA4N] (bug 350077)
* extremely poor refreshLocalResourceImpl performance (bug 259287)
* FileReplaceListener performs time consuming actions at inappropriate time (bug 321542)
* svn perspective launches svnserve which never close (bug 305658)
* Correct french translation for PerformancePreferencePage_enableCache (bug 349138)
Version 0.7.9.I20110602-1700 [2 June 2011]
* Correct help section regarding latest changes in Merge Dialog behaviour (bug 347143)
* Bug fix: update version number to the actual 1.6.15 (bug 347568)
* Indigo requires license update (bug 346698)
* Sometimes SVN Kit does not throw an exception when repository is inaccessible [ID-VIT54] (bug 347737)
Version 0.7.9.I20110523-1700 [23 May 2011]
* Provide a flexible way to traverse resources tree in operation execution context (bug 345170)
* Deadlock when starting Eclipse with Synch View open [ID-V0QM2] (bug 313866)
* Indigo requires license update (bug 346698)
* Make revision selection dialog more intuitive (automatically include lesser revision changes into the selected range) (bug 319962)
* No way to specify correctly a name for the resources traversal operation (bug 345855)
* Rename Class/Interface causes code garbage with Subversive and keyword substitution (bug 315279)
* MarkAsMergedOperation ignores cancellation event (bug 345169)
* SVNMoveDeleteHook does not report any errors happened while moving resources (bug 344361)
* Unused NLS message (bug 343439)
Version 0.7.9.I20110419-1700 [19 April 2011]
* Provide several modes for a branch/tag creation based on the working copy (bug 343073)
* Undo and Redo doesn't work in Commit Dialog (bug 298556)
* Malformed network data during synchronization (bug 337151) [allow usage of the older SVN Kit version without the issue]
* Branch/Tag action from the "Team" menu blocks UI thread (bug 342743)
* "Keep resource history" option name in the "Team->Copy To" dialog causes misunderstanding (bug 341723)
* Set Keywords action is enabled for new resources (bug 311665)
* NPE in SVNHistoryPage resource state listener [ID-Q5KRR] (bug 341896)
* Undo Delete does not restore the latest file state but the version before (bug 340318)
* Missing NLS string in (bug 341364)
* UIMonitorUtility is not equipped to handle applications with more than one shell (bug 341271)
* IndexOutOfBoundsException during cache update (bug 315544)
* Correct connectors compatibility ID [ID-D1U3Y] (bug 340527)
Version 0.7.9.I20110318-1700 [18 March 2011]
* Add the svn:mergeinfo property into the SVN Property editor list (bug 339832)
* Improve bug report facilities (bug 337250)
* Correct Mylyn integration feature dependencies (bug 340376)
* IllegalStateException in discovery feature when network problem or cancellation occurs [ID-FEJWD] (bug 334408)
* Extract operation fails with exception [ID-BOAKP] (bug 339469)
* "Unrecognized node kind" error while comparing resources [ID-RTYVU] (bug 338876)
* Unhandled EOF exception in Revision Graph [EID-NVOHU] (bug 338485)
* No error dialog appears if commit fails (bug 338641)
* "Find/Check out as": destination folder browser should open location of actual workspace [ID-P1ILO] (bug 334252)
* ResourceContentStorage does not implement equals() (bug 305866)
* Update Subversive help regarding installation and updating workflow (bug 338289)
Version 0.7.9.I20110207-1700 [07 February 2011]
* Allow to branch/tag files and folders in single transaction in the SVN Repositories view (bug 335922)
* Provide API to open the History view on a specific revision range (bug 335421)
* Remove Subversive menu in Help (bug 229495)
* The "svnconnector" extension point is broken (bug 336207)
* SWTException in SVNTeamModificationValidator when lock is required (bug 336064)
Version 0.7.9.I20110124-1700 [24 January 2011]
* Use the latest SVN Kit version (1.3.5) (bug 334452)
* There is no access to the SVN 1.6-related method signatures (bug 333211)
* Allow repository creation with the latest SVN Kit-based connector (bug 333202)
* Extract operation fails under certain conditions (bug 335079)
* Remove duplicated code parts (bug 333061)
* Pressing Cancel during compare results in invalid GUI message (no differences) (bug 328820)
* Calls to the deprecated function in the SelectPatchFilePage (bug 332775)
* There is a compilation issue in the core plug-in under Eclipse 3.7 (bug 332528)
* Connectors from polarion update site not detected (bug 328104)
* No serialVersionUID for the serializable class ActionIDList (bug 332235)
* Finish to create new SVN repository and share project in single operation fails (bug 330780)
Version 0.7.9.I20101203-1700 [03 December 2010]
* IWorkspaceRoot.findFilesForLocation() is deprecated (bug 331373)
* IWorkspaceRoot.findContainersForLocation() is deprecated (bug 331188)
* [ID-ZT6S5] "Negative revision numbers are not allowed" error while performing "Mark As Merged" operation (bug 330737)
* Eclipse-LazyStart option is deprecated in Eclipse 3.3 and later versions (bug 331003)
* Lots of warnings in the files (bug 330843)
* Use Shell from the FileModificationValidationContext if possible (bug 330638)
* Eclipse 3.5 discovery feature connector source code produces compilation errors (bug 330637)
* SVNTeamModificationValidator does not take into account LockProposeUtility.proposeLock(..) returned status (bug 330290)
* Error in menu item title: "Comapre With" (bug 330228)
* Ability to reject incoming changes (make Mark as Merged active) (bug 297821)
* Finish button on "Select Resource" dialog not enabled until a different revision is selected (bug 329756)
* Correct simple share mode option name (bug 329726)
* Wrong French translation for a SVN error (bug 329201)
* Some NLS messages should be removed (bug 329187)
* SWTException when Subversive UI plugin starts in a worker thread (bug 326684)
* No tooltip for clock icon on merge dialog (bug 326074)
* NPE starting target workspace (bug 328149)
* Properties conflict on project makes Subversive totally unusable. (bug 283999)
Version 0.7.9.I20101001-1700 [01 October 2010]
* Update javahl binaries to 1.6.12 version (bug 326829)
* Subversive does not start correctly under Eclipse 3.5.x with discovery feature enabled (bug 326834)
* Remove SVN 1.4-related connectors from the discovery feature list (bug 326831)
* Discovery feature do not starts under Eclipse 3.6 (bug 326564)
Version 0.7.9.I20100917-1700 [17 September 2010]
* Add documentation about Revision Graph options dialog (bug 317802)
* [Revision Graph] Allow to hide merge connections by pressing on merge icon (bug 319383)
* Make lighter comment color for selected node in Revision Graph (bug 317699)
* Allow to call revision graph for multi-selection (bug 318719)
* Add help about Properties View contribution in Revision Graph (bug 319109)
* Show nodes info in Properties View in Revision Graph (bug 319104)
* Show example of date in preferences (bug 299908)
* Save revision graph setting in options dialog (bug 317839)
* [Revision Graph] Allow to search revision nodes on graph (bug 319968)
* [Revision Graph] Allow to specify revisions range (bug 319249)
* Support set-depth option (bug 295217)
* The conflict editor ignores custom file encoding on the right hand side, uses encoding from container instead (bug 325122)
* Resolving Tree Conflicts - Apply Local Changes doesn't work on 2.2.2 (bug 320843)
* Subversive should not set forcibly svn:mime-type to text/plain (bug 322772)
* NPE in SVNRemoteStorage [ID-AFBM0] (bug 324394)
* Default key binding in editors prevents AT from working properly (bug 316097)
* Commit Comments history depth doesn't have any effect, when i change it to lower value (bug 302571)
* [Revision Graph] Add ... to Show Revision Graph action (bug 319138)
* Handle missing resources in Commit dialog (bug 312874)
* [Revision Graph] Increase vertical offset between neighbor nodes (bug 319133)
* Create patch file filter not working (bug 302937)
* [Revision Graph] Increase graph margin (bug 319129)
* Error when calling SVN Info for moved resource (bug 315545)
* [Revision Graph] Show graph for called resource (bug 319243)
* Error in annotation if there are specified revisions (bug 317612)
* Connector discovery says it's retrieving list from, but connects to (bug 320955)
* Show History failure - No such revision (bug 312464)
* [Revision Graph] Improve comment presentation (bug 319228)
* [Revision Graph] Improve tooltip presentation (bug 319148)
* Allow to truncate paths in Revision Graph (bug 319029)
* Handle if errors happen during revision info fetching at Revision Graph (bug 317801)
* NPE in create patch (bug 300720)
* Cache directory is empty for revision graph (bug 317266)
* All updates in a merge marked as conflicts (bug 312585)
Version 0.7.9.I20100617-1700 [17 June 2010]
* Add merge information to revision graph (bug 313134)
* [Show History] Error: Retrieval of mergeinfo unsupported (bug 257669)
Version 0.7.9.I20100528-1600 [28 May 2010]
* Lock user account with Subversive (bug 314490)
* Realm credentials are not used in auth prompt (bug 314639)
* Unable to customize preferences when Subversive is embedded in an eclipse product (bug 311019)
Version 0.7.9.I20100512-1900 [12 May 2010]
* Allow to manage revision graph caches (bug 311015)
* Allow to expand/collapse revision nodes (bug 310979)
* Provide view with graph of changes: branches, tags etc. (bug 211253)
* Correctly support externals in actions (bug 290386)
* Invalid action contribution by revision graph (bug 312624)
* Add help for revision graph (bug 312562)
* SVN Deadlock while trying to open Password Dialog (bug 301417)
* SSH settings are not correctly switched in repository locations dialog (bug 310088)
* Ssh port not being saved between eclipse restarts (bug 249074)
* Make consistent licenses (bug 310430)
* package isn't exported (bug 310422)
* Allow to specify operation id from multiple message bundles (bug 309290)
* Error during decoration in Helios M6 (bug 307203)
* Subversive Connector Discovery fails on Helios (bug 295156)
* Any key binding for rename in SVN Repositories view, should be "F2" (bug 299592)
* SVN Workspace Synchronization: Synchronize function does not display proper Icon Decoration for an "Incoming Deletion" (bug 282338)
* FileUtility#getPathNodes is inefficient for large change sets (bug 266492)
* One slash in URL during Share Project (bug 303085)
* Problems when project contains folder called "tags" (bug 303032)
* Label for SVN URL changes after restart (bug 298862)
* Reintegrate says "No changes found" (bug 297720)
* Change bugs title (bug 298574)
* Filter JVM Properties when creating Mylyn task (bug 298575)
* Compare with branch doesn't work with externals (bug 298573)
* Undo after directory move causes irrecoverable data loss (bug 297779)
* NPE in getNationalizedString if Localization is not installed (bug 300592)
* Can not get Subversive working in I20100122-0800 (bug 300591)
* Subversive Connector Discovery fails on Helios M3 (bug 295156)
* Subversive is halting the UI (note that jconsole doesn't detect a deadlock, but still it becomes halted) (bug 296707)
* NPE in IStateFilter$AbstractStateFilter.accept() (bug 296402)
* StackOverflowError when getting authentication info (bug 296689)
* File is disappeared from Sync view if update finished with error (bug 295984)
* Correctly show files copied with different register case on Windows (bug 295983)
* Subversive fails to initialize due to corrupted .svnRepositories file (bug 295954)
* dead lock on Linux on startup due to password prompt (bug 295951)
* Eclipse UI stalls for more than 5 minutes in the main thread executing SVNRemoteStorage code (bug 296230)
* Subversive tries to connect to repository for Compare With -> Base from Working Copy (bug 245326)
* Use Equinox secure storage (bug 295079)
* Changing svn:ignore on project root directory without updating incoming changes before causes strange behavior (bug 256868)
* Support lightweight decorations for Synchronize View (bug 245873)
* Start from copy uses trunk instead of branch copy revision (bug 294022)
* Problems with locks (bug 294207)
* shortcut stops working after first time (bug 293003)
* Commit externals problem (bug 290385)
* svn:externals definition for a sub-sub-directory breaks after running svn update (bug 270022)
* Error during reporting an invalid error (bug 293588)
* Make user friendly name for subscriber (bug 293562)
* New NLS unused message with latest update (bug 293464)
* An empty console window defaults to SVN console (SVN Console should be a console that also display under the opened consoles list) (bug 290797)
* Adding file to svn ignore from "Add To SVN Version Control" dialog problem (bug 254902)
* An internal error occurred during: "Overwriting 1 resource.". (bug 292577)
* Extend SVN Info properties (bug 293016)
* NPE when calling Edit Conflicts action (bug 293172)
* Make more precise statuses in Commit dialog (bug 293017)
* Properties decoration problem (bug 293015)
Version 0.7.8.I20091023-1300 [23 October 2009]
* Add ability to make relative urls in Set External Definition dialog (bug 292674)
* Add ability to specify comments for revision links (bug 292280)
* Add 'Add Revision Link' action to Team menu (bug 292424)
* Provide annotated revision links to save the original revision if switching between trunk and branch (bug 261983)
* Add dialog for creating external resource (bug 288139)
* In SVN lock view add actions to resources tree (bug 287577)
* deadlock in - Eclipse fails to start (bug 291603)
* Problems with Set External Definition dialog (bug 292781)
* Commit says dir is not part of commit, but it is (bug 292477)
* [Subversive] - Bug report ID-L9VHB (bug 254477)
* There are no new files in outgoing change sets (bug 292927)
* Selection of a single revision to merge results in no changes (bug 287872)
* Send Notifications' operation finished with error - repeated dialog (bug 282000)
* "Accept" action in the Merge View does not work (bug 289680)
* "Edit tree conflicts" action is enablement does not corresponds to what it does (bug 289710)
* NPE in SVN Kit 1.3.0 (bug 289812)
* "Show History" action from the "Synchronize View" is ineffective (bug 289313)
* Merge View incorrectly shows conflicting statuses (bug 289691)
* ClassCastException in Override and Update in Merge view (bug 290691)
* Trim spaces in repository location (bug 290678)
* Add key bindings for Merge action (bug 290718)
* Problems with URL field in Merge dialog (bug 290717)
* Merge and Synchronize interfered with each other (bug 289689)
* Context menu actions in the Merge View does not correctly work (bug 290508)
* Change connectors string in SVN Connectors list (bug 290677)
* Recommended small change in SVNRemoteStorage.isFileExists() to massively improve performance (bug 291089)
* "Local" and "Remote" sub-menus of "Synchronize view" do not appear in my RCP app (bug 290574)
* Bad trailing character after french translation "En attente" (bug 274961)
* Share Project Wizard dialog typo (bug 264685)
* error message when resource location does not match repository location (bug 277787)
* Ascendant/Descendant Text Decorations Incorrect (bug 248033)
* Synchronize action is hanged (bug 291566)
* NPE in SVNRemoteStorage (bug 291580)
* NLS unused message (bug 291583)
* [Subversive] - "Team -> Switch..." should prefill the input URL with selected resource URL (bug 271297)
* Merged files are absent from SVN change Sets (TeamSynchronisation) (bug 282677)
* svn externals not working for path/subpath entries (bug 272526)
* [Subversive] - Bug report ID-AUVIL (bug 286552)
* Preview of merge reintegrate fails (bug 287301)
* Support spaces in local path in svn:externals (bug 288107)
Version 0.7.8.I20090904-1300 [04 September 2009]
* Add Capabilities feature
* Support reading Subclipse-generated project set files (bug 276947)
* Support reading svn-pde-plugin compatible map files (bug 276949)
* Connector discovery UI (ala Mylyn) (bug 280889)
* List all locked files in a project (bug 279602)
* Possible bugs in Subversive Fetch Factory (bug 273230)
* Deleting and replacing a resource is a SVN delete/add instead of a modify (bug 276018)
* Show annotations does not work in files opened by the XML Editor (bug 267347)
* "Compare with Each Other" grayed out (bug 275287)
* [Subversive] - Unused NLS Strings for SVN UI (bug 275155)
* No assist from "Ignored resources" list. (bug 274793)
* RFE: provide Subscriber (bug 272594)
* SVNRemoteResourceRevision always returns content of latest revision (bug 271931)
Thanks to Steffen Pingel
* Attempting to commit files in a folder that has not been added to SVN, locks up Eclipse (bug 251098)
* Override and Update deletes all unversioned files disregarding the svn:ignore-list (bug 264500)
* A tilde (~) in the repository URL can not be handled (bug 269665)
* Concurrent thread access to SVNTeamProvider instance leads to HiddenException (bug 249943)
* Usability improvement for repository table in "Checkout from SVN" wizard (bug 263435)
* Remember the "Keep Locks" Setting in the Commit Dialog (bug 271742)
* [Subversive] - Tip for improvement ID-Q11B5 (Default behaviour of double click in the commit dialog) (bug 257808)
* Incorrect previously entered comment in commit dialog (bug 278606)
* Handle external definitions in svn commands (bug 255009)
* Add ability to specify revision for operations (bug 279083)
* Compare with branch/tag doesn't work as expected (bug 279797)
* SVN PDE Build uses wrong default path value (bug 279590)
* Adding a dated revision link fails (bug 279828)
* Selected revisions at bottom of list don't populate Revisions text field in the Merge dialog (bug 279612)
* Check Out As Wizard not usable with keyboard. (bug 279355)
* cross-project refactoring (bug 281253)
* Show History + Export doesn't work (bug 283917)
* SelectProjectNamePage (bug 282583)
* Error message is incorrect: Window->Preferences->Team->SVN->SVN Client does not exist (bug 281413)
* Don't override all revisions in Override and Commit (bug 285138)
* NPE after calling Override and Update (bug 283018)
* [Subversive] - Incorrect character encoding used for display in Compare view (bug 276138)
Version 0.7.8.I20090506-1500 [06 May 2009]
* Support for files in svn:externals (bug 269155)
* Detection of tree conflicts (bug 269156)
* Configuration alternative of a diff viewer for MS-WORD documents (bug 260236)
* Compare view on right side is empty (bug 272265)
* Call commit dialog for svn:externals (for directory) causes error (bug 272025)
* svn:externals definition for a sub-sub-directory breaks after running svn update (bug 270022)
* All svn:log property values should be normalized to LF endings only (bug 271616)
* Create branch doesn't work in Package Explorer (bug 271656)
* Synchronize permanently fails with Resource ?...? does not exist. (bug 267624)
* Sorting by user, date or comment does not work for SVN Changeset model in Synchronize view (bug 264331)
* SVN Change sets model: Incoming changes are duplicated to a "Unassiged" node (bug 261185)
* NPE when activating Mylyn task (bug 266826)
* Mylyn Context actions are missing from Team Synchronize view if logical models are enabled (bug 264344)
* Synchronization empties outgoing changes if SVN Changesets model is selected (bug 264772)
Version 0.7.7.I20090224-1900 [24 February 2009]
* Add a pre-commit check for files with errors and warnings (bug 263442)
* Add ability to output resources comparison in unified diff format (bug 263657)
* Add ability to create SVN repository (bug 263951)
* Compare with Branches/Tags action problem (bug 263790)
* Extract bug (bug 264192)
* has hard dependency to bundle (bug 261413)
* Bugtraq properties problem (bug 261857)
* Problems with relocating project (bug 259626)
* Share Projects menu item disabled when multiple projects selected (bug 263003)
* Resources list isn't updated in "Override and Update..." (bug 254900)
* Add key shortcuts to controls (bug 254726)
* Revisions Range dialog isn't correctly resized (bug 261328)
Version 0.7.6.I20081229-1900 [29 December 2008]
* Error when trying to create new tag or branch using repository view (bug 259655)
Version 0.7.6.I20081222-1900 [22 December 2008]
* Implement ModelProvider for change sets using IChangeGroupingRequestor (bug 245869)
* Implement SVN specific ModelSynchronizeParticipant (bug 245872)
* Implement SVN specific SubscriberMergeContext (bug 245870)
* Add synchronize pane to commit panel (bug 245874)
* Sort changes by status in extract log (bug 255545)
* Message Bundles (bug 253520)
* Localization - ICU4J (bug 254198)
* When extracting only remote changes the conflicted resources are not written to log. (bug 253672)
* Extra projects in synchronize view (bug 253887)
* Problem with creating a branch/tag (bug 255487)
* Subversive deleting unselected and non svn managed files/folders when doing "Override and Update" (bug 251094)
* Check out from SVN repository fails when any workspace project uses the RSE file system (bug 230331)
* java.util.EmptyStackException in SVNUtility (fetching log entries) (bug 249285)
* ClassCastException SVNKit 1.5 getValidReference (bug 252103)
* missing "locked message" for a file already locked (bug 247614)
* Bug report ID-G6B5P (bug 256949)
* Unable to merge: exception when selecting "Revision" radio in merge dialog. (bug 255975)
* Creating a patch with a file that does not end with a newline places the "no newline" marker incorrectly (bug 254545)
* Tags include trunk subdir (bug 246268)
Version 0.7.5.I20081029-1900 [29 October 2008]
* Browse button in Share dialog (bug 211233)
* Allow to select resources only under repository location in Share project's simple mode (bug 249623)
* There is no way to type in the repository path when doing a Checkout from SVN (bug 231984)
* Add 'Drag and Drop' listeners to the Subversive views (bug 211236)
+ thanks to Nick Entin for patches
* Closing project with file in editor and reopening project generates NPE (bug 246147)
* URL decoration with bugtraq properties does not work properly (bug 252563)
Version 0.7.4.I20091001-1900 [01 October 2008]
* Export History log (bug 211415)
+ thanks to Igor Burilo for the patch
* There is no way to type in the repository path when doing a Checkout from SVN (bug 231984)
* Allow "override and commit" for non-conflicting resources (bug 241422)
* Authentication problems (bug 243914)
* Extract from HistoryView fails if the folder has modification and modified children with greater names. (bug 245504)
+ thanks to Igor Burilo for the patch
* Null Pointer Exception in Revision Properties View (bug 248355)
* Improve extract log (bug 245509)
* Serious usability regression: Replace With merges with revision instead of replacing with revision (bug 240473)
Version 0.7.3.I20080814-1500 [14 August 2008]
* Add date selection options to History View (bug 211408)
+ special thanks to Gabor Liptak
* Allow different behavior for Checkout action (bug 211237)
+ special thanks to Felipe Carasso, Jacob Robertson
* Extract Changes action should not create deletions.log file if no deletions occurs (bug 243395)
* butraq:logregex property display disgresses from specification (bug 243678)
+ special thanks to contributor Jens Scheidtmann
* Use standard create patch dialog in Synchronize View (bug 243713)
+ special thanks to Noah Roberts
* getRepository failed: exception AssertionFailedException: null argument (bug 240133)
+ special thanks to Chomat Stephane
* SVN hangs in SVNRepositoryResource.getRoot() method (bug 242130)
+ special thanks to Neale Upstone
* UI pops up dozens of error dialogs making eclipse unusable (bug 220292)
+ special thanks to David Green
* Cannot create a new branch (bug 243181)
+ special thanks to Jonathan Marston
* Synchronize View's Local and Remote submenus are disappeared in Eclipse 3.4 after first call (bug 243045)
+ special thanks to Noah Roberts, Owen Rees
* NPE in Share Project wizard when a project is already exists in the repository (bug 243446)
+ special thanks to Stephan Heffner
* Synchronize doesn't show incomming changes (bug 243401)
+ special thanks to Tony Poppleton, Channing Walton, Radoslaw Jozwik
Version 0.7.2.I20080801-1500 [1 August 2008]
* When a project is relocated outside Eclipse, and the new URL matches an already-existing repository location, Subversive should automatically update its metadata (bug 231427)
+ special thanks to Max Bowsher
* Improve "Import Project Set" behaviour (bug 230826)
+ special thanks to Michael Murphree
* Provide "Headless" update site (bug 211420)
+ special thanks to Panagiotis Korros, Thomas Hallgren
* decorate working sets in Package Explorer (bug 242249)
+ special thanks to Igor Fedorenko
* Popping up of History View can't be disabled when Compare With action is performed. (bug 242192)
+ special thanks to Radoslaw Jozwik
* Include information about merged revisions into annotation (bug 240156)
* Show merged revisions in History View (bug 239819)
* Support sparse actions (checkout, import, export) [REOPENED] (bug 231552)
* Allow multiple selection for repository operations (export, add revision link). (bug 241249)
* Ensure that merge action serves merge-tracking functionality (bug 239818)
* Allows to select multiple revisions in merge dialog (bug 239820)
* Support merge --reintegrate mode (bug 241500)
* Use latest SVN 1.5 binaries [REOPENED] (bug 218472)
* Improve "Extract Changes" operation (bug 242557)
* ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in Create Patch action (bug 242670)
+ special thanks to Ulli Hafner
* Stack overflow while disconnecting a project (bug 241814)
+ special thanks to Vadim Dmitriev
* NPE in MergePanel.getSelection (bug 242753)
+ special thanks to Igor Fedorenko
* New resources are not decorated as outgoing changes (bug 242248)
+ special thanks to Igor Fedorenko
* NPE in MessageDialog (bug 242085)
+ special thanks to Eugene Babikhin
* 'Select' button in 'Replace With' window should have a better name (bug 240462)
+ special thanks to Max Gilead
* Replace With -> URL should have better name (bug 240461)
+ special thanks to Max Gilead
* NPE when creating a new project from a repos (bug 242142)
+ special thanks to Marshall Pierce
* NPE while calculating project name before checkout (bug 241777)
+ special thanks to Wang Lihui
* All protocols: Subversive uses incorrect credentials with SVN Kit 1.1.7-based connector (bug 221094)
+ special thanks to Christopher Smith, Fabio N. Kepler, Antony Jones, Heath Borders, Martin Oberhuber, Jeroen, Nathan Vick, Cinly Ooi
* Replace confirmation before main dialog window doesn't make sense (bug 240471)
+ special thanks to Max Gilead
* Merge problem "File not found: revision..." when opening 3-way comparator (bug 240291)
+ special thanks to Alexey Kamenchuk
* "Overwrite and Update" doing merge (bug 237218)
+ special thanks to Tony Poppleton
* Branch from working copy failed with SVN 1.5-compatible connectors (bug 240258)
+ special thanks to Larry Edelstein
* Check out deleted files on my system without asking about it (bug 238916)
+ special thanks to Vesa Jaaskelainen
* Commiting not up to date directory results in uninformative console message only (bug 239105)
+ special thanks to Max Gilead
* Migrate Projects and Settings throws NullPointerException, perhaps on Closed Projects (bug 238863)
+ special thanks to Brett Randall, Steffen Pingel
* view settings wording: contiguous should be incremental (bug 238834)
+ special thanks to Andrew Bachmann
* Properties Configuration preference uses the wrong scrollbars (bug 238389)
+ special thanks to Kristoffer Peterhansel
* Auto-properties not importing from my Subversion config file (bug 238390)
+ special thanks to Kristoffer Peterhansel
* Deadlock when moving multiple sources from one project to another. (bug 233956)
+ special thanks to Ulli Hafner
* SVN replaces files with second last revision after commit (bug 237204)
+ special thanks to Fabricio Silva
* Relocate outside plugin control, then "Share with another repository location" fails (bug 231426)
+ special thanks to Max Bowsher
* NPE in SVN 1.5 compatible connectors when user has no access to repository revision (bug 237408)
+ special thanks to Darren Hodges
* The 'New Working Set' dialog should come up with the default text in the 'Name' textbox already selected (bug 234397)
+ special thanks to Dan Berindei
* NPE in acquireSVNProxy after plug-in is upgraded from the old version (bug 237422)
+ special thanks to Edward Willink
* Share Project should run in background (bug 237304)
+ special thanks to Lars Vogel
* Synchronize View's "Edit Conflicts" action should not touch folders (bug 237264)
+ special thanks to Markus Dangl
* NPE in ClearUpdateStatuses operation (bug 235317)
+ special thanks to Ulli Hafner
* SVNRemoteStorage.asLocalResource() should never return null (bug 216629)
+ special thanks to Gene Huang
* Update help according to plug-in changes (bug 225568)
* NPE while refreshing repository browser (bug 240795)
Version 0.7.1.I20080612-1500 [12 June 2008] [build ids are changed corresponding to guidelines]
* Support latest SVN 1.5 API changes (bug 216473)
* JavaHLConnector creates a huge amount of short living threads (bug 235764)
+ special thanks to contributor Micha Riser
* Using a proxy server doesn't work (bug 233962)
+ special thanks to Enrico Ehrich, Francois Masurel
* The last added line is ignored in the new file while creating a patch. (bug 236399)
Version 0.7.0.v20080609 [09 June 2008]
* additional date formats for label decorations (bug 217561)
+ special thanks to Jae Gangemi
+ special thanks to contributor Thomas Champagne
* Revision properties viewer (bug 232728)
* Avoid potential deadlock while prompting credentials (bug 236259)
* Support Mylyn 3.0 API changes (bug 236100)
* NPE in Properties View when "Add" action is called (bug 233407)
* Repositories View ignores case sensitivity option (bug 233424)
Version 0.7.0.v20080521 [21 May 2008]
* NoClassDefFoundError: org/eclipse/ui/internal/util/SWTResourceUtil (bug 232972)
+ special thanks to Jorg von Frantzius
Version 0.7.0.v20080517 [17 May 2008]
* Allow to set/modify revision properties (bug 231554)
+ special thanks to Neale Upstone
* Support latest SVN 1.5 API changes [REOPENED] (bug 216473)
* Support relative paths and peg-revisions for svn:externals property (bug 231546)
* Support sparse checkouts (bug 231552)
* Minimize transactions count where it is possible regarding to SVN 1.5 API changes (bug 231548)
* NPE in "Replace with Tag" operation (bug 226025)
+ special thanks to Mark Addleman, Georg Lippold, Chris Myers
* Problem with tagging from branches (bug 229761)
+ special thanks to Damir Murat
* Precise Team menu enablements must be disabled by default (bug 230461)
+ special thanks to Rafael Chaves, Pavel Zuev, Assaf Almaz
* Automatic project share makes more than one repository location for the same repository (bug 232649)
Version 0.7.0.v20080425 [25 April 2008]
* Feedback on Documentation Page (bug 228692)
+ special thanks to Nathan Gervais
* Attempt to synchronize closed projects produces error (bug 228789)
+ special thanks to Leo Dos Santos
* Mylyn integration won't install due to Mylyn version update to 3.0.0 (bug 228507)
+ special thanks to Martin Oberhuber
Version 0.7.0.v20080423 [23 April 2008]
* Merge property editor (bug 211411)
+ special thanks to Francois Fernandes
* Enhance copy and move behaviour (bug 227491)
+ special thanks to Eric Jain
* Create M2Eclipse integration plug-in [generalized extension point] (bug 224074)
+ special thanks to contributor Eugene Kuleshov
* Use Quick-Diff annotate for repository files also (bug 228369)
* Show Annotations using Quickdiff - Show Author doesn't work (bug 220027)
+ special thanks to Steve
* "Negative revision number" when comparing renamed resources (bug 225972)
+ special thanks to Jukefox
* Team Synchronization very slow (bug 222632)
+ special thanks to Marc Guenther, Nikolaus Heger
* Unable to resolve conflicts (bug 228015)
+ special thanks to Jesse Eichar
* Not asking to save resource before synchronize (bug 224651)
+ special thanks to Aldo Bongio
* Subversive commit key shortcut stops working after first time (bug 225930)
+ special thanks to Mark Powell
* The commit dialog doesn't show the modified files at the top anymore (bug 227136)
+ special thanks to Paolo
* Cleanup plug-in initialization (bug 225884)
+ special thanks to contributor Eugene Kuleshov
* Negative Revision number exception in InfoOperation when SVN Kit is selected (bug 226896)
+ special thanks to Marijn, Jarkko Lietolahti, Aslam, Steffen Pingel
* Incoming change sets are not shown for external resources (bug 227118)
* Properties status is not reported while merge. (bug 227102)
Version 0.7.0.v20080404 [04 April 2008]
* Use Eclipse IDE proxy settings (bug 225289)
+ special thanks to Anders Sveen
* Create M2Eclipse integration plug-in (bug 224074)
+ special thanks to Eugene Kuleshov
* Export/Import of repository locations settings (bug 211248)
* Rework repository and authentication setting storing. (bug 224616)
* Affected path drop-down improvements. (bug 223630)
* Update help according to plug-in changes (bug 225568)
* Enable Extract for single selection in HistoryView. (bug 223632)
* Minimize repository root access (bug 211391)
+ special thanks to Pavel Zuev
* ClassCastException on Override and Update from Synchronize View (bug 224842)
+ special thanks to Daniel Hirscher, Genady Beryozkin, Edoardo Comar, Leo Dos Santos
* Freeze externals uses wrong revision when external reference points to tag or branch without modifications (bug 224597)
+ special thanks to Marco Perrando
* Patch files created under subversive not compatible with patch program [REOPENED] (bug 222669)
+ special thanks to Mike
* Password Management Pref Page improvements (bug 223510)
* "Delete" action enablement in Select Resources composite is wrong. (bug 223628)
* Enable filter actions for all filtered (History View) (bug 223627)
* Some operations can't be sent to background. (bug 223631)
* Information about file locker (bug 211254)
* Improve Progress Reporting in Composite Operations (bug 223343)
Version 0.7.0.v20080321 [21 March 2008]
* Changed Path filter for history view (bug 222943)
* Provide filter management for ILogNode table (bug 222413)
* Add drop-down menu to revert dialog. (bug 219983)
* Merge changes does not show conflict when file has been renamed (bug 222541)
+ special thanks to Remi Nodet
* Package is not exported (bug 223129)
+ special thanks to Michael Valenta
* Team Synchronization very slow (bug 222632)
+ special thanks to Marc Guenther
* Patch files created under subversive not compatible with patch program (bug 222669)
+ special thanks to Mike
* svn merge view graphical synchronize overwrites changes in local version (bug 221239)
+ special thanks to Andrew Bachmann, Daniel Hirscher
* Advanced merge: Comparison uses empty "Remote File" (bug 220737)
+ special thanks to Hubert Bildstein
* ClassCastException in ShowConflictEditor operation (bug 211390)
* Remove Property Editor references. (bug 222388)
* Extract improvements (bug 222944)
* Synch View Set Property Action bug (bug 223101)
* Improve Progress Reporting in Composite Operations (bug 223343)
* Update action in Synchronize View performs update to HEAD instead of revision of synchronization (bug 223322)
* URL validation is incorrect (bug 223222)
* Merge URLs selection dialog should disable revision selection if entered URL is invalid (bug 223221)
Version 0.7.0.v20080311 [11 March 2008]
* Fixed incorrect update URL's
Version 0.7.0.v20080307 [07 March 2008]
* Add "Extract Changes..." actions to Synchronize View. (bug 219985)
* Add Extract changes action description to Subversive User Guide (bug 221293)
* Add "Extract Changes..." action to log messages presentation in History View (bug 220540)
* Reuse compare editor when comparing same resource revisions or compare called for revisions from the History View (bug 219628)
* Improve History View (new actions in Affected Paths) (bug 218480)
* Update JavaHL 1.5.0 connector binaries to alpha2 version (bug 221506)
* Compare window opens behind Revert dialog (bug 219775)
+ special thanks to Steve Streeting
* Importing folder from SVN using New Project Wizard - strange behaviour (bug 212746)
+ special thanks to Michael Spector, Gadi Goldbarg
* Check compatibility with Mylyn 2.3.0 task creation API (bug 221498)
* The '~' sign is not accepted while defining svn:ignore property (bug 221472)
* Revise and simplify History View code (bug 219793)
* In Synchronize View operation starts before dialogs (bug 221133)
* Properties View has old data, while reading new props. (bug 219572)
* Update base table sorter (bug 219583)
* Fix images disposing (bug 219455)
Version 0.7.0.v20080218 [18 February 2008]
* Change sets on an unavailable Subversive repository disappear (bug 219212)
+ special thanks to Pim Broekhof
* Buttons works incorrectly in history view
* Deleted files stay present in synchronize view after commit
* NPE when deleting resource inside commit dialog
* Invalid date ranges for revision folding in history view
Version 0.7.0.v20080214 [14 February 2008]
* Implement compare and replace actions for branches and tags. (Bug 217553)
+ special thanks to Andrea Polci
* Enhance automatic project share (bug 211399)
+ special thanks to Max Rydahl Andersen
* Two URLs merge mode also should use Merge View (bug 217856)
* Add revision folding ability to History view (bug 211410)
* Use latest SVN 1.5 binaries (bug 218472)
* Open external editor if no built-in editors exists for this file type (bug 218485)
* Improve History View (new actions in Affected Paths) (bug 218480)
* Add local history to History View (bug 218468)
* Team Synchronization reset "remove from view" after each file change (bug 207026)
+ special thanks to Pawel Piskunowicz
* Reported progress is incorrect almost always (it is doubled) (bug 216883)
+ special thanks to Ilya Klyuchnikov
* Conflicts are not shown in Incoming Mode with ChangeSets (bug 189094)
+ special thanks to Marko Schulz
* Some jsp files which have utf-8 encoded characters don't displayed correctly in compare window (bug 211568)
+ special thanks to YounJung Park
* Add warnings for operations, which modify tags. (bug 217844)
+ special thanks to Edoardo Comar
* Replace errors in creating tags and branches with warnings. (bug 217845)
+ special thanks to Chris Velevitch
* java.lang.StackOverflowError when trying to share a new project to SVN (bug 217529)
+ special thanks to Leo Dos Santos
* Replace With > Revision... should mark replaced files dirty (bug 218600)
+ special thanks to Daniel Hirscher
* Problematic configuration in build 20080129 (bug 218647)
+ special thanks to Alon Peled
* Keep ignored resources for "Replace With..." actions (bug 211241)
* UI blinks when commit window is called from Package explorer (bug 218136)
* Change sets commit fails (NPE) (bug 217291)
* Merge two repository browsers for dialogs into one. (bug 217289)
Version 0.7.0.v20080129 [29 January 2008]
* Add "Create patch file" action to the synchronize view drop-down. (bug 216141)
+ special thanks to Felix Berger
* Show conflicting resources in Commit dialog (bug 211404)
+ special thanks to Gabor Liptak
* Allows to override committer name for different protocols (bug 211417)
+ special thanks to Mark
* Allow to select resources for Create Patch action (bug 211413)
+ special thanks to Kaneider Daniel, Konstantine Kirenko
* Add Ignore action to Commit dialog (bug 211407)
* Add "Resolve conflicts" and "Mark as merged" actions to Commit dialog (bug 215963)
* Add 'Lock" and "Unlock" actions to Commit dialog (bug 215968)
* Add "Create patch file" action to Commit dialog (bug 215962)
* Add "Replace With" action to Commit dialog (bug 215966)
* Add "Compare With" action to a Commit dialog (bug 215964)
* "Add to svn:ignore" action in "Add to version control" dialog drop down (bug 216004)
* Add "Lock" and "Unlock" actions to synchronize view drop-down menu. (bug 216142)
* Add "Show Properties" action to a synchronize view drop down. (bug 216144)
* Add "Set properties" and "Set keywords" actions to synchronize view drop-down menu. (bug 216143)
* Improve drop-down menu in SynchronizeView (bug 216140)
* Improve History View Affected Path Composite drop-down menu. (bug 216264)
* Support latest SVN 1.5 API changes (bug 216473)
* Commit errors seems to not be shown in console (bug 215188)
+ special thanks to Kristoffer Peterhansel
* It is impossible to install connectors sources on Linux (bug 216699)
+ special thanks to Ilya Klyuchnikov
* "Report revision change" option does not work (bug 216090)
Version 0.7.0.v20080116 [16 January 2008]
* Improve SVN properties support (bug 211403)
+ special thanks to Olavo Lira
* Improve validation in SVN Properties dialog (bug 211402)
* Allow to work with non-conflicting resources for "Override and ..." operations (bug 211239)
* Implement full tsvn properties support (bug 214894)
* Subversive feature not installable from Ganymede Staging Update Site (bug 213975)
+ special thanks to Markus Knauer
* Project migration from polarion to eclipse didn't work (bug 213727)
+ special thanks to George Lindholm
* error when trying to commit with enabled bugtraq properties (bug 214609)
+ special thanks to Steve Ulrich
* Comparing remote files in SVN Repositories view doesn't work (bug 207923)
+ special thanks to Matthias Erche
* Compare: client library returns null value (bug 211260)
+ special thanks to Samyem
* Initial project share to a new repository URL is shared to path "null" under certain circumstances (bug 214839)
+ special thanks to Daniel M. Zimmerman
Version 0.7.0.v20071221 [21 December 2007]
* Subversive 1.1.7 Bugreport broken (bug 204970)
+ special thanks to Werner Keil
* Create Unified Diff action handles direction incorrectly (bug 211272)
+ special thanks to Artem Tikhomirov
* Imporve "Problem Dialog" (bug 211398)
+ special thanks to Joern Zaefferer
* Show the difference between the modified version and the current SVN revision (bug 211250)
* SVN 1.5 support changes (bug 213289)
Version 0.7.0.v20071214 [14 December 2007]
* Subversive Preferences dialog is substantially too wide (Bug: 212033)
+ special thanks to Jonathan Amir
* Label Decorations preview widget in preferences window is too small (Bug: 212029)
+ special thanks to Jonathan Amir
* bugtraq properties not read for new files (Bug: 211422)
+ special thanks to Ben Turner
* Check compatibility with the Eclipse Ganymede version (Bug: 212732)
* tsvn:logminsize is not handled (Bug: 212996)
Version 0.7.0.v20071210 [10 December 2007]
* Spell checking support in Commit dialog and Add/edit commit template is absent (bug 210797)
* Rework old-style plug-in manifests (bug 212125)
+ special thanks to Thomas Hallgren
* NPE in SVNRemoteStorage (bug 211392)
+ special thanks to Mike Price
* ClassCastException in LocalShowAnnotationOperation (bug 211275)
+ special thanks to Frank Bille
* Handling % in svn+ssh URLs (bug 211418)
+ special thanks to Scott Riggins, Jack Newton
* CPU hogging (bug 207953)
+ special thanks to Jorg von Frantzius
* GUI hangs (bug 204038)
+ special thanks to Jappe
* classes are packaged in jar files and not in the normal folders structure
+ special thanks to Alon Peled
* Incorrect peg revision used for incoming update on svn:externals resources in Synchronize View (bug 211439)
* Make an Hyperlink in the comment clickable (eg. in the history view) (bug 211244)
* NPE in Show History (bug 211276)
* ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in MigrateToEclipse operation (bug 211277)
* Attempted to beginRule: P/..., does not match outer scope rule... (bug 211269)
Version 0.7.0.v20071123 [23 November 2007]
* Add "ignore externals" option to "Find/Checkout As" wizard
* Port changes in the connection window do not affect the connection (bug 208256)
+ special thanks to Yaron Mazor
* merge UI does not show any changes
+ special thanks to Chris West
* Share Project(s) does not recognize SVN-meta if location with same repository root exists (bug 210683)
* Merge UI very slow and fails for projects which names on FS differs in compare to repository (bug 210643)
* Error while representing the remote content of the folder with incorrect externals property. (bug 210387)
* Rename does not work in SVN Repositories view
* ClassCastException is logged when annotating resources from the Synchronize View
* Merge UI uses incorrectly encoded URL's (bug 210399)
* Compare after refactoring problems (bug 210272)
* Fixing issues with "Migrate To Eclipse" action
* Add "Migrate to Eclipse" action description into help
* for UI localization plug-in was corrected
* SVN client library connector interfaces reworked according to Eclipse guidelines (naming conventions etc.)
* switched and svn:externals resources support enhancement
* issue in reconstruction URL and PEG pairs from history
* incorrect labels in compare UI panels
* not encoded URL in
* branch operation works incorrectly for multiple project layout when called for working copies
* history messages fetched for outgoing changes in context of Incoming Change Set's
* file:// and file:/// protocol URL's also should be encoded
* support of svn:externals which is not a direct children for the resource on which svn:externals is specified
* LocateResourceURLInHistory now works for deleted resources also
* incorrect log messages in Change Set mode of merge UI
* Mylyn integration refers to incorrect class name
* New resources inside new folder does not appear in the Synchronize View
* merge UI does not work in "reverse" mode
* Enhance compare editor titles readability
Version 1.1.8 [23 October 2007]
* Allow project disconnection from the "Discard Location" dialog (SBV-6187)
+ special thanks to Scott Harper
* Make the history of the entered comments configurable. 5 comments are way too less. (SBV-5832)
+ special thanks to Paolo Vedovato
* Allow checking out projects as folder into nonversioned folders. (SBV-6286)
* Allow new resources to be committed into the branch created from the working copy (SBV-6268)
* Rework merge UI in order to use standard API's instead of proprietary extensions (SBV-6034)
* Add option which enables/disables svn:externals browsing in the SVN Repository Exploring perspective (SBV-5665)
* Add decoration on SVN Repositories perspective for resources linked with svn:externals (SBV-5666)
* Password prompt is shown time-to-time when svn:externals present even if "save" option specified (SBV-6307)
+ special thanks to Lira Olavo, CARASSO Felipe
* Incompatibility between svn:1.4.3 and svn:1.4.4 working copies (SBV-5630)
+ special thanks to Fischer
* SaveProjectMeta operation copied lot of needless files (SBV-6245)
+ special thanks to Michal Staruch
* Share Projects operation fails with new repository location (SBV-6094)
+ special thanks to Alexander Wahl (synchronity GmbH)
* NPE in Share Projects operation (SBV-6180)
+ special thanks to Michel, Marko Korhonen
* NPE in RepositoryContentProvider when repository is not accessible (SBV-6045)
+ special thanks to Dennis Vredeveld
* Problems with class import when using Subversive API (plug-in is incorrectly packaged) (SBV-6033, bug 204421)
+ special thanks to Matthias Erche (forum member), Alon Peled, Nikolaos Tsanakas, Yaron Mazor
* NPE in HistoryView when it is being initialized (SBV-6063)
+ special thanks to Jens Gabe, Mark Homan
* Messages are shown in Change Set's mode only if Change Set's enabled before synchronize with repository is started (SBV-6032)
+ special thanks to Vladimir Lapacek (forum member)
* Disallow error reporting when status cache load is cancelled (SBV-5877)
+ special thanks to Belousov Eugeny
* "Negative revision number" for quick-diif annotate over empty file (SBV-6314)
* Deleted projects detection time-to-time fails (SBV-6311)
* Add validation in the plug-in preferences (SBV-6183)
* ClassCastException when importing project from SVN (SBV-4513)
* Disallow error reporting for SaveProjectMetaOperation (SBV-6113)
* ClassCastException if working copy is damaged (SBV-5906)
* Exception when hotkey is used without selection (SBV-5944)
* svn:externals browse in SVN Repositories view fails if whitespace is present between revision number and revision key (SBV-5943)
* Provide user with the correct notification if the selected client library cannot be loaded (SBV-6061)
Version 1.1.7 [23 August 2007]
* Browse svn:externals in SVN Repositories Explorer [apply patch] (SBV-5641)
+ special thanks to contributor Rob Clark
* Compare on renamed files fails (bug 188306)
+ special thanks to Marko Schulz
* {Date} tag in label decoration is always showing date in european standard (SBV-5593)
+ special thanks to George Michelson
* Credentials prompt is always shown with the Native JavaHL client (SBV-5625)
* Apply SVN Kit client library fixes (SBV-5626)
* Problems in the Subversive help plug-in (SBV-5244)
Version 1.1.6 [15 August 2007]
* Move localization into the separate feature (SBV-5562)
* Subversive help plug-in improvements (SBV-5244)
* [package explorer] Should Collapse MT Parent Packages in Hierarchy Presentation (bug 189976)
+ special thanks to Adam Cabler, Michael Valenta
* Subversion 1.1.5 breaks my PKI usage (SBV-5560)
+ special thanks to Chris West
* Incorrect peg revision specified for "Add Revision Link" action (SBV-5522)
+ special thanks to Chris West
* The "Tip for improvement form" needs work (SBV-3663)
+ special thanks to Ken Geis
* Projects inside Projects not showing incoming changes (SBV-5547)
+ special thanks to crashedworld (forum member)
* Incorrect replacement of file:// to file:/// (SBV-5532)
+ special thanks to Marcel Albert
* Access violation in libsvnjavahl-1.dll (Revert binary to version 1.4.3) (SBV-5449)
+ special thanks to Carolin Koehler
* Repository locations are lost when Eclipse IDE is crashed with "PermGen space: OutOfMemory" error (SBV-5460)
Version 1.1.5 [31 July 2007]
* Resources cannot be added to source control with SVN Kit client (SBV-5376)
+ special thanks to Erik Dick, Mark Smithson, Denis Souza, akg-i,
* NPE when synchronizing empty working sets with repository (SBV-5353)
+ special thanks to Carlo Teubner, Robert Einsle, Lubomir Marinov
* Synchronous server access freezes eclipse (SBV-5428)
+ special thanks to Hans-Christoph Wirth
* Create Subversive help plug-in [resolving help plug-in issues] (SBV-5244)
* "No changes found" message when comparing two files with different names on repository (SBV-5426)
* Add to working set does not work when "Find Projects" is selected in the Checkout wizard (SBV-5424)
* Invalid radio button selection on the first page of Share Projects wizard (SBV-5420)
Version 1.1.4 [27 July 2007]
* Apply french translation patch sent by Prophessi - SD-mdA (SBV-5291)
+ special thanks to contributors Prophessi - SD-mdA and Stephane DUCAS, Victoria Anghel, Imed Mami, Sandy Lescaudron
* Option to switch off deleted projects detection (SBV-5197)
+ special thanks to Muchu (forum member)
* Adding projects to synchronized working set's (SBV-5198)
+ special thanks to chrisahn (forum member)
* Sort repository locations in the Repositories tree (SBV-5199)
+ special thanks to chrisahn (forum member)
* Create Subversive help plug-in (SBV-5244)
* NPE in AbstractSVNTeamAction under Eclipse 3.3 if selection is empty (SBV-5232)
+ special thanks to Stanislaw Osinski, Mikael Uvebrandt
* Command conflict messages under Eclipse 3.3 (SBV-5208)
+ special thanks to Will Horn
* NPE in Show History operation with Native JavaHL client (SBV-5179)
+ special thanks to Alexey
* NPE in Quick-diff based annotation under Eclipse 3.3 (SBV-5183)
* NPE in WorkingSetDecorator under Eclipse 3.3 (SBV-5258)
* NPE when Show History/Show Annotation called from Synchronize View for deleted file (SBV-5311)
Version 1.1.3 [13 July 2007]
* Add SVN menu and toolbar button (SBV-2501)
+ special thanks to contributor Rene Link
+ special thanks to Marcel Schulte, Daniel Winterstein, Bjorn Schorre
* Add global shortcut keys for SVN actions (SBV-3494)
+ special thanks to contributor Rene Link
+ special thanks to Thomas Bayen, Stig Kleppe-Jorgensen
* Support Mylar to Mylyn project name change (SBV-4971)
+ special thanks to Jim Lombardo, Omry Yadan, Nikola Milutinovic, Kevin Baughman, Antonel Pazargic
* Check compatibility with Eclipse 3.3.RC3 IDE (SBV-4973)
* Use latest Subversion binaries (SBV-5045)
* Use SVN Kit 1.1.2 binaries (SBV-5035)
* Use open-source JavaMail version (1.4) (SBV-4986)
* Add option to switch off console pattern matcher (SBV-4761)
* Usage of disposed font in the History View (SBV-5048)
+ special thanks to Jorg von Frantzius
* Workaround for the deadlock bug in the Eclipse IDE console (194456)
+ special thanks to Rafael Chaves
* Remove the annoying dialog of resource history (, Bug #188311)
+ special thanks to Marko Schulz
* NPE in SaveProjectMeta operation (SBV-4871)
+ special thanks to Karl Godel
* Zend Technologies patch: fixes deadlock problem in SVNTeamPlugin activation (SBV-4589)
+ special thanks to Zend Technologies
* NPE in SVN Properties when view is disconnected in background thread (SBV-4869)
* Negative revision number in Show Annotation operation (SBV-4179)
* BadLocationException in "Add hyperlink to console" operation (SBV-4421)
* NPE in "Get File Content" operation on files without extensions (SBV-5094)
* Cache incorrectly filled after case-sensitive rename on Windows-based platforms (SBV-5100)
Version 1.1.2 [28 April 2007]
* Create Subversive SDK (SBV-4329)
+ special thanks to Yaron Mazor
* Make resources clickable in the SVN Console (SBV-2709)
+ special thanks to Vladimir Lapacek (forum member)
* Speedup Pattern's usage (SBV-4396)
+ special thanks to contributor Gabor Liptak
* peg revisions for compare operation (SBV-4397)
+ special thanks to contributor Pavel Zuev
* ClassCastException in Show History View operation (SBV-4007)
+ special thanks to Epichler, Volker Berlin, Alessandro Damiani, Bruce Alspaugh, Alan MacKenzie
* NPE in Show History View operation (SBV-4088, SBV-4047)
+ special thanks to Bjorn Voss, Tom Allantonie, Paolo Vedovato, Omry Yadan, J.Ramsdale, Tom Hensel
* Widget is disposed exception in History View (SBV-4079, SBV-4374, SBV-4082)
+ special thanks to Uwe Peuker
* NPE in Subversive integration for Mylar (SBV-4380)
+ special thanks to Thomas Spiessens (forum member)
* SVN History implementation does not respect Local History (SBV-4204)
* ClientException error code should be copied to ClientWrapperException (SBV-4362)
* "Team->Copy To" action does not allow copying into non-versioned folders if "Keep History" is not selected (SBV-4402)
Version 1.1.1 [6 April 2007]
* Integration with Eclipse 3.2 History View (PLC-1111)
+ special thanks to eu
* Revert or delete any file on the commit screen (SBV-2621)
+ special thanks to Gabor Liptak
* Eclipse 3.2 IFileHistoryProvider interface should be implemented (SBV-3886)
+ special thanks to Armin Bruckhoff
* Enhance Mylar integration (SBV-3865)
+ special thanks to Eugene Kuleshov
* Copy/paste from SVN history (SBV-2655)
+ special thanks to Felipe Carasso
* Remove unversioned files while reverting (SBV-3230)
+ special thanks to Reinhard Brandstaedter
* Refine project dependencies (move JDT dependency to extension point)(SBV-2687)
+ special thanks to Lothar Werzinger, benza (forum member)
* Allow users to define --ignore-ancestry option (SBV-3721)
+ special thanks to mburns (forum member)
* Place to specify the SSH port (SBV-2665)
+ special thanks to Mike De Haan
* Proxy tab is missing when non-default client selected (SBV-3720)
+ special thanks to Benjamin Zeiss
* Disable immediate switch while branch/tag from WC if selected resources contains added but not committed resources (SBV-3854)
* Share existing projects under Linux rewrites local changes (SBV-3722)
+ special thanks to Vincent Munier
* "Operation is cancelled" dialog. This is a GUI blooper. No dialog like this should come up. (SBV-3714)
+ special thanks to Adam Kiezun, Omry Yadan
* Mark As Merged failure (SBV-3898)
+ special thanks to A. Fachat, Lars Vogel, Kannky, A. Schmidt
* Subversive 1.1.0 with SVN Kit 1.1.1 not working properly with PKI (SBV-3813)
+ special thanks to Chris West
* "Update To" silently reverts all changes (SBV-2418)
+ special thanks to Hochsteger Andreas (OI&T V)
* Incorrect team menu enablement (SBV-3732)
+ special thanks to Fredy
* Widget is disposed exception (SBV-3910)
* Projects names are displayed incorrectly while Checkout As with Find project option (SBV-3872)
* Set property is not applied recursively to added but not comitted resources (SBV-3916)
* Deletion of svn:externals property processed incorrectly (SBV-3936)
* Branch/tag misbehaviour (SBV-3961)
* Setting svn:ignore property is not reflected properly (SBV-3977)
* NPE in History View if project is deleted outside Eclipse IDE (SBV-3987)
* NPE while connecting to project with damaged SVN-metainformation (SBV-3990)
* Reduce temporary files usage when opening files from repository (SBV-3994)
Version 1.1.0 Release [6 March 2007]
* Externals freezes in TAG (SBV-3698)
+ special thanks to Olavo Lira, Felipe Carasso
* Internationalization. Prepare all string resources to be internationalized (PLC-276)
* Wrong internationalization (SBV-3604)
+ special thanks to Diego Pires Plentz, Martin Gilday, Ken Geis
* Subversive seems to be creating extra displays which are unsupported on SWTon GTK (SBV-3691)
+ special thanks to Michael R. Head
* Duplicated objectContribution IDs (SBV-3658)
+ special thanks to oliviert (forum member)
* Conflict editor failed to open (SBV-3711)
* "Path is not a working copy directory" error with Native JavaHL client (SBV-3557)
* NPE while 'Check out as' with option 'Find projects in the subdirectories of the selected resources' (SBV-3626)
* NPE in CheckoutAs Wizard while choosing "Checkout as folder" option and perform finish (SBV-3726)
* NPE while repair project's svn meta in "Repair Project" dialog (SBV-3724)
* NPE in HistoryView (SBV-3671)
* Check out project as folder into existing project misbehaviour (SBV-3625)
* Checkout as folder rewrites svn:externals property (SBV-3683)
* Branch/Tag from working copy operation creates branch/tag from repository resources (SBV-3692)
* Share tracker project action have visual defects + exception in the end (SBV-3499)
Version 1.1.0.RC6 [23 February 2007]
* Text decoration improvments (SBV-3457)
+ special thanks to contributor Dann Martens
* Japanese Localization: apply provided patch (SBV-3598)
+ special thanks to contributors Takashi Okamoto, Yae Suzuki
* Export/Import Subversive preferences: apply provided patch (SBV-3599)
+ special thanks to contributor Rene Link
* Import and Export automatic properties (SBV-3485)
+ special thanks to Gregory Gerard
* Add ability to enter target resource name in "Copy To" action (SBV-3417)
+ special thanks to Stefan Zeiger
* Include SVN Kit 1.1.1 (SBV-3490)
* Include latest Subversion binaries (1.4.3) (SBV-3492)
* API: Checkout into existing projects like in CVS (PLC-1156)
* NPE in Interactive Merge UI (SBV-3537)
+ special thanks to contributor Rene Link
* Checkout into the folder which is a symbolic link failed (SBV-3540)
+ special thanks to Krystian Nowak
* Problems with SVN ignore (SBV-2842)
+ special thanks to Piet Ritzen
* API: Fetching file content in synchronize view is not cancellable (SBV-2867)
+ special thanks to Adam Kiezun
* Allow semicolon-separated properties in "Auto-props" settings (SBV-3506)
+ special thanks to Gregory Gerard
* NPE if synchronize with repository completely failed (SBV-3476)
+ special thanks to Rostronic
* "URL is not related to the repository" for externally relocated projects in RC5 (SBV-3459)
+ special thanks to Leigh Warren
* Subversive does not see command-line svn switch (SBV-3481)
+ special thanks to irobertson (forum member)
* SSH Port Problem (SBV-3434)
+ special thanks to Nils Grabbert (forum member)
* RestoreProjectMetaOperation shouldn't report file system security exceptions (SBV-3483)
+ special thanks to Valerio Scuderi
* Not all temporary files are deleted (SBV-3477)
+ special thanks to Lukjel
* Refactor fails when refactoring one of top packages (SBV-3498)
+ special thanks to zartc (forum member), cmenzel (forum member), Diego Pires Plentz, Ken Dobson, Richard Musiol
* "Cannot non-recursively commit a directory deletion" error with native client (SBV-3497)
+ special thanks to Paul
* "Unrecognized node kind" exception while synchronizing with repository (SBV-3161)
+ special thanks to Roberto Gonzalez, Ben Christensen, John Francis, Renato Bonomini, Thomas Jachmann
* Share multiple projects wizard misbehaviour (SBV-3525)
* Repository location URL cannot be changed to non-valid even if no project attached (SBV-3538)
* Fetch Content Operation Failure (SBV-3482)
* NPE if resources is inaccessible due to some reason (f.e. deleted in background thread) (SBV-3450)
* Restore Default Preferences operation cannot be canceled (SBV-3570)
* Deleted resources overlay image is not shown if the resource that is scheduled for deletion is external resource (SBV-3583)
* All the preferences should be saved in the UI plugin store (SBV-3571)
Version 1.1.0.RC5 [2 February 2007]
* API: Multiple project share required (SBV-2531)
+ special thanks to Peter M. Murray, Alouf, jtonic, mgcinoz (forum members)
* API: Multiple projects merge (SBV-1955)
+ special thanks to Peter M. Murray, Alouf, jtonic, mgcinoz (forum members)
* API: Multiple projects switch (SBV-3398)
+ special thanks to Peter M. Murray, Alouf, jtonic, mgcinoz (forum members)
* Add Open With submenu to HistoryView pop-up menu (SBV-3439)
* Allow branching/tagging from Package Explorer even if resources are modified (SBV-3284)
+ special thanks to Sibylle Peter
* Widget is disposed in update operation (SBV-3360)
+ special thanks to Crumley, Christopher Bradford
* Create Patch: at least one revision must be local for a pegged diff (SBV-3406)
+ special thanks to Adam Kiezun, WhiteFang (forum member)
* svn:externals commit behavior (SBV-3433)
+ special thanks to Lorenzo (forum member)
* NPE in Share Project operation (SBV-3271)
* Apply Recursively Multiple Properties (SBV-3420)
* Export Operation Failure (SBV-3419)
Version 1.1.0.RC4 [20 January 2007]
* API: Improve IMailSettingsProvider extension point (SBV-3234)
+ special thanks to Bjorn Schorre
* Show created report when sending fails (SBV-2615)
+ special thanks to Ruediger Gubler, Andreas Mayer, Peter Riishoj Brinkler
* Add UI for specifying auto-props (like in svn config file) (SBV-3237)
* API: Check package layout and refactor if required (SBV-3235)
* OutOfMemoryError throwed for very large projects (SBV-3221)
+ special thanks to Samyem Tuladhar, Leigh Warren
* NPE in RemoteStatusOperation (SBV-3275)
+ special thanks to Paul Kendall
* Infinite loop while caching SVN meta-information (SBV-3258)
+ special thanks to Felipe Carasso, Daniel Hoh, szeiger (forum member), apetrov (forum member), WhiteFang (forum member), Alouf (forum member), jtonic (forum member), asaremba (forum member)
* Exception in (SBV-3168)
+ special thanks to Fabio Zadrozny
* 404 Not found from time to time (SBV-3175)
+ special thanks to Robert Einsle
* NPE while caching SVN meta-information (SBV-3206)
+ special thanks to Jon
* ActivityCancelledException sometime processed by mail reporter (SBV-3197)
+ special thanks to Martin Brehm, Dean, rzeznic, Kurt Zettel
* NullPointerException in RepositoryPropertiesComposite (SBV-3269)
* Merge does not work for resources checked out with svn:externals property (SBV-3236)
* Exceptions when file replaced with folder without file deletion committing (SBV-3340)
* Team->Set Property action works incorrectly (SBV-3338)
* Annotation does not work for incoming additions (SBV-3327)
* Team menu does not work properly (SBV-3315)
Version 1.1.0.RC3 [12 January 2007]
* Browse button in the simple mode of the Branch/Tag dialogs (SBV-3149)
+ special thanks to Alouf (forum member)
* Allow quick switch between revisions during compare operation (SBV-1930)
+ special thanks to Chris Melikian, Francois Fernandes
* Support svn:externals property (PLC-445)
+ special thanks to Bjorn Schorre, Thomas Jachmann, Reinhard Brandstadter, Andreas Boeckler
* Add ability to navigate up to parent level in repository browser (SBV-3042)
* Excessive work in history view (SBV-3145)
+ special thanks to contributor Rene Link
* Incorrect old SVN clients filtering (SBV-3144)
+ special thanks to carfield (forum member)
* NPE while synchronizing with repository (SBV-3088)
+ special thanks to Roland Oldenburg
* Fix bugtraq integration bug (when bug id is empty) (SBV-3051)
+ special thanks to contributor Takashi Okamoto
* Errors are suppressed in time of commit operation with SVN Kit selected (SBV-2767)
+ special thanks to Tom Hensel
* NPE when svn:externals working copy is damaged (SBV-3173)
Version 1.1.0.RC2 [22 December 2006]
* "Stop revision can not be less than start revision" validation in Merge dialog has no sense (SBV-3030)
+ special thanks to Judith Burgstein
* Allow switch to be performed not only for projects but for folders and files too (SBV-2825)
+ special thanks to L.Simon
* Show versioned resources at the top of the list when doing a commit (SBV-2982)
+ special thanks to Chris Dail
* Integrate Eclipse 3.2 table sorting with our current solution (SBV-2281)
+ special thanks to Andreas Mayer
* Support of BugTraq properties (SBV-1619)
+ special thanks to Christopher Pierce (forum member)
* Make Mylar integration compatible with Mylar 1.0.0 version (SBV-2907)
+ special thanks to Eugene Kuleshov
* Show missing resources status separatelly in the Commit Dialog and warn before update if missing resources was found (SBV-2768)
* Show all available information about repository resource in Repository Tree using tooltips (SBV-3022)
* Add selected resources count label at the right bottom corner of the commit dialog (SBV-3024)
* Change "Subversive" submenu item position in the Eclipse IDE Help menu (SBV-2437)
+ special thanks to Cristinel Angheluta, Daniel Spiewak
* Location is copied after editing its properties (SBV-2940)
* Testing and bug fix for the 1.1.0.RC1 Synchronize View (SBV-2937)
* NPE in HistoryView on restricted folders (SBV-3009)
Version 1.1.0.RC1 [08 December 2006]
* Paste selected resource names to the commit message in Commit Dialog (SBV-2438)
+ special thanks to StefanC (forum user)
* Add ability to show the immediate parent, direct child of (...) and full path up to root for the tag and branch in the project label (SBV-2805)
+ special thanks to Dann Martens (contributor), Alouf (forum member)
* Allows to select revision manually in "Add Revision Link" dialog (SBV-2785)
+ special thanks to J S Green (forum member)
* Support unified method of multiple and single branch/tag operations (SBV-2074)
+ special thanks to Thomas Spiessens (forum member), Felipe CARASSO
* Include the latest native Subversion binaries and the latest JavaSVN (SVNKit) (SBV-2766)
* Make Mylar integration compatible with the latest Mylar version (SBV-2907)
* Introduce crash recovery API for the SVN Team Core module (SBV-2856)
* New files are added and committed even when they are unchecked (SBV-2803)
+ special thanks to jmiller (forum member)
* Slow down while synchronyzing with repository (SBV-2787)
+ special thanks to Panagiotis Korros (forum member), Adam Kiezun, afasano (forum member)
* FW: SVN History - Compare shows svn rev tag wrong version (SBV-2900)
+ special thanks to David Koontz, Marco Perrando
* NPE in SVNFolderListener (SBV-2875)
+ special thanks to Laurent Gaches
* NPE in Checkout As wizard in case of background project disconnection (SBV-2846)
+ special thanks to Marcello Ceschia (Univerty of Leipzig)
* Excessive repository callbacks after Eclipse restart (SBV-2658)
+ special thanks to Thomas Feldmann
* Get Repository Folder Children operation failure (SBV-2534)
* Error when stopping version 1.1.0.M8 (SBV-2714)
* Remove leading slashes in the Resource Selection composite (SBV-2831)
* SVN Location change unconditionally causes relocate of existing shared projects (PLC-1066)
* Content presence detection works incorrectly for single/multiple project layout in Share wizard (SBV-2827)
* NPE in Info operation when project is closed/disconnected from source control in background thread (SBV-2889)
* NPE while caching resources (SBV-2886)
Version 1.1.0.M9 [17 November 2006]
* Remember size of dialog for comparison of revisions and allow to maximize it (SBV-2725)
+ special thanks to Andreas Mayer
* Enable synchronizing and comparing with previous revisions for the copied files (SBV-2485)
+ special thanks to Tomas Normark, Nimda Cinatas (forum users)
* Contribute SVN Project Reference Analizer for Project Set pligin (SBV-2053)
* NPE in Compare operation (SBV-2558)
+ special thanks to Mark Cooke, Samuel Monsarrat, Pavel, Samant Maharaj, Mark Stralka, Dan Harmer, Patrick, Ignasi Marimon-Clos, Harlan Iverson, Samyem, Stefano Bagnara, Leonid Vasilenko, Barry Kaplan, J. Henne, Dirk, Lee Mercury, Tushar Pokle, B.O.Smievoll, Ben R Vesco, Lars S.-Helldorf
* Projects are sometimes disconnected after eclipse restart (SBV-2576)
+ special thanks to Gordon, Uwe Peuker, Stefan Wurzinger, tom hensel <>
* Initialize Project operation failure (SBV-2628)
+ special thanks to Michael Goddard
* Native JavaHL does not support null as username or password (SBV-2555)
+ special thanks to Uwe Peuker
* NPE in Get Resource List operation Failure Report (SBV-2569, SBV-2570)
+ special thanks to Lee Mercury, Alex Nistico, A. Antivero, Andy Czerwonka, Euler, Robert Sanders
* Share sub-project fails (SBV-2604)
+ special thanks to Joe Toth
* Checking out using New Project Wizard works incorrect (SBV-2536)
+ special thanks to Arakasi, mortensi (forum users)
* svn:ignore does not work in Subversive 1.1.0.M8 (SBV-2550)
+ special thanks to alexandrupopescu, afasano (forum members), Jon Stevens, Andreas Boeckler
* NPE in Share Project operation (SBV-2546)
* Compare with revision: IllegalArgumentException: negative revision numbers are not allowed (SBV-2549)
Version 1.1.0.M8 [27 October 2006]
* Support of Subversion 1.4 working copy format (SBV-2450)
+ special thanks to Ian Rowlands, Stefan Chyssler, Stefan Wurzinger, Tom Hensel
* Add file protocol support (SBV-2527)
+ special thanks to Thorsten Vitt
* Improve repository location layout (fonts, coloring, exceeding nodes) (SBV-2519)
+ special thanks to Pavel Zuev
* Allow copying without history for "Copy To" action (SBV-2525)
+ special thanks to Reinhard Brandstadter
* Allow to link History and Property Views with Synchronize Compare editor (SBV-2509)
+ special thanks to Hubert Grininger
* Checking out using New Project Wizard works incorrect (SBV-2536)
+ special thanks to Arakasi (forum user), Mortensi (forum user)
* Define peg revision for actions from Team menu (SBV-2502)
+ special thanks to Marcel Schulte
* Test JavaHL Client usage, fix problems if found (SBV-2406)
Version 1.1.0.M7 [20 October 2006]
* Automatic recognition of repository structure (TRUNK, BRANCHES, TAGS) instead of current static layout (SBV-2389)
+ special thanks to Diego Ernesto Malpica Chauvet, Felipe Carasso
* Respect project repository layout in "Create Branch", "Create Tag" operations (SBV-2388)
+ special thanks to Diego Ernesto Malpica Chauvet, Felipe Carasso
* Compare file on double-click in commit and revert dialogs (SBV-2408)
+ special thanks to Dario Lopez-Kasten
* Show text and property statuses separatelly in the resource selection dialog (PLC-640)
* NPE in commit if repository is inaccessible (SBV-2476)
+ special thanks to Roman Bruggisser, Dario Lopez-Kasten
* Add validation to comment view of "Problem Report" and "Tip for Improvement" dialogs (SBV-2498)
+ special thanks to Hubert Grininger
* Incorrect behaviour of "Single Project" layout when sharing project (project shared into branches instead of trunk) (SBV-2445)
+ special thanks to Kristoffer Peterhansel
* Enable checkout of svn:externals (SBV-2497)
+ special thanks to Hubert Grininger, Reinhard Brandstadter
* ClassCastException in experimental merge (SBV-2475)
+ special thanks to Stas, Alexandre, Andrew Bate, Doug Clinton, Lee Mercury
* NPE in Resources Changed operation (SBV-2503)
Version 1.1.0.M6 [13 October 2006]
* Define an option to provide case-sensitive as well as case-insensitive sort (SBV-2363)
+ special thanks to candyman (forum user)
* "expand all" button in synchronize view (SBV-2392)
+ special thanks to Pavel
* Place a splitter into Commit Dialog (SBV-2431)
+ special thanks to vlp (forum user)
* Reconnect projects which metainformation is dropped (PLC-10750)
* Add Subversive menu items to the working sets team menu (SBV-2414)
* Compare two files from repository shows inverted labels (SBV-2466)
+ special thanks to Ken Geis
* Temporary files should be deleted (SBV-2442)
+ special thanks to Pavel Zuev
* Optimize memory usage and speed up operation performance (PLC-1451)
+ special thanks to Clint Dovholuk, Daniel Spiewak, Bart Elberg, Richard Vanhook, Samuel Charron, Marvin Toll
* NullPointerException in Override and Update for restricted folders (SBV-2447)
* SWT error in Annotate View when annotated file is empty (SBV-2448)
* 'Select All' and 'Deselect All' button work incorrect at resource selection panels (SBV-2446)
* NullPointerException in resource selection panel (SBV-2429)
* NullPointerException in "Share Project" wizard when "Single Project" layout selected (SBV-2428)
* "Access denied" in Override And Update operation (SBV-2424)
* Project names are obtained for two times while checkout (SBV-2426)
Version 1.1.0.M5 [29 September 2006]
* Integration with Mylar (PLC-1099)
+ special thanks to jae (forum member)
* Add ability to choose desired revision by hands (not from the list) (SBV-2362)
+ special thanks to candyman (forum member)
* Add ability to create an unified diff on any two revisions (SBV-2364)
+ special thanks to candyman (forum member)
* Provide integration interfaces for Buckminster project (SBV-2412)
* Label decorations are not propagated to working sets (PLC-438)
* Check out to Working Set (PLC-901)
* Allow non-precise menu enablement in case of large projects (SBV-2417)
* Compare from Repository View doesn't work on renamed files (SBV-2416)
+ special thanks to Laszlo Varadi
* "Recources Changed" task frequently blinks in the right bottom IDE corner (SBV-2401)
+ special thanks to Jorg von Frantzius, Dovholuk, Clint
* Spelling error in the menu item "Help > Subversive > Send Tip for Improvement" (SBV-2403)
+ special thanks to Yesudeep J Mangalapilly
* JavaSVN reports statuses not only for requested resource but for it parents also [Remove debug exception] (SBV-2233)
+ special thanks to Francois Struman
* Unknown node kind exception in time of update operation (SBV-2365)
+ special thanks to Michael Mauthner
* NullPointerException in time of add to SVN operation (SBV-2368)
+ special thanks to Matias Rodriguez
* Poping up project context menu is very slow (PLC-485)
* Memory leak in commit dialog (SBV-2397)
* Find/Checkout as | Find disabled when called over .polarion folder in polarion project. (SBV-2355)
* NullPointerException in interactive merge implementation (SBV-2386)
* NullPointerException in time of share project with "multiple" layout selected (SBV-2400)
Version 1.1.0.M4 [15 September 2006]
* Add 'Branch from Revision' and 'Tag from Revision' actions to the History View (SBV-2352)
* Problem with specifying user name directly in URL for svn+ssh protocol (SBV-2383)
+ special thanks to Bronzegraf, reavertm (forum members)
* Run Compare Operation in background (SBV-2366)
+ special thanks to candyman (forum member)
* Poping up project context menu is very slow (PLC-485)
* Enhance JavaSVN diffStatus() function behavior (SBV-2382)
Version 1.1.0.M3 [8 September 2006]
* Add an ability to edit share project commit message (SBV-2347)
+ special thanks to bugmenot (forum user)
* Open system editors for repository files (SBV-2351)
+ special thanks to Chris Melikian
* Support of the monolitic layout in share operation (SBV-2308)
+ special thanks to Ken Geis
* Support of Quick Diff feature (PLC-1147)
+ special thanks to Benjamin Pasero
* Add 'Link With Editor' button to the History View toolbar (SBV-2325)
+ special thanks to Adam Brod
* Implement built-in annotation [like CVS "based on Quick Diff"] (SBV-2338)
* Provide ability to send bug report or tip for feature directly from Subversive UI (SBV-2346)
* Create 'Password Management' preferences page (SBV-2341)
* Create Property View and implement 'Link with Editor' feature for it (SBV-2329)
* AnnotationView improvement [merge lines with the same revision into on bundle] (PLC-286)
* Deadlock with Subversive Plugin (SBV-2349)
+ special thanks to rauar (forum user), Michael Valenta
* NullPointerException when project is deleted in time of internal cache refresh (SBV-2350)
Version 1.1.0.M2 [1 September 2006]
* Add an ability to choose if double-click opens or compares files in the History View (SBV-2326)
* Add 'Compare Current with Revision' menu item to the History View pop-up menu (SBV-2327)
* Interrelate items in drop-down menu and toolbar in the History View (SBV-2330)
* Apply patch: change wrong "General" tab name to correct "Advanced" in repository settings validation (SBV-2313)
+ special thanks to contributor Ken Geis
* NullPointerException in AbstractDecoratorWrapper (SBV-2312)
* Modified resources are not decorated with specified font and colors if they are locked (SBV-2314)
* The folder cannot be created in the location root if trunk/branches/tags are disabled (SBV-2315)
* 'Save password' checkbox is always checked after browsing repository (SBV-2317)
* FileNotFoundException while Get Contents action is performed for needs-lock file (SBV-2322)
Version 1.1.0.M1 [23 August 2006]
* Avoid subversive activation when there is no project shared with subversive (SBV-2288)
+ special thanks to contributor Panagiotis Korros
* Commit sets like in CVS (PLC-1097)
+ special thanks to contributor Alessandro Nistico
* Multiple resources properties edit (SBV-2011)
+ special thanks to Erik (forum user)
* Customize resource text colors (PLC-1352)
+ special thanks to Daniel Spiewak
* Add links to "Colors and Fonts" and "Label Decorations" pages on SVN Label Decorations page (SBV-2291)
* Improve SVN Console (SBV-2206)
* diffStatus() function reports incorrect URL for moved resources (SBV-2248)
+ special thanks to Adam Brod, Leonardo Barros, BalkanBoy (forum user), vsizikov (forum user)
* Plugin doesn't like semicolons in resource names (SBV-2294)
+ special thanks to Ryan Levering
* 'Compare with revision' doesn't work for copied/moved resources (SBV-2287)
+ special thanks to BalkanBoy, vsizikov (forum users)
* NullPointerException in CheckoutAs wizard (SBV-2283)
* 'Needs lock' files cannot be modified right after they are locked by callback (SBV-2289)
* Short URL decorator is not correctly displayed in preview (SBV-2290)
* Ignored resources are decorated as new (SBV-2293)
Version 1.0.2 [19 August 2006]
* Decorate files which are read-only and need lock (SBV-2226)
+ special thanks to simas, ftorres (forum users), Chris West
* Import from SVN Wizard (PLC-296)
* Improve SVN Console (SBV-2206)
* Show authentication realm in callback dialog (instead of location URL) (SBV-2236)
* Add an ability to represent short url of a project in the package explorer (SBV-2235)
* Automatic project share (SBV-2156)
* Add 'Checkout subdirectories' option to the checkout wizard (SBV-2216)
* Open Repository File operation: NullPointerException in AffectedPathsComposite (SBV-2085)
+ special thanks to Fabio Frumento
* Bug in 1.0.1: Subversive reset editors font settings (SBV-2215)
+ special thanks to Theo Wilms
* Check Out operation: Cannot create a directory (SBV-2200)
+ special thanks to D. Strauss, Marcus Bitzl, Barry Davies, Marcos Cesar de Oliveira
* Update operation: Access denied (SBV-2164)
+ special thanks to biniobill, Runar Bjarnason
* Auto properties support (SBV-2075)
+ special thanks to Georg (forum member)
* Crippling SVN+SSH Bug (SBV-2203)
+ special thanks to Daniel Spiewak
* Get Resource List operation: Unrecognized node kind (SBV-2037)
+ special thanks to Sandro Orlando, Christian, Jaime Ramos
* Show Conflict Editor: ClassCastException while editing conflicts on a *.png files (SBV-2196)
+ special thanks to Brett Atoms
* Check Out operation: Prefix string too short (SBV-2174)
+ special thanks to Dave Cameron
* Improve composite operation performance (SBV-2242)
* Project is automatically disconnected while upgrading FastTrack. (SBV-2173)
* project share wizard - finish button should be dissabled in FastTrack (SBV-2222)
* Merge preview panel becomes gray and empty after resizing (under Eclipse 3.0) (SBV-2237)
* Get Resource List: NullPointerException in some complex cases (SBV-2232)
* Improve progress monitoring for the operations in the History View and Property Editor (SBV-2218)
* checkout projects with its tracker checkouts duplicate projects + project called ".polarion" (SBV-2194)
* Malformed SVN console output during Rename Resource (SBV-2209)
* Show original SVN "conflict" message when commit fails (SBV-2207)
* Check Out operation fails when user checked out projects with the same name but in different case (SBV-2042)
* Update does nothing if the project has been switched to the earlier revision (SBV-2034)
* IMailSettingProvider has been changed (SBV-2193)
* NPE in time of Override And Update operation (SBV-2176)
Version 1.0.1 [28 July 2006]
* SVN Console (SBV-1591)
+ special thanks to lithium (forum user), dcorbin (forum user), aochsner(forum user), patrek(forum user), markphip(forum user)
* Commit/synchronize dialog after share operation (PLC-1421)
+ special thanks to Daniel Spiewak
* Copy change buttons should work in case of compare operations (SBV-1951)
+ special thanks to Panagiotis Korros
* Add an ability to choose the method of project name selection while checkout (SBV-2147)
+ special thanks to Paul (forum user)
* Change File/Class headers with Eclipse standard (SBV-2154)
* Moving JavaSVN to extension point (SBV-2135)
* Workspace start Problem with IBM RSA and Subversive (SBV-2139)
+ special thanks to Andreas Graesser
* Quick fix for JavaSVN merge() problem (SBV-2158)
+ special thanks to contributor Tobias Bosch
* WTP support: Checkout using new project wizard deletes .settings directory (SBV-2067)
+ special thanks to angelcervera (forum user)
* SVN+SSH: "Unknown authentication method" in JavaSVN SBV-2005
+ special thanks to CVD (forum user), Anton Fletcher
* 'Resource does not exist' exception after updating incoming deletion (SBV-2171)
* [Subversive] Report ID-Y6AUL - Import Team Project Set Operation Failure Report (SBV-2137)
* Invalid thread access (SBV-2127)
Version 1.0.0 Release [14 July 2006]
* Enhance Add/Edit properties (SBV-2065)
+ special thanks to wusch (forum user)
* Support of different merge modes (SBV-2069)
+ special thanks to yagee (forum user)
* Add an ability to apply lock to the resourses recursively (SBV-2097)
* Support conflicitng files editing (SBV-2079)
* Implement standard JavaHL merge (SBV-2098)
* Incorrect URL when only one file is merged (SBV-2101)
+ special thanks to Danny Mandel
* NPE while synchronizing projects (SBV-2091)
+ special thanks to Kevin Ross, biniobill
* Share Project operation: Negative revision number (SBV-2061)
+ special thanks to Chad Woolley
* Bug in synchronize view after merge (SBV-1949)
+ special thanks to Clint Dovholuk
* Can't relocate a project (SBV-2076)
+ special thanks to smonsarr (forum user)
* Compare operation fails in complex case (SBV-2118)
+ special thanks to J.J. Kiers
* WTP support: Checkout using new project wizard deletes .settings directory (SBV-2067)
+ special thanks angelcervera (forum user)
* Strange strings in decorators preference page (SBV-2064)
+ special thanks Panagiotis Korros
* reduces memory consumption by 15% (SBV-2103)
+ special thanks to contributor Panagiotis Korros for provided patch
* .svn folder is deleted by subversive (SBV-2102)
+ special thanks to contributor Panagiotis Korros for provided patch
* NullPointerException in Annotate View (SBV-1818)
+ special thanks to Sébastien Sahuc
* Enable Finish button on Share project (SBV-2056)
* Revision '-1' is set to added resources in property editor title (SBV-2095)
* NullPointerException in Get Remote Properties operation (SBV-2060)
* Repository Browser decoration is not refreshed after 'Break lock' action (SBV-2072)
* Checkout using 'New Project Wizard' should not suggest to overwrite existing project (SBV-2071)
* Selecting repository location label works incorrect (SBV-2070)
* Incomplete presentation of project URL's in 'Find / Checkout Projects As' wizard (SBV-2078)
* 'Start development with' option for branch/tag actions doesn't work sometimes (SBV-2073)
* Override and update doesn't work for new resources (SBV-2096)
* NullPointerException in Add to SVN operation (SBV-1921)
* Cannot change credentials for svn+ssh protocol (SBV-2115)
JavaSVN features (in cooperation with TMate team):
* Add "force" option to SVNClientEx::merge() function (SBV-2049)
Version 1.0.0 RC4 [30 June 2006]
* Enhance properties support (SBV-1784)
+ special thanks to Erik (forum user)
* Add menu item 'Add Revision Link' to the History View (SBV-2032)
* Add getSelectedLogMessages() method to SelectRevisionPanel class (SBV-2038)
* Add error and warning decoration to the resources in commit dialog (SBV-2059)
* Add an ability to choose if the new resources should be selected in commit dialog or not (SBV-2058)
* Problem adding property names with more than 1 ':' character. (SBV-2014)
+ special thanks to Alexis O'Connor
* Set focus to password field when callback dialog is shown (SBV-2012)
+ special thanks to Chris West
* ResourceException: A resource exists with a different case (SBV-2040)
+ special thanks to Maarten Meijer
* Some entry fields information is not correctly passed to the operations (SBV-2013)
* Create folder operation fails for the folders which are repository roots (SBV-2021)
* 'Widget disposed error' after dialog is closed by 'Esc' and 'Ctrl+Enter' is pressed (SBV-2022)
* Affected paths tree does not contain statuses information for some folders (SBV-2023)
* Cannot create branch in the root of repository (SBV-2024)
* 'Show history' action should be disabled in synchronize view for the deleted from repository resources (SBV-2025)
* NullPointerException in decorators (SBV-2009)
* Peg revision specified incorrectly for revision links (SBV-2026)
* Incorrect highlight of current revision in case of repository resource history (SBV-2027)
* Override and Update does not work for ignored resources (SBV-2028)
* Refresh does not work on Repository View if same resource shown twice (SBV-2029)
* Incorrect pop-up menu in case of file opened from repository. (SBV-2030)
* Too big indention between controls on UI forms under Eclipse 3.0 (SBV-2031)
* Current revision is not highlighted in histiory view after 'Update To' operation is performed (SBV-2035)
* Relocate for the projects works incorrect if repository changes (SBV-2033)
* Respect "conflicted" mark on working copy resource (SBV-1806)
JavaSVN fixes (in cooperation with TMate team):
* java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Negative time (SBV-1952)
+ special thanks to ngyen, yongyut
* Get Resource List operation: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException (SBV-1934)
+ special thanks to Danny Mandel
* Atomic commit fails for the projects checkouted from different repository locations (SBV-2007)
Version 1.0.0 RC3 [16 June 2006]
* Improve usage of Subversive together with external SVN clients (SBV-2006)
+ special thanks to pkorros (forum user)
* Copy resource URL to clipboard (SBV-1931)
+ special thanks to Chris Melikian
* Add an ability to submit all forms by pressing Ctrl+Enter (as it is in commit dialog) (SBV-1980)
* HistoryView - properties(). Support view of revision properties. (PLC-283)
* In History View operations should be executed in background (SBV-1953)
* Move property view to editor area (PLC-613)
* Timing out when URL is encoded (contains %20 entries etc.) (SBV-1978)
+ special thanks to Turadg Aleahmad
* Compare repository resources failure (SBV-1970)
+ special thanks to Danny Mandel
* NPE in Show Messages operation (SBV-1938)
+ special thanks to Larry Edelstein
* ClassCastException in Subversive code (SBV-1932)
+ special thanks to Larry Colson
* NPE in Compare Resource with Revision operation (SBV-1936)
+ special thanks to Gregory Gerard
* Trunk, branches and tags default values are not stored if they are disabled while creating new location
+ special thanks to contributor Sergey Vasilchenko for provided patch
* Export does not work if destination folder entered manually (not selected from picker) (SBV-1993)
* Validate all UI forms layout and optimize their content if it's necessary (SBV-1981)
* AssertionFailedException while closing Repository Browser (SBV-1964)
* NPE while disposing AnnotateView (SBV-1990)
* "Hide unrelated" option works incorrectly in case of moved/copied resources (SBV-1998)
* Create Tags/Branches/Trunk does not work in some cases (SBV-1992)
* NullPointerException in merge dialog (SBV-1973)
* Override And Commit: NullPointerException (SBV-1977)
* Separate SSL callback from the general one (SBV-1958)
* Repository locations is not refreshed some time (SBV-1946)
* Subversive doesn't allow underscore in repository host name. Add ability to support. (SBV-1943)
* Delete operation: Errors occurred while refreshing resources with the local file system (SBV-1940)
* ArrayOutOfBoundsException in HistoryView (SBV-1929)
Version 1.0.0 RC2 [2 June 2006]
* Add Break Lock operation to Repository View (SBV-1895)
* Notification of Resource Selection Change in ICommentDialogPanel (SBV-1882)
* Remember & prefill comment message when "Cancel" is pressed in previous commit try (SBV-1803)
* Incoming deletion for project should disconnect project from source control without meta-inforamtion deletion (PLC-1184)
* Some time default editor is not opened if the editor registered to specific file type is not opened (SBV-1925)
+ special thanks to Robert r. Sanders
* ConcurrentModificationException while changing repository location properties (SBV-1884)
+ special thanks to Tjedrzejczak
* Missing import "" in feature.xml (SBV-1914)
+ special thanks to Christian Buggle
* Override And Update: Errors occurred while refreshing resources with the local file system (SBV-1903)
+ special thanks to Matias
* Can't find file when synchronising (SBV-1910)
+ special thanks to Chris Melikian
* Deadlock while opening project (SBV-1701)
+ special thanks to Jeremy Hare
* Compare Resource with Revision fails for replaced files (SBV-1885)
+ special thanks to Joerg von Frantzius
* BadLocationException in SVN Annotate View (SBV-1780)
+ special thanks to Alex Ostrovsky
* [Subversive] Report ID-TDB4K - Prepared Tag Operation Failure Report (SBV-1827, SBV-1893)
+ special thanks to jmilora
* Incorrect URL validation on repository properties editing form (SBV-1772)
+ special thanks to Hans van der Meer
* Discard Repository Location operation does nothing if there is at least one location in the set that could not be discarded (SBV-1892)
* Validate forms UI on Linux systems (SBV-1900)
* Incoming project deletions does not handled by Override and Update action (SBV-1916)
* NPE in time of merge operation (SBV-1902)
* "Replace with" actions fails if non-versioned files exists in the directory to be replaced (SBV-1807)
* Disable 'Compare with previous revision' item in the pop-up menu for some of affected paths (SBV-1881)
* Mark As Merged Operation fails if project tree is not in sync with file system (SBV-1820)
* "Compare with previous revision" fails for the affected paths in History View because of malformed url (SBV-1880)
* ".project" and ".classpath" file addition cannot be updated (SBV-1879)
* Project created using Check out/New Project Wizard should respect project settings (SBV-1889)
JavaSVN features (in cooperation with TMate team):
* SVNClientEx::mergeStatus() enhancement (SBV-1888)
JavaSVN fixes (in cooperation with TMate team):
* Certificate bug in subversive (SBV-1810)
+ special thanks to Chris West
* Allow caching of SSL certificates (SBV-1887)
* SVNClient::info2() acquires authentication four times (SBV-1886)
* SVNClientEx::merge() fails when it called second time (SBV-1825)
* SVNClientEx::merge() trims resource name and fails (SBV-1894)
Version 1.0.0 RC1 [19 May 2006]
* Project label decorator improvements (PLC-1089)
+ special thanks to Arvoreen (forum member)
* Support of the tsvn:logtemplate property (PLC-1219)
+ special thanks to axiom10 (forum member)
* Comment Templates like in CVS (PLC-1422)
+ special thanks to Clint Dovholuk
* Support ASP.NET hack (PLC-1365)
+ special thanks to Clint Dovholuk
* It is not possible to branch/tag multiple projects at once (PLC-783)
+ special thanks to Berserksangr (forum member)
* Invalid location of .project and .classpath files after check out (SBV-1822)
+ special thanks to Angelo (forum user)
* Incorrect error message in in time of Checkout if target folder is locked by external process (SBV-1756)
+ special thanks to Turadg Aleahmad
* Allow Override and Update for new files (SBV-1589)
+ special thanks to Dotjerky (forum user)
* NPE in Commit Operation (SBV-1615, SBV-1815)
+ special thanks to Paul Kendall, Christian
* Errors occurred while refreshing resources with the local file system (SBV-1561, SBV-1588)
+ special thanks to Tjedrzejczak, Dumitru Frunza
* Incorrect URL validation on repository properties editing form (SBV-1772)
+ special thanks to Hans van der Meer
* Show Repositories View Operation Failure Report (SBV-1763)
+ special thanks to Simon Liu, Axel Bock
* Problem with Compare (SBV-1710)
+ special thanks to David Harrigan
* Wrong dialog text for browsing url for merging (SBV-1767)
+ special thanks to Danny Mandel
* NoClassDefFoundError [PluginIDVisitor] (SBV-1672)
+ special thanks to Steve Zadoorian
* Report shouldn't be sent for the network communication problems (SBV-1781)
* Incoming deletion for project should delete project from workspace (PLC-1184)
* URL Validation failed on GNU JVM (SBV-1657)
* Check Out As action failed (SBV-1808)
* Validate UI forms (SBV-1785)
* No actions in the context menu for a resource in "strange" state (PLC-800)
* NPE in CreatePatchAction (SBV-1757)
JavaSVN fixes (in cooperation with TMate team):
* Exception in case if WC is svn:externals in parent WC (SBV-1692)
+ special thanks to Sascha Frick
* Unknown node kind '3' in merge operation (SBV-1654, SBV-1653, PLC-1380, PLC-1187)
+ special thanks to Edward Seymour, Danny Mandel
* Commit failed with "502 Bad Gateway" error (PLC-1439)
+ special thanks to Bpasero and Oliverh (forum members)
* Unable to register repository with only server name in URL (SBV-1790)
+ special thanks to Hugi (forum member)
Version 1.0.0 M12 [5 May 2006]
* Add "Stop On Copy" option to History View (PLC-704)
* Hide unrelated paths option for History View (PLC-703)
* Let user decide to override existing folders while checkout or not (SBV-1686)
* Arrange checkout menu items (PLC-1204)
* Add UI part of the proxy callback support (PLC-955)
* Error encountered: null argument provided to table view (SBV-1582)
+ special thanks to Yogesh B Kanitkar
* [Subversive] Share Project operation FAILURE REPORT (PLC-1402)
+ special thanks to Peter Rose
* Report ID-CAYHC - Show Properties Operation Failure Report (SBV-1658)
+ special thanks to Ken Geis
* Unaccessible API's on GNU JRE (SBV-1673)
+ special thanks to Martin Zuber
* Report ID-HGXUD - Prevented recursive attempt to activate part (PLC-1368)
+ special thanks to Tom Staubitz
* Compare with BASE requires connections to server (SBV-1567)
+ special thanks to Erik Dick
* Strange merge behavior (PLC-1369)
+ special thanks to Danny (forum user)
* Typo in a dialog (SBV-1695)
* Invalid merge()/mergeStatus() behaviour (SBV-1526)
* Report ID-MXE52 - ContentViewer must have a content provider [HistoryView] (PLC-1382)
* Report ID-PD8W6 - ContentViewer must have a content provider [AnnotateView] (SBV-1674)
* Report ID-B7MW0 - Add Repository Location Operation Failure Report (SBV-1685)
* Address already in use: connect (SBV-1574)
* Cannot compare resources (PLC-WLG10K)
* Hierarchy of added resources not completely visible in the Structure Compare (PLC-791)
* Many warning dialogs and log records while comparing two revisions (PLC-790)
* "Compare with revision" operation fails for branched(tagged) resource (PLC-592)
* Compare two revision is extremely slow (PLC-588)
* 'Compare with revision' operation fails after moving the resource (PLC-578)
* Refactor fails when changing package name (SBV-1655)
JavaSVN fixes (in cooperation with TMate team):
* Unrecognized node kind '0' in time of merge action (PLC-1500)
+ special thanks to Edward Seymour
* Checkout failed because of Status-Line '0' (SBV-1592)
+ special thanks to fjalvingh (forum user)
* Malformed network data; Cannot open session, you need to establish a connection first. (SBV-1599, SBV-1597, SBV-1558, SBV-1663)
+ special thanks to Chad Woolley, Jörg Henne
* diffStatus fails when two files is compared (SBV-1553)
Version 1.0.0 M11 [21 April 2006]
* Respect hierarchical structure in Checkout Projects (PLC-1397)
+ special thanks to Memelet (forum member)
* Obtain project name from .project file (if so) during checkout from repository (PLC-1413)
* Attempted to beginRule: R/, does not match outer scope rule: P/ (SBV-1550, SBV-1587, SBV-1622, SBV-1627)
+ special thanks to Mathis Hofer; MBertier; Konstantin Haas; Sebastian Hardt; Mitsu Hadeishi; Barry Kaplan
* Add Repository Location Operation Failure (widget is disposed) (SBV-1532)
+ special thanks to John N Underwood
* The commit dialog looks confusing (SBV-1606, FastTrack-PLC-1528)
+ special thanks to Christian Nelson
* NullPointerException if DefaultDialog::open() fails (SBV-1628)
* Check Out Operation Failure Report ID-E3SG4 (PLC-1420)
* NullPointerException if SVNClient::info() operations fails due to some reason (SBV-1580)
* Repository View "Move To..." action does not work (SBV-1557)
JavaSVN fixes (in cooperation with TMate team):
* Broken workspace in case of case-sensitive rename (SBV-1528, SBV-1522)
+ special thanks to Kiel Hodges
* Check Out Operation Failure Report (IndexOutOfBoundsException) (PLC-1470)
+ special thanks to Kevin Ross
* NPE in SVNFileUtil (SBV-1602)
* mergeStatus() operation ingnores IProgressMonitor.isActivityCancelled() (PLC-1463)
* Resource names is encoded for mergeStatus() (PLC-1462)
Version 1.0.0 M10 [7 April 2006]
* Support of shortcuts
+ special thanks to Georges-Etienne Legendre;Christian Nelson
* Include changes to commit dialog like in CVS
+ special thanks to Daniel Spiewak, aochsner (forum user)
* Implement 'Copy' and 'Move' operations for the repository exploring perspective
* Implement extension point that alows configure email report properties
* Support for synchronize action contributions
* Create patch implementation
* Could not instantiate provider org.tigris.subversion...
+ special thanks to Maxim Gordienko; Barry Kaplan; Johannes Matheis; Ralph Navarro;Turadg Aleahmad
* Massive CPU usage - Eclipse slowdown
+ special thanks to Clint Dovholuk
* Excessive "Build Workspace" and slowdown
+ special thanks to Clint.Dovholuk; Mike (forum user)
* NullPointerException in time of Share Project operation
+ special thanks to Hans van der Meer
* NullPointerException when operation is cancelled
+ special thanks to Tjedrzejczak
* NullPointerException in LocalInfoPage
+ special thanks to Andreas Andreou
* Incorrect icon for modified resources in preview
* Cleanup menu is enabled for non-versioned resources
* NPE in time of project set import
* Default focus in the New Repository Location Wizard should be to the field Root URL
* NullPointerException in FileUtility.getOperableParents
* NullPointerException in FileUtility.getResourcesRecursive
* NullPointerException in AbstractSVNSyncInfo
* NPE in Commit dialog
* Checkout projects action reports 75% progress although it finished already
* Error report sending is suggested for when SVNException is thrown
* Support Eclipse 3.2 linked resources
* Resource out of sync with file system error
JavaSVN features (in cooperation with TMate team):
* Enhance diff() functionality
JavaSVN fixes (in cooperation with TMate team):
* Export operation fails with large files
* Import operation fails on read-only path
* Incoming addition cannot be merged
* Resource names is encoded for mergeStatus()
Version 1.0.0 M9 [24 March 2006]
* Add support for multiple folder creation in one transaction
* Add file in SVN Repository view
* Use CVS-like decoration icon for modified resources
+ special thanks to Eugene Kuleshov; Daniel Spiewak
* Commit and Update buttons in Synchronize view toolbar
+ special thanks to Georges-Etienne Legendre
* Set 'Don't send' button as a default for the error dialog
* User input history should be implemented for name and email field in send error dialog
* Resource '...' is not open" problem when project is closed under Eclipse 3.2Mx
* Daniel Spiewak; Travis Hume
* Switch error: outgoing changes in wc -> no switch possible
+ special thanks to ayampols our forum user
* Incorrect page is shown in 'share project' wizard while sharing imported project (Eclipse 3.2Mx freezes)
+ special thanks to memelet (forum user); Georges-Etienne Legendre
* Time-to-time error report window automatically closed with report sending
* 'There is an error occurs..' caption in repository browser
* Cleanup operation also for folders
+ special thanks to Daniel Serodio our forum user
* Invalid path separator used for UNIX-like systems
+ special thanks to anathaniel our forum user; D. Strauss; Leonard Soetedjo
* ClassCastException in the SVNRemoteStorage class in time of RepositoryProvider check
* Merge, switch dialogs select revision for the wrong resource (should agree with input url)
* Error report preview fails under Eclipse 3.2Mx
* NPE in History View in some hard cases
* NPE during a refresh of a project
+ special thanks to Frits Jalvingh
* Hiding History View parts works incorrect
Version 1.0.0 M8 [17 March 2006]
* Improve merge dialog
* Mark top revision in History View in Repository Mode
+ special thanks to Daniel Spiewak
* Rework History View - comment viewer should be shown in the bottom of the log
messages table
+ special thanks to Eugene Kuleshov
* Optimize "Edit repository properties" panel
* Add Subversive version id to the error report
* Add sequence number for the mail error report
* Sort by date in resource history view works incorrect
* Concurrent modification exception
+ special thanks to Cedric Pineau
* java.lang.NumberFormatException in repository browser
* Composite operation should recognize not executed depended operation.
* Checkout as using new project wizard works incorrect
* Get Resource List operation FAILURE REPORT
+ special thanks to Jon our bug reporter.
* Pre-close/Pre-delete Clear operation FAILURE REPORT
+ special thanks to Cedric Pineau
* NPE during Share project operation
+ special thanks to Kevin O'Neill; Cedric Pineau; Barry Kaplan; David Saff
* Make error report preview form platform independent
+ special thanks to Cedric Pineau
* Null pointer exception then Synchronize View is closed
+ special thanks to Leonard Soetedjo
* Changes of the New Project Wizard during checkout are lost
+ special thanks to Armen our forum member
* Share project fails when project layout structure partially exists on the
* Repository view navigator makes unneccessary requests to the server
* Null pointer exception in select revision panel when no network available
* NPE in LogMessagesComposite
* Override and commit & markAsMerged operations work incorrect in case replaced
* Checkout projects action can't be completed if common error occurs
* Repository scanning can't be cancelled
* Checkout overrides projects without warning
* Simply notify user when an error occurs during send report . Do not ask it
to send this error
* Rework SVN views description according Eclipse IDE standart
* Invalid working behaviour for replaced resources
* Null pointer exception in History view then no network connection available
* Repository browsing panel works incorrect in case no network connection
* All compare with ... operation asks to send report when no network available
* Null pointer exception in affected paths composite
* ClassCastException in Repository Browsing Panel
* Subversive propose to send email report when repository folder already exists
* NPE during send a report
+ special thanks to Danny Mandel
* Affected paths view shows incorrect information
* NPE in Repository Properties
+ special thanks to Danny Mandel
Version 1.0.0 M7 [10 March 2006]
* Change Preferences->Team UI like in Eclipse/CVS 3.1 [usability]
* Improve error reporting dialog [usability]
* Team menu should be ordered like in CVS
+ special thanks to Daniel Spiewak for reporting this issue
* Widget disposed error
+ special thanks to Daniel Spiewak for reporting this issue
* Create new repository location operation from 'select wizard dialog' fails
* Add ability to show properties on the repository roots (TRUNK, TAGS,
* Changing history view layout works incorrect
JavaSVN fixes:
* Incorrect cancelation of SVN Checkout
* Checkout freezes when cancel button is pressed
Version 1.0.0 M6 [7 March 2006]
* Add option to mail report (Do not ask me to send report in
future) [usability]
* Show annotation operation failure
* Simply notify user when an error occurs during send report. Do not ask it
to send this error
* Authentification problem for "send error report"
* Null pointer exception in check out as operation
* Add ability to subscribe on project state changed events
* Synchronize is called for the project which is not shared yet
Version 1.0.0 M5 [4 March 2006]
* Api for PropertyManager [extension points]
* Add �Refresh� button to SVN Repository Browser toolbar [usability]
* Support Eclipse 3.2 [functionality]
* Add ability to open and compare with previous revision for t