Updating with Git repository and removing CVS
diff --git a/_projectCommon.php b/_projectCommon.php
index fa4d8c0..858f4f4 100644
--- a/_projectCommon.php
+++ b/_projectCommon.php
@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@
 	$Nav->addCustomNav("Community", 		"http://wiki.eclipse.org/Tigerstripe_Community_Resources", "_self", 2);
 	$Nav->addCustomNav("Downloads", 		"/tigerstripe/downloads.php", 	"_self", 2);
 	$Nav->addCustomNav("Documentation", 	"/tigerstripe/documentation/index.php", 	"_self", 2);
-	$Nav->addCustomNav("CVS", 				"http://dev.eclipse.org/viewcvs/index.cgi/org.eclipse.tigerstripe/?root=Technology_Project", "_self", 2);
+	$Nav->addCustomNav("Git", 				"http://git.eclipse.org/c/tigerstripe/org.eclipse.tigerstripe.git/", "_self", 2);
 	$Nav->addCustomNav("IP Log", 			"/tigerstripe/IPLog.php", "_self", 2);
 	$Nav->addCustomNav("Wiki", 				"http://wiki.eclipse.org/Tigerstripe", "_self", 2);
diff --git a/generators/index.php b/generators/index.php
index 0e48e1d..b752483 100644
--- a/generators/index.php
+++ b/generators/index.php
@@ -43,22 +43,24 @@
-	<p>These generators are provided directly out of our CVS repository. Please follow these instructions to deploy the generators in your local 
+	<p>These generators are provided directly out of our Git repository. Please follow these instructions to deploy the generators in your local 
 	instance of Tigerstripe:
-	  	<li>Check-out the chosen Generator from CVS
+	  	<li>Check-out the chosen Generator from Git (assuming you have eGit installed
-	  			<li>File->Import..., CVS->Projects from CVS...</li>
+	  			<li>File->Import..., Git->Projects from Git..., URI</li>
 	  			<li>If you don't already have it you need to create a Repository Location for the Tigerstripe Eclipe Project, with the following details:
-	  					<li><strong>Host</strong>: dev.eclipse.org</li>
-	  					<li><strong>Repository Path</strong>: /cvsroot/technology</li>
-	  					<li><strong>User</strong>: anonymous</li>
+	  					<li><strong>URI</strong>: http://git.eclipse.org/gitroot/tigerstripe/org.eclipse.tigerstripe.git</li>	  					
+	  					<li><strong>User</strong>: <small><i>leave blank</i></small></li>
 	  					<li><strong>Password</strong>: <small><i>leave blank</i></small></li>
 	  					<li>use the default connection details</li>
-	  			<li>Browse to the org.eclipse.tigerstripe/generators directory and select the target Generator Project for import</li>
+	  			<li>Select Master then Next, then enter a local directory location to download to and then Enter. It will
+	  			then start to download the repository. Then to import a specific generator into an Eclipse workspace. Select Import-> Git-> Projects from Git >
+	  			Local-> select the local Git repository where you just checked out the master repository to-> then with Import existing projects selected
+	  			navigate to Working Directory->Generators-> and select the generator that you wish to import.</li>
 	  	<li>Once imported in your workspace, you need to deploy the generator to make use of them against one of you Models.<br/>
@@ -74,14 +76,14 @@
 						<li><strong>Description</strong>: Generates an XML export of a Tigerstripe model.</li>
-						<li><strong>CVS Path</strong>: org.eclipse.tigerstripe/generators/export-xml</li>
+						<li><strong>Git Path</strong>: Working Directory/generators/export-xml</li>
 						<li><strong>Details</strong>: more information can be found <a href="http://wiki.eclipse.org/Tigerstripe_XML_Export_Generation">Tigerstripe XML Export Generation</a> wiki topic.</li>
 						<li><strong>Description</strong>: Generates HTML documentation of a Tigerstripe model.</li>
-						<li><strong>CVS Path</strong>: org.eclipse.tigerstripe/generators/tigerstripe-documentation</li>
+						<li><strong>Git Path</strong>: Working Directory/generators/tigerstripe-documentation</li>
 						<li><strong>Details</strong>: More details on the <a href="http://wiki.eclipse.org/Tigerstripe_Documentation_Generation">Tigerstripe Documentation Generation</a> wiki topic. The original Bugzilla is <a href="https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=228670">228670</a></li>
@@ -93,7 +95,7 @@
 						<li><strong>Description</strong>: creates an XML representation of instances found on an Instance Diagram.</li>
-						<li><strong>CVS Path</strong>: org.eclipse.tigerstripe/generators/m0xml</li>
+						<li><strong>Git Path</strong>: Working Directory/generators/m0xml</li>