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<title>Dark feature processing</title>
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<h1>Why Should I Need Dark Feature Processing?</h1>
<p>Dark feature processing can be used to modify diagram data as well as business
data through existing Graphiti features, without the need to have any Graphiti editor
<h1>What Do I Have to Do to Process My Features “Dark”?</h1>
<p>You just have to create the suitable diagram type provider (DTP) and feature
provider combination for the diagram to be modified. The service class <i>ExtensionManager</i>
provides some useful methods: <i>createDiagramTypeProvider(IDiagram)</i> can be
called to receive a DTP loaded with all the infrastructure to process your existing
features. But keep in mind that these features can not show any kind of UI because
there is no real visible editor running.</p>
<li>Dark processed features really have to be dark! No pop up dialogs, please…</li>
<li>No selection</li>
<li>No (auto) direct editing</li>
<p>So eventually you have to prepare your features to fit that needs.</p>
<p>An example for dark feature procession can be found in the final version of this
tutorial plugin as it is contained in the SDK download of Graphiti. The
<span class="inlinecode">AddAllClassesCommand</span> uses this method to add all
existing classes of the current project to a new diagram. The functionality is triggered
from a context menu entry on the <em>All Classes</em> node in the project explorer.
For the complete functionality please also have a look into the class
<span class="inlinecode">CreateDiagramWithAllClassesHandler</span> and the registration
of the handler and the command in<span class="inlinecode"> plugin.xml</span>. Besides
an additional reference to the plugin <em>org.eclipse.emf.transaction</em> is needed
to make the extension compile. The coding can be found in the SDK download of Graphiti
or in the
<a href="">
Eclipse CVS</a>. The two classes can be found in the package <em>org.eclipse.graphiti.examples.tutorial.handlers.</em></p>