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<title>Prepared example projects</title>
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<h1>Prepared Example Project</h1>
<p>There is one prepared example project containing the sources for this tutorial.
It shows more or less the <b>resulting project</b>, which you should have <b>at
the end of this tutorial</b>.</p>
<p class="Note">Note: it can happen that the code snippets in the tutorial are different
from the code in the example project. This means that the example project is outdated.
In such a case please tell us, and we will update the example project immediately.</p>
<h2>The Example Project</h2>
<p>This plug-in contains the complete sources for the graphics framework tutorial.</p>
<h2>Installation Of the Example Project</h2>
<p>Ensure that plug-ins<em> org.eclipse.graphiti.examples.tutorial</em> and<em>
org.eclipse.graphiti.examples.common</em> are installed in your IDE. The latter
includes inter alia wizards for project and diagram creation, and a tree.</p>
<h2>Test: Open the Empty Diagram Editor</h2>
<p>It should at least be possible to create and open a diagram.</p>
<p>For this first test perform the following steps:</p>
<li>Run your target platform.</li>
<li>Open the project explorer (e.g. activate Resource perspective)</li>
<p><img alt="" height="130" src="visio/file-new-project.png" width="561"></p>
<p><strong>Figure: Start the &quot;New&quot; → &quot;Project...&quot;-wizard</strong></p>
<p><img alt="" height="495" src="visio/new-gfw-project.png" width="511"></p>
<p><strong>Figure: Select &quot;Graphiti Sample Project&quot; as project type</strong></p>
<p><img alt="" height="495" src="visio/new-gfw-project-2.png" width="511"></p>
<p><strong>Figure: Insert a name for your project and hit &quot;Finish&quot; button</strong></p>
<p><img alt="" src="visio/project-explorer.png"></p>
<p><strong>Figure: The newly created project</strong></p>
<p><img alt="" height="306" src="visio/new-other.png" width="544"></p>
<p><strong>Figure: On the selected project open context menu: &quot;New&quot; → &quot;Other...&quot;</strong></p>
<p><img alt="" height="500" src="visio/new-diagram.png" width="500"></p>
<p><strong>Figure: From the list of wizards select &quot;Graphiti Diagram</strong>&quot;</p>
<p><img alt="" height="414" src="visio/digram-type-tutorial.png" width="437"></p>
<p><strong>Figure: Specify diagram type: &quot;tutorial&quot; and hit &quot;Next&quot; button</strong></p>
<p><img alt="" height="415" src="visio/diagram-name.png" width="438"></p>
<p><strong>Figure: Specify the diagram name and hit &quot;Finish&quot; button</strong></p>
<p>Diagram is opened automatically with your editor. Result is shown in the image
<p><img alt="" src="visio/project-explorer-editor.png"></p>
<p><strong>Figure: Empty diagram is opened in editor</strong></p>
<p>Depending on the functionality already provided in your editor, you can continue
to test further functionality.</p>