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<title>Scenario description</title>
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<h1>Scenario Description</h1>
<p>In this tutorial we create a graphical editor for the Ecore metamodel as the
business model (domain model). This metamodel is included in your IDE installation
and therefore it is easy to use. As test editor we create a simple Ecore editor
step by step (see Figure).</p>
<p>The test editor starts very simple: In the first version it just allows to add
existing EClasses from the repository to an empty diagram and edit the diagram.</p>
<p>In the following chapters of this tutorial this editor will be extended, so that
all features of Graphiti can be shown.</p>
<p><img alt="" height="271" src="visio/ecore-editor-example.png" width="549"></p>
<p><strong>Figure: Example screenshot of the Ecore editor</strong></p>