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h1. Intent : setting up your dev environment
This document lists all actions required to set up a clean dev environment for Intent.
h2. Step 1 : configure git
If you are under Windows, please execute the following command in your terminal, to avoid line-ending issues :
@git config --global core.autocrlf true@
If your are under Linux, this step is optionnal.
h2. Step 2 : use Intent target platform
Please remember to use Intent's target platform (Window > Preferences > Plug-in Development > Target Platform > Intent - Indigo TP).
h2. Step 3 : configure your workspace
Please refer to the @/dev/code/README.textile@ to learn how to configure your workspace.
h2. Step 4 : use launch configurations
Please refer to the @/dev/launchconfigs/README.textile@ to learn how to use launch configurations to launch tests, clients and runtimes.
h2. Step 5 (optional) : use JaCoCo and Sonar
You can control the code coverage and many other useful informations relative to code quality using Sonar and Jacoco.
* Install and launch Sonar
* launch a build (@mvn clean verify@)
* launch Sonar (@mvn sonar:sonar@)