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h2. Unresolved problems
h3. Fancy styles problems
The right and left paddings don't seem to be detected by the WikiText parser. Moreover, @*they*@ aren't detected as paragraphs.p(())).
Left padding of 2em and right padding of 3em.
h3. Tables
h3. Alignments
It's really odd, the top alignment is detected but not the middle and bottom ones.
|_. TestAlignments|
|^. top alignment |
|-. middle alignment |
|~. bottom alignment |
h4. Colspans
|Colspan 3 |
|a |table |row|
|a |Colspan 2|
h4. Rowspans
|Rowspan 3|a |
|a |a |
|a |a |
|a |a |a|