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Updating ASM library version

  1. Change org.ow2.asm:asm version in pom.xml file. This defines version of ASM used by the javaagent at runtime and during Maven build on command line.
  2. Change org.objectweb.asm bundle-version in META-INF/MANIFEST.MF. This defines version of ASM used to compile the javaagent in PDE. This has no effect on command line Maven build or runtime!.
    • Make sure the new version of ASM is part of PDE target platform. You may need to copy ASM jar to the target platform manually as PDE does not download project dependencies automatically.
  3. If adding support for new Java classfile version
    • Update ClassfileTransformer#ASM_API to indicate ASM API version used by the javaagent. This defines what bytecode instructions ASM is able to interpret and process. Classfiles that use unsupported instructions will fail instrumentation and the javaagent will print Could not instrument class ... error message to stderr.
    • Update ClassfileTransformer#MAX_CLASS_MAJOR to match maximum java classfile version. The javaagent silently skips instrumentation of classfiles with newer version.
    • Update StratumTests#testAvailableStrata to indicate Java version(s) that are not supported by the javaagent. Typically this is N+1 compared to ClassfileTransformer#MAX_CLASS_MAJOR.
  4. Build the javaagent jar file by running mvn clean package command from org.eclipse.jdt.launching.javaagent/ directory. This creates org.eclipse.jdt.launching.javaagent/target/javaagent-shaded.jar jar file, which includes the javaagent and ASM classes.
    • Note that ASM classes are relocated to package to avoid possible conflicts with applicates being debugged.
  5. Copy javaagent-shaded.jar to org.eclipse.jdt.launching/lib folder. This is the javaagent jar used at runtime.
  6. Run the tests, ideally using all supported java versions.
  7. Commit all changed files to git and submit the changes to Gerrit for review.