Bug 572763 - [AutoRefactor #73/153] long primitive rather than wrapper

Replace Long wrapper object by long primitive type when an object is not
 - The variable must be not null,
 - The result should not make more autoboxing/unboxing than the original

        Long shouldBeAPrimitiveLong = Long.MIN_VALUE;
        aLong &= shouldBeAPrimitiveLong;
        anotherLong += shouldBeAPrimitiveLong;
        yetAnotherLong ^= shouldBeAPrimitiveLong;

Applying "Primitive rather than wrapper" clean up...

        long shouldBeAPrimitiveLong = Long.MIN_VALUE;
        aLong &= shouldBeAPrimitiveLong;
        anotherLong += shouldBeAPrimitiveLong;
        yetAnotherLong ^= shouldBeAPrimitiveLong;

Also add tests for int primitives.

Change-Id: I63971c8154d4b1a2baa50704147d000e44882b11
Signed-off-by: Fabrice Tiercelin <fabrice.tiercelin@yahoo.fr>
Reviewed-on: https://git.eclipse.org/r/c/jdt/eclipse.jdt.ui/+/179166
11 files changed
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