Java implementation of Git (technology.jgit)
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  1. 3cd7d0d  Do not add a newline at the end if neither merged side had one by AndrĂ© de Oliveira - 7 months ago master
  2. a5c40a3  Make RepositoryState.REBASING_MERGE reachable again. by Laurent Delaigue - 4 months ago
  3. 2bd3556  Fix RecursiveMerger in case of multiple, independent base commits by Christian Halstrick - 6 days ago
  4. f1a15f7  TestRepository: Add a cherryPick method by Dave Borowitz - 13 days ago
  5. dd453f4  Include slf4j and log4j in jgit command line by Matthias Sohn - 3 weeks ago

Java Git

An implementation of the Git version control system in pure Java.

This package is licensed under the EDL (Eclipse Distribution License).

JGit can be imported straight into Eclipse, built and tested from there, but the automated builds use Maven.



Package Features

Missing Features

There are some missing features:


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About Git

More information about Git, its repository format, and the canonical C based implementation can be obtained from the Git website: