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<title>JSF Tools Project Build Notes</title>
<h1>JSF Tools Project Build Notes</h1>
<h4>WTP-JSF 2.0 M5 build</h4>
<h3>What's new in this drop?</h3>
<li>Please see the New and Noteworthy section for a list of new
features in the JSF Tools Project. Click on the link titled <b>"
New for WTP 2.0 milestone build M4 (January 5, 2007)".</b></li>
<b><i><li>How to make the Visual Page Designer the default editor for
JSP pages?</li></i></b>
The JSF Tools Project-contributed Visual Page Designer (VPD) is NOT
registered as the default editor for JSP files. You can make the VPD
the default editor for JSP files by following these steps:
<li>Navigate to "Window" -> "Preferences..." -> "General" ->
"Editors" -> "File Associations"</li>
<li>In the "File types" section, select "*.jsp"</li>
<li>In the "Associated editors" section, select "Web Page Editor"</li>
<li>Select the "Default" button</li>