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FaceletExternalMetadataStrategy_0=Facelet metadata strategy
JSPExternalMetadataStrategy_DisplayName=JSP TLD meta-data
MDExternalMetadataStrategy_DisplayName=Tag meta-data from MD framework
MDExternalMetadataStrategy_BINDING_DESCRIPTION=A method binding of the form of the form \#{bean.binding} where 'binding' has the signature <b>UIComponent binding()</b>, that returns the component instance to use. If not present, Facelets will automatically instantiate one.
MDExternalMetadataStrategy_DEFINE_NAME_DESCRIPTION=The name of a template area. This name is referenced in instance documents using the insert tag
MDExternalMetadataStrategy_HOTKEY_DESCRIPTION=The key in combination with CTRL-SHIFT to use to launch the debug viewer
MDExternalMetadataStrategy_ID_DESCRIPTION=Assign a unique idea to generated component. If not present, Facelets will automatically generate one.
MDExternalMetadataStrategy_INSERT_NAME_DESCRIPTION=The name of a template area to insert (defined in the template using the define tag). If not specified, the entire template will be inserted.
MDExternalMetadataStrategy_PARAM_NAME_DESCRIPTION=The name of the new EL variable to declare
MDExternalMetadataStrategy_PARAM_VALUE_DESCRIPTION=The literal or EL value to assign to the new variable
MDExternalMetadataStrategy_REPEAT_VALUE_DESCRIPTION=The EL expression used to derive the list of items to repeat over
MDExternalMetadataStrategy_REPEAT_VAR_DESCRIPTION=The name of the EL variable to use as the iterator
MDExternalMetadataStrategy_SRC_DESCRIPTION=The path, absolute or relative to the original request, to another Facelet to include. May be EL. e.g. 'headerPage.xhtml'
MDExternalMetadataStrategy_TEMPLATE_DESCRIPTION=A uri that points to the template to use. e.g. /WEB-INF/templates/mytemplate.xhtml