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-- Copyright (c) 2006-2013 Fabien Fleutot and others.
-- All rights reserved.
-- This program and the accompanying materials are made available
-- under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0 which
-- accompanies this distribution, and is available at
-- This program and the accompanying materials are also made available
-- under the terms of the MIT public license which accompanies this
-- distribution, and is available at
-- Contributors:
-- Fabien Fleutot - API and implementation
-- Convert between various code representation formats. Atomic
-- converters are written in extenso, others are composed automatically
-- by chaining the atomic ones together in a closure.
-- Supported formats are:
-- * srcfile: the name of a file containing sources.
-- * src: these sources as a single string.
-- * lexstream: a stream of lexemes.
-- * ast: an abstract syntax tree.
-- * proto: a (Yueliang) struture containing a high level
-- representation of bytecode. Largely based on the
-- Proto structure in Lua's VM
-- * bytecode: a string dump of the function, as taken by
-- loadstring() and produced by string.dump().
-- * function: an executable lua function in RAM.
local checks = require 'checks'
local M = { }
-- Order of the transformations. if 'a' is on the left of 'b', then a 'a' can
-- be transformed into a 'b' (but not the other way around).
-- M.sequence goes for numbers to format names, M.order goes from format
-- names to numbers.
M.sequence = {
'srcfile', 'src', 'lexstream', 'ast', 'proto', 'bytecode', 'function' }
local arg_types = {
srcfile = { 'string', '?string' },
src = { 'string', '?string' },
lexstream = { '', '?string' },
ast = { 'table', '?string' },
proto = { 'table', '?string' },
bytecode = { 'string', '?string' },
if false then
-- if defined, runs on every newly-generated AST
function M.check_ast(ast)
local function rec(x, n, parent)
if not x.lineinfo and parent.lineinfo then
local pp = require 'metalua.pprint'
pp.printf("WARNING: Missing lineinfo in child #%s `%s{...} of node at %s",
n, x.tag or '', tostring(parent.lineinfo))
for i, child in ipairs(x) do
if type(child)=='table' then rec(child, i, x) end
rec(ast, -1, { })
M.order= { }; for a,b in pairs(M.sequence) do M.order[b]=a end
local CONV = { } -- conversion metatable __index
function CONV :srcfile_to_src(x, name)
checks('metalua.compiler', 'string', '?string')
name = name or '@'..x
local f, msg = (x, 'rb')
if not f then error(msg) end
local r, msg = f :read '*a'
if not r then error("Cannot read file '"..x.."': "..msg) end
f :close()
return r, name
function CONV :src_to_lexstream(src, name)
checks('metalua.compiler', 'string', '?string')
local r = self.parser.lexer :newstream (src, name)
return r, name
function CONV :lexstream_to_ast(lx, name)
checks('metalua.compiler', '', '?string')
local r = self.parser.chunk(lx)
r.source = name
if M.check_ast then M.check_ast (r) end
return r, name
local bytecode_compiler = nil -- cache to avoid repeated `pcall(require(...))`
local function get_bytecode_compiler()
if bytecode_compiler then return bytecode_compiler else
local status, result = pcall(require, 'metalua.compiler.bytecode')
if status then
bytecode_compiler = result
return result
elseif string.match(result, "not found") then
error "Compilation only available with full Metalua"
else error (result) end
function CONV :ast_to_proto(ast, name)
--checks('metalua.compiler', 'table', '?string')
return get_bytecode_compiler().ast_to_proto(ast, name), name
function CONV :proto_to_bytecode(proto, name)
return get_bytecode_compiler().proto_to_bytecode(proto), name
function CONV :bytecode_to_function(bc, name)
--checks('metalua.compiler', 'string', '?string')
return loadstring(bc, name)
-- Create all sensible combinations
for i=1,#M.sequence do
local src = M.sequence[i]
for j=i+2, #M.sequence do
local dst = M.sequence[j]
local dst_name = src.."_to_"..dst
local my_arg_types = arg_types[src]
local functions = { }
for k=i, j-1 do
local name = M.sequence[k].."_to_"..M.sequence[k+1]
local f = assert(CONV[name], name)
table.insert (functions, f)
CONV[dst_name] = function(self, a, b)
--checks('metalua.compiler', unpack(my_arg_types))
for _, f in ipairs(functions) do
a, b = f(self, a, b)
return a, b
--printf("Created M.%s out of %s", dst_name, table.concat(n, ', '))
-- This one goes in the "wrong" direction, cannot be composed.
function CONV :function_to_bytecode(...) return string.dump(...) end
function CONV :ast_to_src(...)
require 'metalua.loader' -- ast_to_string isn't written in plain lua
return require 'metalua.compiler.ast_to_src'.new()(...)
local MT = { __index=CONV, __type='metalua.compiler' }
local parser = require 'metalua.compiler.parser' .new()
local self = { parser = parser }
setmetatable(self, MT)
return self
return M